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HR Generalist Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

An HR Generalist, or an HR Assistant, is part of the human resources department and is involved in several aspects related to hiring, training, and support. Their duties include overseeing the onboarding process of new employees, training company employees about corporate policies and procedures, and providing support to the corporate workforce.

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What does an HR Generalist do?

An HR Generalist represents the human resources department of a company. This individual is involved in different aspects of the HR department, including the orientation and onboarding of new hires, training employees about the company vision, mission, policies, and procedures, and providing support to all the employees of that company.

In addition, an HR Generalist is expected to be well-versed in the laws and regulations related to the hiring and firing of employees since this is essential for a representative of the human resources department. This knowledge helps ensure the company follows the legal rules of employment.

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HR Generalist Job Description Examples:

HR Generalist duties and responsibilities

An HR Generalist should have the necessary expertise in the field of human resources management to effectively contribute and be a productive employee for the company. Overall, an HR Generalist’s duties and responsibilities are usually to:

  • Implement and administer employee policies and promote positive employee relations
  • Manage and monitor performance-related issues and implement changes that could increase productivity
  • Provide recruiting assistance and candidate screening and assessment
  • Select the most qualified candidates and maintain relationships with employment agencies
  • Work towards improving company policies and procedures
  • Handle termination-related matters and prepare termination and severance letters
  • Provide training and support to other team members of the human resources department
  • Be well-versed in laws and regulations regarding hiring and firing

HR Generalist skills and qualifications

An HR Generalist needs to have the skills and the qualifications to successfully contribute as part of the human resources department. People management skills, hiring and firing knowledge, an understanding of recruitment procedures and performance assessments, and employee management skills are essential to be successful in this role. Examples of HR Generalist skills and qualifications include:

  • Knowledge and expertise in HR policies and procedures
  • Significant knowledge of the hiring process
  • A strong understanding of best practices and current regulations specific to HR
  • Excellent judgment and problem-solving skills
  • Knowledge about conflict management
  • Strong decision-making skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Proficiency in software like MS Office and Google Docs

HR Generalist experience requirements

An HR Generalist should have the necessary experience in the field of human resources. An ideal candidate for the role of an HR Generalist should have at least five years of experience in the field of human resources management. Experience related to a specific industry may be an additional requirement.

HR Generalist education and training requirements

Applicants interested in the position of an HR Generalist should have a bachelor’s degree in human resources management or a degree in a related discipline. Additional certifications and skills that would make this candidate more suited for the role include knowledge about performance evaluations, conflict resolution, negotiation skills, employee motivation, human resources policies, best practices and other related skills.

HR Generalist salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for an HR Generalist is $56,836 per year in Canada. Salary may be dependent on experience, location and company.

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HR Generalist job description FAQs

What qualities make a good HR Generalist?

Excellent communication skills, the ability to create long-term relationships with people, good judgment, evaluation skills, problem-solving and decision-making skills, patience, and tolerance are some qualities that would make a good HR Generalist. Work experience in a similar role is an asset as it would make the candidate aware of what this job would require and how best to perform this role. A good HR Generalist is able to connect with company employees and is able to build a relationship of trust and loyalty so as to improve employee satisfaction, increased retention rate, and greater productivity,

Who does an HR Generalist report to?

An HR Generalist usually reports to the head of the human resources department. In a smaller organization, the HR Generalist may report directly to the CEO or the COO.

What makes a good HR Generalist job description?

A strong HR Generalist job description should specify the role and its requirements, highlighting the specific human resource-related duties and responsibilities a successful candidate will be expected to perform. Be clear about the minimum education required, any additional skills required for the job as well as any optional certifications that would be an asset.

Your HR Generalist job description should also specify the type of organization and sector, the number of employees that work for the company, the company culture, a broad outlook of organizational department or divisions and if the company has local or global operations.

Job Description Examples

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