Marketing Intern Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

A Marketing Intern supports the marketing team, often to fulfill an educational requirement. Their duties will vary depending on their experience in previous roles, or their educational goals. They may create marketing and advertising materials or help the marketing team with strategies.


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What does a Marketing Intern do?

A Marketing Intern is usually a contract role that a student will take to fulfill an educational requirement. Some may also decide to apply for an Intern role to gain experience in marketing. A Marketing Intern plays an important role within a marketing team and provides support throughout various stages of a marketing campaign and promotional activities. Their tasks can include drafting proposals, preparing presentations, and examining consumer trends. Any company with a marketing department may have a need for a Marketing Intern.


Marketing Intern duties and responsibilities

A Marketing Intern will support the marketing team with a variety of important tasks. This will be a good opportunity for them to get a foundational knowledge of marketing activities. Therefore, they will often want to work on a variety of projects to learn more. These responsibilities may include collecting data through surveys or managing social media platforms. Some additional duties may include:

  • Designing surveys to collect data 
  • Identifying market and consumer trends through data analysis
  • Researching consumer trends and opinions to inform marketing strategy
  • Designing proposals for business opportunities
  • Analyzing complex research and representing data through graphics
  • Preparing marketing presentations and proposals
  • Understanding customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Managing social media platforms, websites, or company blogs


Marketing Intern skills and qualifications

While a Marketing Intern will be looking to gain experience by working with an organization, they may have some desirable skills already. These skills and qualifications may include: 

  • Prior knowledge of marketing strategies and business goals
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to decipher complicated topics to write in simple language 
  • Deep understanding of presentation, word processing, and spreadsheet software
  • Knowledge of social media platforms and performance software
  • Attention to detail and analysis skills
  • Organization and time management skills


Marketing Intern experience requirements

As Marketing Intern applicants are often students or recent graduates, they may not have a lot of career experience. However, some candidates may have previous internship experience that is valuable, such as previous experience as a Business Intern, Marketing Assistant, or Social Media Intern. Marketing Intern applicants may also list experience in part-time jobs such as a Retail Manager. This experience can bring valuable interpersonal skills to the company. 


Marketing Intern education and training requirements

Marketing Intern candidates can be a current or graduate student of a marketing or business administration university or college program, depending on needs and requirements. Having a degree in marketing, business administration, digital media, or a related discipline is an advantage. However, many applicants may have taken supplementary courses on similar topics to amplify their experience. Candidates who are enrolled in graduate marketing or related programs may also be exceptional candidates for the role.


Marketing Intern salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for a Marketing Intern in Canada is approximately $16.33 per hour. This will vary depending on the experience of the candidate, the organization, and the location of the role. 


Job description samples for similar positions

If a Marketing Intern job description is not the right fit, there are several other roles to choose from. A few other sample job descriptions that may be a fit for your organization include:


Marketing Intern job description FAQs


What is the difference between a Marketing Intern and a Marketing Assistant?

A Marketing Intern is most often a contract role that is given to a student or graduate to fulfill an educational requirement or to gain experience. A Marketing Assistant is an entry-level role that is often full-time and filled by a candidate who has already graduated from a post-secondary degree. A Marketing Assistant may have previous experience as a Marketing Intern.


Who does a Marketing Intern report to?

This will vary company by company. A Marketing Intern may report to a senior member of a marketing team such as a Marketing Specialist or Manager. They may also report to the Chief Marketing Officer or a Vice President of Marketing, depending on the size of the company.


What are the different types of Marketing Interns?

Marketing Interns may have different focuses depending on the company. Some may work on social media marketing, while others may have a more analytical role. This will depend on the needs of the company, and the skill set Marketing Interns are looking to develop.


How can you make your Marketing Intern job description stand out?

To make a Marketing Intern job description stand out, it is important to provide both a specific description of the role and the benefits of working at the company. Marketing Interns will likely be applying to many different organizations. Strong candidates will want to work where there’s an emphasis on the importance of growth and mentorship. Highlight these qualities to stand out.

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