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Esthetician Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

An Esthetician, sometimes called a Skin Care Specialist, is a professional who is licensed to provide skin treatments and custom skincare recommendations for specific skin conditions. Their duties include hair removal, application of makeup, and skin mapping.

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Esthetician duties and responsibilities

The tasks an Esthetician performs are dependent on the company where they work. Some typical Esthetician duties and responsibilities include:

  • Perform skincare services, such as wraps and facials
  • Welcome clients and explain the list of services and products offered
  • Provide customers with incentives as a way of encouraging them to return
  • Train new hires on the company’s services and products to ensure every employee upholds the quality levels expected
  • Attend continuing education programs and regular staff meetings to keep skills updated with the newest methods and technologies
  • Sell additional products and services in a simple but professional manner to enable clients to maintain their skincare routine at home
  • Explain how the service will affect the client’s skin and offer advice on which service is best for them
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Esthetician Job Description Examples:

What does an Esthetician do?

An Esthetician provides skincare-focused services. This health professional performs procedures and treatments to the skin as a way of maintaining its health and vitality, combating the effects of aging and exposure to the sun, and improving its overall appearance. In most instances, an Esthetician uses several practices and therapies to help clients combat complexion problems. They engage in therapies aimed at improving the youthfulness, colour, texture, and tone of the skin, often concentrated on the neck and face. Though there are also a variety of other specialty services Estheticians can offer to cover practically the entire body.

Esthetician skills and qualifications

Given the nature of their work, an Esthetician must have excellent interpersonal skills and also want to be part of a team. A successful Esthetician candidate must possess various prerequisite skills and qualifications, including:

  • Excellent communication skills to coordinate with management and team members to ensure the schedule runs smoothly
  • Flexibility to work a schedule that may include client sessions in the evenings and over the weekend
  • Ability to provide consistent treatments and services to the clients per the protocol of the salon and provincial laws
  • Ability to recommend and sell beauty products to clients based on their specific needs
  • Excellent time management skills and proven ability to work under pressure in a fast-paced environment
  • Friendly personality to make clients feel comfortable about themselves
  • Good manners and a polite attitude
  • Health knowledge to perform skincare assessments and identify issues and solutions

Esthetician experience requirements

An Esthetician typically requires two years of industry experience, usually working in a spa or salon. They must have previous experience with a wide range of cosmetic and skincare products. Additionally, an Esthetician must also be experienced at waxing and be proficient at performing all other relevant treatments, as appropriate.

Esthetician education and training requirements

An entry-level Esthetician typically requires a high school diploma or equivalent. Before working with clients, an Esthetician must complete an approved esthetician or cosmetology program. While pursuing such programs, an aspiring Esthetician will complete clinical training and courses in skincare techniques. They must also complete a set number of hours of field training under the supervision of a licensed Esthetician. Lastly, an Esthetician will also have an Esthetician certification and all necessary provincial licensure.

Esthetician salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for an Esthetician is $15.90 per hour. This may vary depending on the company, location, and employee experience.

Job description samples for similar positions

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Esthetician job description FAQs

What is the difference between an Esthetician and a Cosmetologist?

The difference between an Esthetician and a Cosmetologist is the range of services they offer their clients. An Esthetician focuses mainly on the health and long-term quality of the skin, whereas a Cosmetologist generally works on shorter-term beauty treatments such as makeup, nails, and hair.

What personality traits should you look for in an Esthetician?

In addition to an Esthetician’s education and industry-specific hard skills, they must also possess specific qualities and personality traits. These include having an outgoing personality and excellent physical stamina, being neat with a polished appearance, being articulate about all aspects of their work, and being polite with clients and team members.

How can you make your Esthetician job description stand out?

Create a job description that clearly outlines the work environment, responsibilities, and experience level required. An outstanding Esthetician job description should request potential candidates have completed approved courses and training, and passed all relevant licensing examinations. Given that an Esthetician should be able to build trusted, long-lasting relationships with clients, the job description should include the importance of the candidate possessing excellent customer service skills.

Job Description Examples

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