Medical Transcriptionist Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

A Medical Transcriptionist, or Medical Transcriber, is responsible for listening to Physicians’ recordings and converting them into written reports. Their primary duties include transcribing dictated information, editing their report, and submitting it to the Physician for approval.

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Medical Transcriptionist duties and responsibilities

Medical Transcriptionists produce accurate medical reports. They have a wide range of duties and responsibilities to do so, including:

  • Listening to audio recordings from Physicians and healthcare professionals 
  • Creating an accurate report of the recording
  • Checking for inconsistencies, missing information, and errors in the report before submitting it 
  • Following the Duty of Confidentiality law by protecting patient confidentiality 
  • Using specialized transcription equipment such as a medical transcriber 
  • Typing out the full forms of medical abbreviations and acronyms that Physicians may use in recordings
  • Including patient information, such as name and health card number, in reports for identification 
  • Submitting completed reports in a timely fashion

Medical Transcriptionist Job Description Examples:


Medical Transcriptionist

"Our company is growing, and we are seeking highly talented and motivated medical transcriptionists (Independent Contractors)! We are currently seeking Canadian based Medical Transcriptionists to work on either the Fluency or eScription One platforms. Additional accounts also available. Current opportunities allow transcriptionists to work from the comfort of their own home. Core requirements include significant experience in transcription and speech editing of medical record reports, with a minimum of one (1) year of recent on-the-job, medical transcription experience for a hospital or large multi-specialty clinic. We are currently seeking Independent Contractors available to work hours that fall between 3 pm to 8 am Eastern time. Requirements Include: Ability to consistently produce accurate medical reports with a Quality Audit score of 99% or better Strong background in medical terminology Commitment to meeting minimum daily quotas and strict quality standards Access to high-speed internet, PC and foot pedal Ability to work independently High level of self-motivation Ability to pass a skills assessment Ability to provide proof of transcription education and/or reference Include: Maintaining ongoing personal education and reference library to ensure continuous quality improvement Maintaining knowledge of new procedures, medications, etc. Ability to review reports for completeness against voice files and correct errors in transcription, grammar, punctuation and spelling Correcting omissions or inconsistencies found Staying up-to-date on any account changes and adapt accordingly Reviewing and keeping updated on Master File instructions for all account specifics System Requirements Include: Processor: I3 or better processor/AMD K4 and above Hard Disk: 250 GB or larger hard drive (Spindle or SSD) OS: Windows 10 branch 1809 or higher Windows 7, 8, 8.1 are not supported"

Medical Transcriptionist

"Medical Transcriptionist BC Cancer Labs, Lower Mainland Laboratories, Vancouver BC, $24.20 per Hour What you’ll do Perform medical transcription through methods such as transcribing clinical reports including pathology reports, reviews and surgical reports for inclusion in patient records, forwarding reports to author for review and signature and distributing reports Type general correspondence, papers, lectures and form memos. Maintain index cards and other patient data. Answer the telephone and take messages as required; request additional laboratory investigation on specimens or slides, according to instructions from the Pathologists. Photocopy reports; and file reviews, slides and related material. Participate in continuous quality improvement activities by performing duties such as providing feedback to supervisor on processes and opportunities for process improvement. What you bring Grade 12, graduation from an approved program in medical transcription. One (1) year’s recent, related experience or an equivalent combination of education, training and experience. You have the ability to: Keyboard at 60 [website] Communicate effectively both verbally and in writing. Deal with others effectively. Physically carry out the duties of the position. Operate related equipment. Organize work. What we bring Every PHSA employee enables the best possible patient care for our patients and their families. Whether you are providing direct care, conducting research, or making it possible for others to do their work, you impact the lives of British Columbians today and in the future. That’s why we’re focused on your care too – offering health, wellness, development programs to support you – at work and at home. Join one of BC’s largest employers with province-wide programs, services and operations – offering vast opportunities for growth and development. Access to professional development opportunities through our in-house training programs, including +2,000 courses, such as our San’Yas Indigenous Cultural Safety Training course, or Core Linx for Leadership roles. Enjoy a comprehensive benefits package, including municipal pension plan, and psychological health & safety programs and holistic wellness resources. Annual statutory holidays (12) with generous vacation entitlement and accruement. Flexible work options including flextime, work locations and job sharing (eligibility will vary) Perks include access to fitness classes and discounts to 350 BC-wide recreational programs, travel, technology, car and bike sharing, and more. Temporary, Full-time (Until July 15, 2022) Wage: $24.20 per hour 600 West 10th Avenue, Vancouver, BC V5Z 4E6 Applications will be accepted until position is filled. Monday to Friday; 0830-1630 Requisition Number: 110009 What we do Lower Mainland Laboratories (LM Labs) provides laboratory testing at 31 sites across the lower mainland and central coast of BC, including acute care hospital laboratories and specialty laboratories. The Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA) plans, manages and evaluates specialized health services with the BC health authorities to provide equitable and cost-effective health care for people throughout the province. Our values reflect our commitment to excellence and include: Respect people – Be compassionate – Dare to innovate – Cultivate partnerships – Serve with purpose. Learn more about PHSA and our programs: [website] PHSA is committed to employment equity, encouraging all qualified individuals to apply. We recognize that our ability to provide the best care for our diverse patient populations relies on a rich diversity of skills, knowledge, background and experience, and value a safe, inclusive and welcoming environment. ATTN: PHSA Employees: To be considered as a PHSA employee (internal applicant) for this position, you must apply online via your internal profile at [website] Please note the internal job posting has expired, please contact the Internal Jobs Help Desk and advise that you would like to be considered as a late internal applicant for this position. Please do not apply for the external job posting. If you have not registered your internal profile, a password is required to log in for the first time. To obtain your password, please contact the Internal Jobs Help Desk at [phone number] or 1-[phone number]. Please note regular business hours are Monday – Friday (excluding stats), 8:30am to 4:30pm. For inquiries outside of regular business hours, please email the Internal Jobs Help Desk at and a Help Desk Representative will contact you the next business day."

Medical Transcriptionist

"Your Opportunity: Working under the direct supervision of the Care Manager of the Alberta Health Services Chronic Pain Center, this position is primarily responsible for the accurate and timely transcription of physician and allied health reports. The position contributes to overall effective patient care by helping to ensure that physicians receive requested reports in a timely manner. s for this program may work from home or on site at management discretion, and will attend regular meetings on site at Richmond Road Diagnostic and Treatment Center when required. Description: As a Medical , you will be responsible to interpret, transcribe and edit medical dictation by physicians and other healthcare professionals. You will produce patient care documentation by interpreting medical dictation including surgical procedures, consultations, diagnostics, discharge summaries, referral letters, and other report types. This will be done accurately, efficiently and in accordance with AHS standards, regulations and policies. Additionally, you will review reports for discrepancies, sort and distribute reports, and perform a variety of administrative activities in support of the area. Classification: Medical Union: AUPE GSS Department: Medical Transcription Primary Location: Richmond Road Diag Treat Centr Multi-Site: Not Applicable FTE: 0.00 Posting End Date: 23-JUL-2021 Employee Class: Casual/Relief Date Available: 16-AUG-2021 Hours per Shift: 7.75 Length of Shift in weeks: Varies Shifts per cycle: Varies Shift Pattern: Days Days Off: Saturday/Sunday Minimum Salary: $27.55 Maximum Salary: $33.50 Vehicle Requirement: Not Applicable Required Qualifications: Completion of Grade 12 or equivalent. Certification from an accredited Medical Transcription Program. Additional Required Qualifications: Grade 12 required. Medical Transcription course from SAIT, NAIT, Selkirk College (Trail, BC) or Canscribe required. Medical Terminology course required. 2 years medical clinic transcription experience required. Ability to keyboard and transcribe 65 wpm required. Minimum 6 month experience working with online transcription programs required. Ability to effectively communicate in English required. Comprehensive knowledge of human anatomy and specialized diagnostic chronic pain terminology. Preferred Qualifications: Excellent grammatical, syntax and punctuation skills. General knowledge of chronic pain procedures is an asset. Excellent knowledge of desktop applications (Word, Windows, macros, e-mail etc.). Ability to organize, ability to adapt to changing priorities, ability to complete large volumes of work under deadlines. Attention to detail and concern for accuracy. Well developed interpersonal and communications skills; must be perceptive, have good judgment and possess initiative."

What does a Medical Transcriptionist do?

Medical Transcriptionists ensure Physicians and healthcare professionals have accurate, up-to-date patient records. When Physicians meet with a patient, they create audio recordings detailing the appointment afterwards. Medical Transcriptionists then use these recordings to create a typed and edited report of the appointment to include in the patient’s file.

Medical Transcriptionist skills and qualifications

Medical Transcriptionists must be able to multi-task as they have to type or write while they listen to recordings. Additionally, Medical Transcriptionists should have prerequisite skills and qualifications to perform their duties effectively, including:

  • Knowledge of medical terminology 
  • Strong attention to detail 
  • Great listening skills 
  • Understanding of punctuation, grammar, and syntax 
  • Quick and accurate ability to type 
  • Critical thinking skills 
  • Willingness to research and learn 
  • Able to focus for long periods

Medical Transcriptionist experience requirements

Medical Transcriptionist candidates do not need prior work experience, as they will have gone through the necessary schooling for your position. Look for candidates that completed a Medical Transcriptionist program with an internship or apprenticeship, as it gives candidates hands-on experience. Any formal work or volunteer experience in a medical environment, or with administrative tasks like writing, typing, or transcribing is beneficial as well.

Medical Transcriptionist education and training requirements

Medical Transcriptionists need a high school diploma or GED to apply to a Medical Transcriptionist program. Upon completion, candidates receive a Medical Transcription diploma or certificate, depending on the length of the course. The program is essential as it teaches Medical Transcriptionists how to transcribe efficiently. It also offers training on basic medical terminology and medical office procedures. Medical Transcriptionist programs typically take one year to complete and take place at community colleges, vocational schools, and online.

Job salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for a Medical Transcriptionist in Canada is $38,285 per year. This salary varies depending on the candidate’s experience, the hiring company, and the location.

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Medical Transcriptionist job description FAQs

Where can a Medical Transcriptionist work?

Medical Transcriptionists can work directly with a Physician or for multiple Physicians at a clinic or hospital. They can also work for a transcription company or agency. In these cases, Physicians employ Medical Transcriptionists as needed, typically for short-term periods or projects. Many Medical Transcriptionists are self-employed and work as freelancers, working from home with Physicians and healthcare professionals as clients around the country, or internationally.

When do Medical Transcriptionists work?

Medical Transcriptionists work full or part-time, typically during office hours, to communicate with the Physician or other healthcare professionals when necessary. Self-employed Medical Transcriptionists pick their own hours and may work outside of standard office hours to suit their schedule. For Medical Transcriptionists who work freelance and work for international clients, they may need to adhere to their schedule to match the client’s office hours or time zone. 

Who does a Medical Transcriptionist work with?

A Medical Transcriptionist receives recordings from Physicians or other health care professionals, but they primarily work independently. Once they receive an audio recording, they transcribe it, edit the report, and submit it to the Doctor. If they work for a transcription company, they may have a supervisor or manager to report to, but typically Medical Transcriptionists do not require supervision. 

What is the difference between a Medical Transcriptionist and a Medical Scribe?

Medical Transcriptionists and Medical Scribes both create reports for patient files. The primary difference is that a Medical Transcriptionist listens to a recording to create the report and a Medical Scribe is usually in the exam room with the patient and Physician, creating the report in real-time. As Medical Scribes are writing in real-time, they summarize appointments and only include the most important medical information in their report. On the other hand, Medical Transcriptionists create a report that reflects the conversation verbatim to the recording of the appointment.

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