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A Data Manager, or Data Management Specialist, develops data-oriented systems to meet an organization’s or research team’s needs. Their duties include developing systems, procedures and policies for data management in an organization, assisting colleagues in performing data-related tasks, and networking with clients. 

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What does a Data Manager do? 

Data Managers assist organizations in utilizing big data to gain business intelligence and insights into customer experiences and behaviour. They often work in a variety of settings including financial, medical, and educational organizations. Data Managers also monitor an organization’s data systems to ensure that they are organized, secure, and accessible. 

Data Managers may work independently or as part of a team, depending on the size of the company. Most work in an office environment with minimal travel requirements. One of their primary responsibilities are to manage and safeguard data. 

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Data Manager Job Description Examples:


Example 1

*At ITFO, we are in the business of connecting people*. With more than ten years of experience behind us, we are proud to work with an amazing group of clients who count on us to keep their business moving forward. We take a creative and data-driven approach to provide technical and digital enterprise-scale collaboration solutions for some of the largest companies in the world. Headquartered in beautiful Victoria, BC, we are a diverse team with a common drive to exceed our customers’ expectations by providing bespoke, customized tools and a seamless, positive experience working with us as our customer *We endeavor to engage highly-skilled, passionate and smart people to work with us. In support of this commitment, we offer a remote, distributed workplace model which allows our team members more time to devote to passions both at work and at leisure. Where possible, we also offer flexible work arrangements in consideration of our team members' lifestyle requirements.* *Position Overview* The Data Manager is responsible for maintaining ITFO's enterprise content management systems. Interfacing with our Fortune-500 clients and ITFO's program leads, the Data Manager is responsible for managing data and database structures for multiple clients, staying up to date on content management best practices, and updating content in our enterprise systems. Experience working with data, good understanding of taxonomy and categorization, understanding of the data flow from the end user perspective are required for this role. *Primary Responsibilities* * Provide bulk data management and database restructuring * Review alerts and adjust technical parameters to achieve client objectives * Stay up-to-date on data management best practices and curation tools * Maintain data management tools * Work with ITFO program leads to communicate project needs and client feedback * Support multiple client accounts by managing client relationships and client content * Provide edits and updates to content in our enterprise data management systems * Provide weekly updates on data performance * Provide topic curation and reporting * Manage technical aspects of data management system *Qualifications* *_Required: _* * Relevant post-secondary education or related experience * Previous experience in a corporate environment in a data, content or knowledge management role * Knowledge of data management best practices and content curation tools * Experience working with SharePoint data * Exceptional project management skills * Demonstrated ability to manage processes * Strong attention to detail * Proven ability to multi-task and to work independently * Excellent communication skills: proven ability to collaborate cross-functionally, diplomatically, and professionally across all levels of complex organizations, both internally and externally * Proficiency in the Office suite of programs * Experience with account management * Ability to work flexible hours * Experience leading small teams *_Nice to have: _* * Experience with Microsoft Teams or other collaboration tools * Experience working in a team environment * Adept at learning new software * Knowledge of financial services, legal services or Information technology industries * Basic SharePoint development experience Contract length: 12 months Part-time hours: 20-30 per week Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Contract, Freelance Benefits: * Casual dress * Flexible schedule * Work from home Schedule: * Day shift * Monday to Friday COVID-19 considerations: We offer a 100% remote, distributed work environment Application question(s): * Are you legally able to work in Canada? * Are you able to pass a criminal record check? * How many hours a week are you available? * What is your expected hourly rate? Education: * Bachelor's Degree (preferred) Experience: * data management: 2 years (preferred) * SharePoint: 2 years (preferred) * project management: 2 years (preferred) Work remotely: * Yes

Example 2

Aparicio Lab Application Deadline Nov 30, [phone number]*Job Summary* A position with the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine of the University of British Columbia is open immediately for a data manager to work with our interdisciplinary team of researchers and software developers within the Department of Molecular Oncology at BC Cancer Research, part of the Provincial Health Services Authority. We are seeking a creative, experienced, and dedicated individual to play a key role in managing large amounts of experimental and computational genomic research data. The data manager will become the point person for data needs for both dry and wet lab researchers, students, and managers. They will be responsible for the accurate organization and curation of thousands of patient’s worth of genomic, administrative, experiment, and sequencing data. They will work closely with developers to develop computational solutions for storing, organizing, and distributing all the aforementioned data. They will enact, educate and enforce data storage policies to ensure the organization of the database. They will be responsible for the resolution of errors existing in database and optimizing costs for existing repositories. You will be on-site in the Department of Molecular Oncology at BC Cancer, working closely with software developers, students and researchers operating at the leading edge of the field of cancer genomics. Our department has recently made meaningful advances in understanding of tumour evolution and the software platforms developed in the lab will be used by world-leading scientists at BC Cancer and international collaborators to gain insight into how cancers initiate, develop and acquire resistance to treatment. More information on the lab, please visit [website] *Organizational Status* We are a small team of software developers and scientists embedded within a larger cancer research lab. You will be working closely with researchers and developers to ensure the smooth daily operations of the team and the department in their data input and query needs. You will be reporting to the principle investigator or designate. *Work Performed* * Research and design data storage policy and best practices pertaining to items such as organization, privacy, security and ethics * Implement and enforce data storage best practices on research data * Collaborate with developers and researchers to design and create data storage solutions for data from various sources including: administrative, medical, experimental, genomic * Ensure the valid and correct entry of data into storage solutions * Assist researchers and developers with their data query needs * Assist researchers and manager in creating and reviewing data sharing agreements with other researchers and collaborators outside the group *Consequence of You will be independently responsible for the smooth daily data operations of the lab as required by the users or the system. You will be deciding and carrying the best course of action for unforeseen issues and problems involving data input, validation, query and delivery. Failure to perform may cause minor operational setbacks to reputational and financial impact in the publication and research process. *Supervision Received* You will be supervised by the principle investigator or designate. *Supervision Given* You will help advise and recommend best course of actions to other members of the lab on subjects pertaining to data access and your field of expertise. Undergraduate or certified degree in information technology, programming or relevant discipline as determined by employer. Minimum of one year of related experience, or the equivalent combination of education and experience. * Excellent documentation and organization skills * Excellent professionalism and persistence * Friendly and personable with excellent communication skills * Experience managing large volumes of complex data * Experience in basic scripting * Familiarity with scripting and automation * Background in biology and/or computational biology preferred Apply online now Location: 675 West 10th Avenue Vancouver,BC V5Z 1L3, Vancouver, BC Job Type: Full-time

Data Manager duties and responsibilities 

Data Managers are typically full-time employees who perform various tasks necessitating data required for research and day-to-day business activities. Some of the main duties and responsibilities of Data Managers include: 

  • Designing, developing, and modifying data infrastructure to accelerate the processes of data analysis and reporting 
  • Reviewing presentations, manuscripts, graphs, and tables to ensure accuracy and quality 
  • Developing standards of operation when handling and archiving data 
  • Maintaining data management plans and instructions for operating complex business systems
  • Overseeing the integration of new technologies and initiatives into data standards and structures 
  • Evaluating the design, selection, and implementation of database changes by comparing them with business requirements and design documents 
  • Assessing system performance and making recommendations for hardware, software, and data storage improvements
  • Ensuring data and information security by integrating and upholding digital security systems 

Data Manager skills and qualifications 

A Data Manager must be familiar with database design and systems, database technology, and logical data analysis. To succeed, they also need additional skills and qualifications, including: 

  • Ability to analyze, interpret, and organize large amounts of data
  • Excellent communication skills to translate complex problems using non-technical terms 
  • In-depth understanding of modern database and information technologies 
  • Excellent math, problem-solving, and analytical skills 
  • Excellent time management skills and the ability to work towards meeting multiple deadlines simultaneously 
  • Ability to compile and organize findings and data retrieved before presenting it to management
  • Thorough understanding of management and data administration duties such as collection, analysis, and distribution 

Data Manager experience requirements 

Candidates are often required to have at least three years of working experience in data management, data analysis, or other data administration functions including collection and distribution. They must have experience deciphering and organizing large amounts of data. Hiring managers might prefer candidates with additional experience working with modern databases and IT technologies. You may also prefer candidates who have experience dealing with private and sensitive information, depending on your organization’s needs

Data Manager education and training requirements 

Data Manager jobs often require candidates to have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer engineering, or a related field. Candidates with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, statistics, or other science-related field are likely to possess the excellent math and analytical skills necessary to succeed in the role. You may also require candidates to have additional training in Linux configuration, SQL database, Perl, Python and other specified data management applications. 

Data Manager salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for a Data Manager is $83,978 per year. This can vary depending on factors like experience, education, location, and the company.

Job description samples for similar positions 

If a Data Manager is not quite what you’re looking for, other job description samples that may fit your needs include:

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Data Manager job description FAQs

What's the difference between a Data Manager and a Database Manager?

A Data Manager understands an organization’s goals, mission, and plans. Their primary duties are to use data to improve a range of things that further existing goals, identify new opportunities, and make vital improvements to communication, marketing, and branding. In comparison, a Database Manager focuses on improving technologies that affect an organization’s data storage and access.

What makes a good Data Manager job description?

A good Data Manager job description must include details on the types of data that the company collects as well as the amount. This can help the applicant know if they have similar experience and if they can handle the potential workflow. It’s also good to mention whether the Data Manager’s position will be full-time, contract-based, or part-time, and the location of the organization. 

What should you look for in a Data Manager resume?

The candidate must have worked in a similar environment or have plenty of applicable knowledge. Look for candidates with the most advanced knowledge of the latest technological tools. Data Managers should list their key tools for analyzing the market and trending products.

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