Head Cashier Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

A Head Cashier is responsible for overseeing purchases and returns in a store, business, or retail outlet. Their duties include checking that the till is balanced before and after every shift, monitoring the checkout area, and drawing up work schedules for the cashiers.

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Head Cashier duties and responsibilities

Head Cashiers may have a variety of duties in addition to checking out customers in the store, including:

  • Tallying up sales totals at the end of the day
  • Submitting reports on incoming and outgoing cash, debit, and credit transactions
  • Providing change for cashiers and ensuring each till is supplied with enough money for the shift
  • Making sure that the store is well-staffed during busy periods to avoid long wait times for customers
  • Being present on the shop floor to assist with customer questions, complaints, and comments
  • Training new cashiers
  • Liaising with management to ensure operations run smoothly
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Head Cashier Job Description Examples:


Example 1

Head Cashier Supervisor Fairway Market is a locally owned and operated grocery chain on Vancouver Island. Fairway Market’s has 10 grocery stores and has been serving Vancouver Island for over 50 years. At Fairway Market, we are determined to meet and exceed our customers’ needs by providing a positive and consistent shopping experience; we focus on having the best possible pricing, provided a the freshest and diverse product selection for our customers. *Position Summary* We are looking for a focused and dynamic grocery supervisor. Fairway Market is looking for someone who is pro active with innovative & new ideas for the company. We are looking for position for the lower island stores only. Fairway Market expectation: Smile, greet and be courteous to customers, work with management and all other associates to provide a high level of customer service, be punctual, work your schedule, conduct yourself at all times in a professional business manner, assist in any way possible and as directed to provide for a clean and safe store environment, other duties as assigned. Maintain and operate the front end department including ordering and cleaning of front area, merchandise assigned products according to company and department standards. *Location: Shelbourne Plaza* *Requirements* Head Cashier Supervisor Responsibilities: Leading by example, working in the service desk. It is Front End Supervisor first priority to be up front, visible and available for customers and cashier experience. Duties: duties and of this position include, but are not limited to, the following * Preparing weekly front end staff schedule. * Daily break schedule and daily job * Ensuring front end stock is ordered, filled and rotated (for example: tobacco, Lotto, confection, magazines etc) * Making sure adequate paper supplies are available for an efficient and organized front end (debit roll, re-fills any supplies and material needed to guarantee the front-end is running smoothly) * Must maintain all code books, tobacco guides, lotto guides and order sheets are up to date. * Ensuring all front end staff are following procedures * Managing the work schedules according to the budgeted hours and store needs; * Managing and resolving customer complaints, questions and/or inquiries; * Managing & resolving staff questions and complaints; * Ensuring that employees work safely and apply the standards required by health & safety. * Demonstrated leadership ability * Available to work a variety of shifts including evenings and weekends * Supervision of junior staff (managing breaks, customer flow etc) * Training and developing staff * Assisting in the ordering of front General
  • Observe all store rules and Company Policies.
  • Maintain a neat, well-groomed personal appearance at all times and observe Company dress code.
  • Comply fully with all Safety Policies and Procedures.
  • Perform all front end duties according to Company Policies and Procedures.
  • Perform other duties and assignments as directed.
  • Greet all customers and provide them with prompt and highly friendly, courteous service or assistance. Job Types: Full-time, Permanent Schedule: * 8 hour shift * Day shift * Monday to Friday * Night shift * Weekend availability Application question(s): * All applicants must be a local resident. If you are planning to move to the area, please provide an arrival date. Experience: * customer service: 1 year (required) * Supervising: 1 year (required) * ordering: 1 year (required) * management of a department: 1 year (required) Work remotely: * No
  • What does a Head Cashier do?

    Head Cashiers make sure a business runs smoothly each day by reviewing the inflow and outflow of cash. They are also crucial to organizing and overseeing the work for cashiers, managing complex payment issues, and dealing with unusual customer problems that cashiers are unfamiliar with. After a Head Cashier has reviewed daily or weekly payments made to your business, they may consult with cashiers to clarify any issues or resolve discrepancies. A Head Cashier also needs to effectively manage cashiers, including providing feedback or resolving disputes.

    Head Cashier skills and qualifications

    A successful Head Cashier typically has several years of experience in a Cashier position. In addition, they are proficient with numbers, have great attention to detail, and exhibit excellent communication skills with both customers and colleagues. Other essential skills for a Head Cashier include:

    • Excellent numeracy skills, including adding and subtracting large numbers
    • Ability to manage others and successfully lead a team
    • Knowledge of business policies for financial transactions
    • Time management skills
    • Understanding when and how to assist colleagues and teach them new skills

    Head Cashier experience requirements

    A Head Cashier usually has two or more years of experience as a Cashier or in a related position. Cashiers can transition from one industry to another, so you don’t need to look for a Head Cashier with previous experience in your specific industry. The only exception to this is if your business has specific legal requirements or other policies concerning financial transactions. Then you need to confirm candidates have the necessary qualifications and are familiar with these laws and policies.

    Head Cashier education and training requirements

    Head Cashiers usually need to have a high school diploma or equivalent. You may request that a new Head Cashier passes a background check due to the high degree of responsibility and trust that their role requires. No training certificates are required, as candidates can learn the most important tasks on-the-job.

    Head Cashier salary expectations

    According to Indeed Salaries, an average Head Cashier’s pay in Canada is $17.32 per hour. Wages vary depending on experience, location, the size of the business, and the responsibilities of the position.

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    Head Cashier job description FAQs

    What should you look for in a Head Cashier resume?

    Look for a candidate with previous experience as a cashier on their resume. You should also review applications for evidence of strong customer service skills. Head Cashiers need to be confident in engaging with customers, comfortable leading a team, and able to oversee large amounts of cash.

    How do you attract the best candidates for a Head Cashier position?

    To find great candidates, provide an overview of products the store sells, the clientele, and the environment or workplace culture. Including pay and company benefits, like a staff discount, may attract more candidates. Highlight the primary responsibilities of your Head Cashier so the entry stands out, and include keywords for the skills you’re looking for, like leadership, communication, and organization.

    Do Head Cashiers have the same responsibilities in every business?

    Head Cashiers perform different tasks depending on several factors, including the size of your business and the industry you operate in. For example, if you employ many Cashiers, the Head Cashier needs to spend more time managing and organizing schedules than they would in a small business. 

    Can you promote an existing employee to the position of Head Cashier?

    If you employ a Cashier who has several years experience in the role, you may decide to promote them to the position. Two benefits to this approach are that you already know the person is trustworthy, experienced, and that they are familiar with how your business works. However, review their credentials as you would with any other applicant to make sure they can fulfill the role.

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