CNC Operator Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

A CNC Operator, or a Machining Tool Operator, sets up and operates metal-cutting machinery to build tools and parts of various machinery. Their duties include studying blueprints and creating the design, cutting metal and manipulating it to build the project, and performing regular maintenance on their machinery.

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CNC Operator duties and responsibilities

A CNC Operator has many duties and responsibilities in any field of production. Some things expected of a CNC Operator daily include:

  • Read and understand blueprint designs
  • Set up machinery for production
  • Rework metal to create the blueprint design
  • Measure and verify all calculations prior to setting up the machinery
  • Maintain a clean and organized working environment
  • Complete routine maintenance of their machinery
  • Enter all relevant codes to specify the feed, speed, and cut of any toolpath for a CNC
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CNC Operator Job Description Examples:


Example 1

Plainsman Mfg. Inc. is looking to hire a CNC Operator for the day shift. We also have a night shift job opening. Job Description: Hours: 7am-3:30pm, Monday-Friday. Setup and operation of equipment that produces components for assembly, outside customers, or resale. Company Description: Plainsman Mfg. Inc. is a locally owned manufacturing and distribution company operating out of Edmonton, Alberta since [phone number]We manufacture and distribute products for oilfield production, pipeline maintenance, construction, and gas and water distribution. We have an in-house engineering department and a full-service manufacturing facility that enables us to respond efficiently to the customer and industry needs. Responsibilities: Attendance - Punctuality: Always punch in/out on time clock before shift start/end time. Always back at equipment promptly after breaks. Sick Time: Not abusing the absenteeism policy. Skills/Knowledge: Measuring equipment: 100% knowledge of use and operation of any measuring tool required to perform CNC operator duties (caliper, od/id micrometer, height gage, thread wires, thread gages, etc). Strive to learn all equipment of the OJT training checklist. Terminology: In-depth understanding of terms and language used in the manufacturing process. Machine Operation: Knowledge of tool geometry offsets and their function. Knowledge of machine controls and their function during operation. Knowledge of basic and efficient machine operation. Knowledge of insert sizes and naming conventions. Knowledge of basic machine maintenance protocols outlined in the policy. Ability to use basic machine shop tooling such as grinders, stampers, deburring equipment. Machine Programming: Knowledge of g-code. Ability to program and set up simple parts. Ability to troubleshoot and improve upon existing programs. Knowledge of proper machining practices. Adherence to Plainsman programming procedures. Adherence to program saving and revision control procedures. Machine Setup: Knowledge of proper machine setup practices. Knowledge of machine tooling and its appropriate usage. Adherence to program setup sheet procedures. Quality of Work: Adherence to Plainsman Mfg quality standards and familiarity with the machining of parts to the required dimensions and keeping scrap rates to a minimum. Thoroughness and pride at ANY task assigned by supervisor. Productivity: Filling orders in a timely manner dictated by the WO routings and/or supervisors. Meeting deadlines assigned by superiors. Utilizing any spare time in a productive manner. Reliability. Completing tasks assigned by superiors in the allotted time. Following up on tasks semi-completed or in progress to ensure that they are being carried through to the end. Safety: Adhere to the safety program. The above responsibilities are the basic expectations of any CNC operator, any actions above and beyond will be looked at favorably at review time. Secondary Responsibilities: The below tasks may be asked of any CNC operator to be performed as needed. They should also be looked at as going above and beyond the expectations outlined above, during spare time and will be looked upon favorably during reviews. Cleaning and deburring parts. Emptying chip bins, disposing of waste/oil coolant appropriately. Stamping. Washing shop floors. 5S organizing. Assembly of components as needed. During busy periods assisting Supervisor and/or manager in the operation of the shop. During periods of Supervisor absence take over some responsibilities of the operation of the shop. Skills or Experience Requirements: High school diploma/GED or equivalent. Ability to read and write English. Ability to read and interpret engineering drawings. Basic computer experience (Internet Explorer / Microsoft Word). Knowledge of imperial measurement system (inch/pound/feet). Knowledge of basic hand tools Knowledge of basic power tools Knowledge of CNC programming and control operations. Knowledge of safe and effective CNC setup practices. Knowledge of machine tooling and its use. Minimum 3 years experience in CNC operations. Please no phone calls or drop-ins.

Example 2

Reporting to the Team Leader the CNC Operator is responsible for the set up and operation of the wood CNC machine ensuring the safe production of parts according to client's design needs. * Set up and operation of a wood CNC machine * Understand and read drawings, BOM, as supplied in shop floor documents * Follow work order procedures * Ensure safe operating practices are met * Maintains production quality based Companies’ criteria * 1 - 3 years of CNC operating experience (Co-op and apprentice work will be considered) * Preference will be given to working with wood CNC machines * Diploma, certificate or courses in CNC machining is preferred * Experience using a Point to Point Router is preferred * Basic understanding of CNC programming is an asset but not required * Experience working in a face paced, high volume, manufacturing environment is required * Able to lift up to 50lbs on a regular basis * Willing to work Monday to Friday from 3pm to 11pm with the option of overtime Job Type: Full-time Schedule: * Monday to Friday Experience: * CNC Operator: 1 year (Required) Work remotely: * No

Example 3

*CNC Machine Operator* We are looking for a CNC Machine Operator to join our team! The CNC Machine Operator will be responsible for operating the machinery that prepares the aluminum parts used in manufacturing of the windows and doors. * Ensure orders are processed in accordance with daily production schedule * Supply the machinery with the order file and place necessary aluminum parts on the feeder * Differentiate between the specific extrusions parts per order * Unload prepared parts and label for the assembly team * Perform routine maintenance and monitor machine operation. Troubleshoot where necessary & report problems * Perform other duties as assigned by supervisor. *Skills and Qualifications: * * DEP in CNC machining, industrial mechanics or other relevant program (preferred) * Basic understanding of CNC machinery * Experience working with similar machinery is considered an asset * Experience in the window/door industry is considered an asset * Strong work ethics and dependability * Motivated, flexible with a positive attitude * Capability to work in a fast-paced environment *Position details: * * *Full time position (Hours : 7:30-16:00 Monday-Friday) – Overtime may be required* * Stabile and long-term position with a company existing over 40 years * Free parking, easy access to public transport * Complete paid training program *About us: * Groupe Atlanta has been the choice of consumers and building professionals for windows and doors in the Greater Montreal Area since [phone number]As an industry leader, Groupe Atlanta has built a reputation on the quality and originality of its products, highly competitive prices, and unbeatable customer service. As a family-run business, with a growing and evolving line of products, we distinguish ourselves by offering high value-added services based on advanced technologies and qualified personnel. Job Types: Full-time, Permanent Benefits: * On-site parking Schedule: * Monday to Friday Work remotely: * No

What does a CNC Operator do?

A CNC Operator performs a repetitive task by building and developing the same pieces or parts with the same machinery. They may drill, melt, bolt, or hone metal in order to complete the design in the blueprint they are following. A CNC Operator normally works on items like engine parts or other metal machinery through the use of a Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC). They must use several machines and tools to plan the design. They are also responsible for verifying very precise measurements prior to production. Additionally, a CNC Operator prepares etching solutions to repair damaged metal and maintains their machinery at all times to ensure optimal workflow.

CNC Operator skills and qualifications

A CNC Operator performs repetitive, painstakingly meticulous work. Some of the skills and qualifications that make for an excellent CNC Operator candidate include:

  • In-depth knowledge of computer and information systems
  • Strong eye for detail
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • In-depth knowledge of metal machinery
  • Excellent reporting and analytical skills
  • Excellent understanding of mechanics, mathematics, and basic chemistry
  • Ability to interpret 3D drawings and orthographic projection

CNC Operator experience requirements

A good CNC Operator candidate needs several years of experience as a Machine Operator prior to taking on a CNC Operator position. They also require three or more years of experience using a CNC machine in their previous positions. They can also gain experience through apprenticeship programs, internships, or other professional development courses outside the workplace instead of direct work experience.

CNC Operator education and training requirements

A CNC Operator candidate needs a high school diploma or GED, but some may have college certifications in machinery operations. Some provinces require individuals to have specific certifications. For example, in Ontario, candidates must have the Roll Grinder or Tool and Cutter Grinder certification from the Ontario College of Trades. Ensure promising candidates meet the provincial or territorial requirements before hiring, and look for those with additional technical training.

CNC Operator salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average CNC Operator in Canada earns $20.16 per hour. Wages vary based on location, size and type of industry, level of experience, and technical certifications.

Job description samples for similar positions

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CNC Operator job description FAQs

What is the difference between a CNC Operator and a Machine Operator?

A CNC Operator is a specialized Machine Operator with many years of experience. They also have certain accreditations and technical knowledge that a general Machine Operator does not. For example, CNC Operators can interpret 3D drawings and orthographic projection. By comparison, a Machine Operator is an entry-level position and candidates have little to no experience. They learn everything they need to know through on-the-job training. They are not responsible for machine setup and blueprint analysis like CNC Operators.

What qualities make for a good CNC Operator?

An excellent candidate for a CNC Operator position has a strong work ethic and an understanding of machinery, mathematics, and basic chemistry. A suitable candidate can work within a team and take the lead with ease. Candidates also need to be very attentive to precise details and take their time to ensure they carry their work out properly and thoroughly.

How can you make a CNC Operator job description stand out?

A good CNC Operator job description includes a detailed list of daily responsibilities and the specific educational and experience requirements for the position. Include how many years of previous experience as a Machine Operator you’re looking for, and the provincial or territorial training requirements they need (if any). Detail the computer software they need to be familiar with for blueprint design and reporting. Advertise a competitive salary and any benefits like RRSP-matching programs or healthcare insurance.

Who reports to a CNC Operator?

Any other general Machine Operators, Junior or Assistant Operators, or Helpers usually report to the CNC Operator. The CNC Operator then reports to the Shift Manager or Supervisor.

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