Prep Cook Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

A Prep Cook, or Kitchen Assistant, is responsible for food preparation, which then allows the Chefs to maximize their time cooking food. Their main responsibilities include chopping and peeling fruits and vegetables, preparing cutlery and dishes like spatulas, pots, and pans for cooking, and measuring out ingredients for the Chef.

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Prep Cook duties and responsibilities

A Prep Cook is an essential part of any kitchen. Some of their most common duties and responsibilities include:

  • Keeping the kitchen clean and orderly
  • Ensuring all ingredients are in stock for the Chef to complete their menu
  • Washing cutlery and dishes
  • Parboiling foods, allowing the Chef to prepare the menu more efficiently
  • Seasoning and preparing the necessary ingredients for cooking
  • Preparing some dishes such as salads or other less complex menu items
  • Setting out all the Chef’s ingredients before each shift and refill as necessary  
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Prep Cook Job Description Examples:


Example 1

Welcome to The Canadian Brewhouse (, Canada's fastest-growing independent restaurant group! We are proud of being the only Canadian-themed sports bar in town, and we know that without our incredible teams we wouldn't be a fraction of where we are today. Our teams live and breathe our Core Values; these are 6 key principles that influence all of our decisions as an organization. Take Care of Each Other and Yourself Think Like a Customer Support Your Community Hurry, Don’t Rush Embrace Innovation Be Persistent When not at work, you may catch us out in the community volunteering, raising funds for The Canadian Mental Health Association or the local Children's Hospital, or having a couple of drinks with friends. The Brew Crew is a team of devoted, compassionate, and ambitious individuals that are hungry for what the future holds. We believe it's our duty to provide all of our employees with a safe, fun-filled work environment with endless advancement opportunities. Let us tell you more about why you should join the best team in Canada, today! The Brew Crew is a team of devoted, compassionate, and ambitious individuals that are hungry for what the future holds. We believe it's our duty to provide all of our employees with a safe, fun-filled work environment with endless advancement opportunities. Let us tell you more about why you should join the best team in Canada, today! Back of House Team: Our kitchens are an opportunity to exhibit your current cooking skills and learn some more. We don't believe in segregating our line cooks to a single station; it's important that everyone learns every part of our back of house operations so that we can support each other and ensure that when the opportunity comes knocking for growth, you're already set up to grow! Safety and cleanliness are cornerstones to our food program, and we expect each of our team members to hold them both in high regard and take good care of themselves, their fellow Brew Crew, our guests, and our house. What will be your responsibilities as a prep cook? Learn various stations include but not limited to: Cold/fry, flat pizza, and prep/line set up Prepare fresh ingredients, unique Canadian Brewhouse recipes and send out only top-quality dishes Maintain a safe, sanitary, and clean work environment at all times Work with the team to execute large volumes of orders and pars Communicate clearly, calmly, and often Gain experience in the business side of cooking - learn about food costing and time management Some of the Benefits of Joining The BrewCrew: A staff discount that we extend to your friends and family - show off your workplace, our house is your house! Scholarship program for part-time and full-time students. Advancement opportunities are endless with the right attitude and passion - our CEO started out as a dishwasher! The opportunity to Support Your Community - a great chance to volunteer with and fundraise for causes you’re passionate about Work with a team of like-minded individuals who have your interests at heart. Our team is our family - We Are BrewCrew Opportunity to travel Canada as part of our Corporate Training team! Requirements A passion for cooking - no experience necessary, we'll train you! Willingness to learn and expand your knowledge, as well as grow as an individual Dedication to learning a large menu with many in-house made items Ability to communicate effectively A strong understanding of health and safety regulations, and a commitment to keep your area maintained A drive to find solutions rather than point out problems

What does a Prep Cook do?

A Prep Cook washes, cuts, and prepares food and ingredients for cooking. They also prepare all of the kitchen tools necessary for cooking and cleaning, wash dishes, clear up messes, organize the storage areas and shelves in the kitchen, and respond to the needs of Chefs and other cooking staff. Additionally, they ensure food is properly stored and safely handled for consumption. A good Prep Cook is an essential part of the kitchen staff, especially as an aide to a Chef, as they help maximize the workflow in the kitchen.

Prep Cook skills and qualifications

A successful Prep Cook candidate typically has some of the following skills and qualifications:

  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Excellent verbal communication skills
  • Strong organizational skills
  • In-depth knowledge of kitchen health and safety requirements
  • In-depth knowledge of safe food storage guidelines
  • Ability to use kitchen utensils safely
  • Ability to take direction and work as a team player
  • Knowledge of some specific cooking processes such as reducing sauces, parboiling food, boiling water, or preheating pans and ovens

Prep Cook experience requirements

A Prep Cook is an entry-level position and candidates often don’t have any prior experience, so they learn on the job. However, enrollment in culinary school courses should be considered a strong asset in a candidate.

Prep Cook education and training requirements

As an entry-level job, a Prep Cook does not require any formal training. A good candidate may have a high school diploma, but there are currently no educational standards in place by any regulatory body in Canada for a Prep Cook position. Candidates who are entering into a Chef training program are often favourable as it demonstrates their commitment to the food industry.

Prep Cook salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, average pay for a Prep Cook in Canada is $15.73 per hour. Actual wages may vary based on geographical location, size and type of establishment, and level of experience.

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Prep Cook job description FAQs

What is the difference between a Prep Cook and a Line Cook?

A Prep Cook is mainly responsible for putting together the necessary ingredients as they wash, chop, or peel ingredients for cooking. A Line Cook is a Chef who works under the Head Chef and Sous Chef. They perform a highly specific task among the line of Cooks and work on that one particular task for the entirety of their shift. One Line Cook may be assigned to the grill, while another is assigned to sauteing and another to frying. Together, Line Chefs form an assembly line of food preparation.

What qualities make a good Prep Cook?

Good qualities to look for in a Prep Cook candidate include agility, ability to multitask, organization skills, and a dedication to cooking and food preparation. A good candidate will also be open to learning new cooking techniques. They will also be someone who can handle constructive feedback well, and are willing to work their way up from an entry-level position.

Who does a Prep Cook report to?

In most cases, the Prep Cook will report to the Head Chef. However, they may take instructions from Line Cooks or the Sous Chef. They may also report to the Restaurant Manager, who oversees the staff and restaurant operations.

What should you look for in a Prep Cook resume?

A successful candidate may be in the process of attending culinary school. They may also have experience working in a restaurant or the food service industry in some capacity. A good resume may include experience as a Busboy or Waiter. A good candidate should also have a resume that shows a strong work ethic through their experience and training.

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