Dishwasher Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

A Dishwasher is an individual who takes care of cleaning all dishes and cutlery used in a restaurant, and also helps with other tasks in the kitchen. Their primary duties include collecting and properly sanitizing dishes, glasses, and cutlery, helping with food preparation, and keeping the kitchen clean.

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Dishwasher duties and responsibilities

A Dishwasher has daily duties and responsibilities essential to keeping a restaurant or other food service establishment working at an optimal pace. Some common duties for a Dishwasher include:

  • Collect all dishes, cutlery, and glasses
  • Ensure all dishes, cutlery, and glasses are properly sanitized before further use
  • Clean kitchen tools and appliances properly before use
  • Assemble food for patrons
  • Prepare takeout packages
  • Clean kitchen floors, storage areas, and take out the trash
  • Keep cupboards and storage area clean and organized
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Dishwasher Job Description Examples:


Example 1

Welcome to The Canadian Brewhouse Canada's fastest-growing independent restaurant group! We are proud of being the only Canadian-themed sports bar in town, and we know that without our incredible teams we wouldn't be a fraction of where we are today. Our teams live and breathe our Core Values; these are 6 key principles that influence all of our decisions as an organization. Take Care of Each Other and Yourself Think Like a Customer Support Your Community Hurry, Don’t Rush Embrace Innovation Be Persistent When not at work, you may catch us out in the community volunteering, raising funds for The Canadian Mental Health Association or the local Children's Hospital, or having a couple of drinks with friends. The Brew Crew is a team of devoted, compassionate, and ambitious individuals that are hungry for what the future holds. We believe it's our duty to provide all of our employees with a safe, fun-filled work environment with endless advancement opportunities. Join the best team in Canada, today! Benefits of Joining Our Team: A staff discount that we extend to your friends and family - show off your workplace, our house is your house! Scholarship program for part-time and full-time students. Advancement opportunities are endless with the right attitude and passion - our CEO started out as a dishwasher! The opportunity to Support Your Community - one of our core values, a great experience to volunteer with causes you’re passionate about. Working with a team of like-minded individuals who have your interests at heart. Our team is our family - We Are Brew Crew Do you want to learn what it's like to work at The Canadian Brewhouse!? Check out our training intro: [website] PS: Grab a Virtual Reality set for the full experience) What will be your as a Dishwasher? Organize clean dishes, glasses and equipment appropriately Maintain a safe, sanitary, and clean work environment at all times Work with the team to ensure dish-ware is available and ready for plating Communicate clearly, calmly, and often Requirements Willingness to learn and expand your knowledge, as well as grow as an individual Ability to communicate effectively A strong understanding of health and safety regulations, and a commitment to keep your area maintained Passion for growing and developing in any aspect of the restaurant - maybe you'll be the next kitchen manager! A drive to find solutions rather than point out problems

What does a Dishwasher do?

A Dishwasher plays a key role in keeping the kitchen of a restaurant or other food service establishment running smoothly. They ensure dishes are picked up quickly and washed so they are ready for use again as quickly as possible. This is particularly important in fast-food restaurants, where client turnover is quick and the environment is fast-paced. They also contribute to other tasks in the kitchen to assist with the overall workflow of the restaurant. A good Dishwasher does not slow production down. Instead, they maximize it by completing tasks that Cooks and Servers can’t do on top of their own tasks. A Dishwasher manages their time well and ensures that the kitchen is always ready to cook and serve.

Dishwasher skills and qualifications

A successful Dishwasher keeps up with the fast-paced environment of a busy kitchen. Some common skills and qualifications that make for a good job candidate include:

  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment and perform well under pressure
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Ability to multi-task
  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to work as part of a team
  • Exceptional knowledge of restaurant health and safety protocols
  • Excellent problem-solving skills

Dishwasher experience requirements

Typically, a Dishwasher position does not require any experience. They learn everything they need to know on the job. Candidates with experience in the food preparation or food service industry are preferable. Many applicants apply as a Dishwasher as a first job or entry-level position in the hospitality industry. Be open to resumes from candidates who are still studying or have little to no experience. 

Dishwasher education and training requirements

There are no education requirements for a Dishwasher position, considering employees can learn the essential responsibilities of this position on-the-job. No additional certifications are necessary but look for candidates with a food handling certificate, as the role primarily takes place in the kitchen.

Dishwasher salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, a Dishwasher in Canada earns an average wage of $14.63 per hour. This may vary based on geographical location, the size and type of foodservice establishment, and level of experience.

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Dishwasher job description FAQs

What is the difference between a Dishwasher and a Busboy?

While both positions have some common duties, the main difference is that a Dishwasher works in the kitchen, cleaning dishes, and washing the floors and kitchen area. A Busboy is responsible for cleaning tables, bringing dishes to the Dishwasher, and sometimes delivering meals to customers. They do not work in the kitchen or contribute to food prep.

What qualities make a good Dishwasher?

A successful Dishwasher candidate demonstrates the ability to learn and work quickly. An excellent candidate should be a flexible person who shows an ability to manage their time well. A candidate with a can-do attitude and a team player mentality will do well in this position. Candidates should thrive in fast-paced environments.

Who does a Dishwasher report to?

The Dishwasher, along with other kitchen staff members, reports to the Restaurant Manager. Depending on the size of the establishment, they may also report to the Head Chef or Kitchen Manager. Larger establishments often have several management roles in place to oversee the Dishwasher and other kitchen helper roles.

How can you make your Dishwasher job description stand out?

If the position involves paid training, be sure to mention this in the job description. Candidates want to know what size kitchen and restaurant they’ll be working in, so offer an average amount of diners that come through on a busy day. Also include the restaurant’s opening hours and the average shift length. Dishwashers have to work in fast-paced environments, so they should have an idea of how many dishes they’ll be washing and between what hours. A good Dishwasher job description offers a competitive salary and a brief explanation of employee benefits or privileges, like half-price meals during a shift.

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