Nanny Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

A Nanny is responsible for performing all tasks that correlate to a child’s care in an employer’s home. While a Nanny’s duties may vary based on the household, common responsibilities include creating a safe, stimulating, and nurturing environment where a child can thrive and develop.

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Nanny duties and responsibilities

A Nanny is responsible for a range of duties that vary depending on the household. A Nanny’s duties and responsibilities may include:

  • Preparing food for children and often for the family 
  • Caring for the children’s hygiene, like grooming, brushing hair, and bathing
  • Light housekeeping like tidying playrooms, bedrooms, the kitchen, the laundry room, and sterilizing bottles and toys.
  • Working with the family on appropriate discipline guidelines
  • Taking children to their appointments and scheduled activities including school and extracurricular activities
  • Organizing in-house activities such as reading, crafts, and games
  • Maintaining a healthy environment
  • Keeping a record of daily activities
  • Changing diapers and preparing formula for infants

Nanny Job Description Examples:



Are you interested in a position as a Caregiver / Nanny in Canada?In order to qualify for a position as a nanny in Canada, all applicants must meet four requirements set by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program [website] You must meet all these requirements to be considered eligible for the program. If you need more details to confirm your eligibility, you may contact the Canadian embassy in your country or visit CIC website Information for foreign Live in Caregivers Are you interested in working as a caregiver? The 'Live in Caregiver" path, under the TFWP program, provides candidates for caregiver positions for employment in Canada. Caregivers are individuals who are qualified to care independently for children and the elderly. There are four main requirements you will have to meet to qualify under the the Temporary Foreign Worker program: 1. Successful completion of the equivalent of a Canadian high school education. This requirement will help to ensure that participants who apply for permanent residence after two years will be able to succeed in the general labour market. Studies indicate that the majority of new jobs in Canada require at least a high school education. 2. Six months of full-time training or 12 months of experience in paid employment in a field or occupation related to the job you are seeking as a live-in caregiver.You may have gained your training or experience in early childhood education, geriatric care, pediatric nursing or first aid, to name a few areas or you have completed your training as part of your formal education. In order to meet the criteria for experience, you must have completed one year of full-time paid employment, including at least six months of continuous employment with one employer in that field of occupation. This experience must have been obtained within the three years immediately prior to the day on which you submit an application for an employment authorization to a visa officer. 3. Ability to speak, read and understand either English or French.You must be able to function independently in a home setting. For example, you must be able to contact emergency services if required and to understand labels on medication. You will be unsupervised for most of the day and may be put in a position of having to communicate with someone outside the home. A good knowledge of English or French will also enable you to read and understand for yourself what your rights and obligations are. 4. Have all necessary documents, including: an employment contract between you and your future employer, and a Labour Market Impact Assessment from Employment and Social Development Canada. The Application Procedure Your employer will submit a request to hire you with ‘Service Canada’ (SC) in their province of residence. Once the offer has been validated by SC you will send it to the visa office at the Canadian embassy with all other documents required. An official will contact you to determine whether you are eligible to come to Canada as an In-Home caregiver. You will be asked for your diplomas and school certificates as well as proof of experience or training in the childcare field. Your marital status will not affect the outcome of your application. If the visa officer approves your application, you will be given instructions for medical tests. After receipt of proof that your medical results are satisfactory and you have met all the other requirements, you will be issued an employment authorization. This authorization is not a travel document, you must also have a valid passport and a visitor’s visa (if required). The requirement for a visitor’s visa depend on the country you are coming from. Documents needed before applying for a job as a nanny / caregiver. If you are looking for a job as a nanny/ caregiver, please send us along with the completed application form, the following items: reference letters from your present and previous employers resume "Dear Family" Letter certificates of education Photos copy of your passport ( work permit where applicable) The Internet links below will provide you with more detailed information


I'm looking for someone to provide childcare in my home for my 2.5 year old twins and 4.5 year old for 2-3 weekends of every month while I work. Friday/Saturday 930-630 Sunday 930-530 Some days may only be the twins, some just the oldest but will have advanced notice. Must have reliable transportation. Meals will be provided. Must have childcare experience. Looking for someone outgoing and creative, who doesn't mind spending time outside with the kids or doing arts and crafts. If you have 1-2 children they are more than welcome to come along. If this sounds like something up your alley please respond and we can set up a meeting date to discuss further details and introduce the children. Job Type: Part-time Salary: $125.00-$200.00 per week Additional pay: * Overtime pay Schedule: * 8 hour shift * Weekends Application question(s): * Do you have transportation? Experience: * child care: 2 years (preferred) * babysitting: 1 year (preferred) * CPR/First Aid (preferred) Work remotely: * No


Looking for a babysitter for a 10 month old his grandmother will be here but due to limitations she is unable to solely care for him so I’m looking for someone who can help her take care of him. Duties could included: Diaper changes Preparing balanced nutritional meals Going for walks Naps Job Type: Casual Salary: From $12.00 per day Schedule: * 8 hour shift * Day shift * Monday to Friday * Weekends Application question(s): * Do you have a reliable mode of transportation Experience: * child care: 1 year (required) * babysitting: 1 year (required) Language: * English (required) * CPR/ first aid (preferred) Shift availability: * Day Shift (preferred) Work remotely: * No

What does a Nanny do?

A Nanny provides complete professional child care services on both a short-term and long-term basis. Nannies care for both the social and physical well-being of the child. They often perform duties such as cooking and cleaning. As opposed to other child care services, Nannies are an integral part of a child’s upbringing as they spend such a significant amount of time caring for them in their early years of development. Nannies provide services throughout the entire day and typically focus their attention on working for one family at a time. Some Nannies, especially those that move from overseas to care for children, live and work in the family’s home. Depending on the household, a Nanny sometimes also cares for family pets.

Nanny skills and qualifications

While there are no predetermined set of qualifications, successful Nannies have a blend of communication and interpersonal skills. They are understanding and willing to take good care of children. Additional attributes include empathy, patience, and reliability. Top skills for Nannies include:

  • Organizational skills to plan the children’s daily schedule
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Passion for working with children
  • Cleaning and housekeeping skills
  • Ability to work under minimal supervision
  • Ability to communicate and connect with children
  • Cooking skills
  • Understanding of nutrition guides and healthy diets for children of all ages

Nanny experience requirements

In depth-experience managing a child’s health, wellbeing, and providing early education is a requirement for all Nannies. Previous experience in professional childcare services is helpful, including babysitting or a position at a daycare centre is valuable. Candidates with extensive experience caring for siblings or other family members should still be considered if they possess other skills and the desire to learn.

Nanny education and training requirements

Nannies need a high school diploma, GED, or higher academic certification. Some have a degree in education, child development, psychology, or a related field. Health and safety training like First Aid and CPR are valuable and an asset for any job that involves working with young people. Look for Nannies who are bi- or multilingual to teach a second language to the children in care.

Nanny salary expectations

According to Indeed salaries, the average salary for a Nanny in Canada is $36,416 per year. Specific salaries depend on factors such as the range of duties and responsibilities, the number of children in care, experience, reputation, location, and other factors.

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Nanny job description FAQs

What qualities make a good Nanny?

The most important quality of a good Nanny is their genuine care for children. While experience and training matter, they can’t change how much a person cares about children. Additionally, a good Nanny should be nurturing, trustworthy, punctual, and enthusiastic, as they often work long days and have many responsibilities. 

What makes a good Nanny job description?

A good Nanny job description starts with a brief overview of your family and your core values. Include important details such as the number of children in care and the expected working hours. Outline the key daily duties and responsibilities to give candidates an idea of what an average day would look like. Detail the experience, qualifications, and education you are looking for, and include any attractive benefits like free room and board, a private living area, or paid holidays.

What are the day-to-day duties of a Nanny?

While duties may vary in different households, a Nanny’s job is typically anything to do with a child on a day-to-day basis. Regular duties include grooming the children, doing laundry, cooking meals, and organizing their play area and toys. Some duties and responsibilities are less frequent or involve leaving the house, like taking the children to their appointments, doing school runs, and organizing fun activities.

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