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Expediter Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

An Expediter is responsible for coordinating and monitoring the movement of materials through various levels of a business or organization. Their duties include preparing production and work schedules, monitoring project and construction progress, and expediting the flow of services and goods.

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Expediter duties and responsibilities

The duties of an Expediter differ slightly depending on the business. They are commonly employed in construction and manufacturing, printing and publishing companies, and other industrial businesses. Responsibilities of an Expediter may include:

  • Increasing efficiency in shipping and delivery times
  • Conferring with Production Supervisors to schedule production runs in an efficient manner
  • Creating and managing budgets for product chains
  • Reviewing and tracking orders from start to finish
  • Compiling detailed worksheets and specifications from customer orders
  • Negotiating with vendors to decrease costs and increase efficiency
  • Keeping detailed registers of inventory and services
  • Solving issues related to shipping, delivery, and productivity delays
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Expediter Job Description Examples:

What does an Expediter do?

An Expediter is a role found within the construction, purchasing, product control, restaurant, and project management industries. An Expediter’s role is to improve a company’s efficiency and capacity through the coordination and monitoring of product movement. They are also responsible for determining different methods for transporting, tracking, delivering, and recording services and goods. In general, an Expediter facilitates the flow of materials between various departments within an organization. They are expected to perform clerical duties, including keeping accurate records and files.

Expediter skills and qualifications

An effective Expediter possesses strong planning, scheduling, and organizational skills that allow them to effectively perform their duties on the job. Some other skills and qualifications may include: 

  • Ability to coordinate with many different teams
  • Well-versed in goods and services procurement
  • Computer skills including the ability to use a database and type work orders and memos
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to comply with and refine company policies and procedures
  • Outstanding interpersonal and management skills

Expediter experience requirements

Experience requirements for an Expediter vary depending on the industry and company. In many cases, an entry-level Expediter has usually one year of experience or less. Part of the experience period can be substituted with an internship or post-secondary education. However, senior-level Expediter positions generally require three to five years of experience. Because the role of Expediter is found within multiple types of businesses, you may want to look for a candidate with previous experience in your company’s field.

Expediter education and training requirements

There are no professional certifications required for the role of Expediter. A high school diploma or GED may be required for this role, and there may also be a preference for college experience. Clerical work or experience in a similar field, such as Production Worker, is often required.

Expediter salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average pay for an Expediter is $16.23 per hour in Canada. It is important to note that wages may be dependent on the candidate’s experience, geographical location, industry, and company.

Job description samples for similar positions

Some other job description samples if an Expediter is not what you are quite looking for include:

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Expediter job description FAQs

What are the primary skills you should look for when hiring an Expediter?

Because an Expediter’s role is to improve a company’s efficiency and capacity through the coordination and monitoring of product movement, they may take on additional responsibilities at times. Expediters are expected to find solutions to budget limitations and make exceptional orders. They may also be called upon to work during the holidays, evenings and on busy weekends.

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