Clerk Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

A Clerk, or Office Clerk, performs administrative tasks assigned by an Office Manager or other company employee. Their duties include maintaining files and records, answering phones, and running office errands.


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Clerk duties and responsibilities

The role of a Clerk is an important one for most businesses. Clerks are needed in almost every industry. Some of the primary duties and responsibilities of a Clerk include:

  • Typing letters, memos, business documents, and reports
  • Sorting mail and distributing it to the relevant employees
  • Responding to general inquiries
  • Managing invoices and following up on outstanding payments 
  • Taking dictation and minutes during business meetings 
  • Managing travel-related tasks including booking flights, hotels, and other related arrangements for employee business trips
  • Managing office supplies and ordering them as needed


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Clerk Job Description Examples:


Example 1

Le *_Commis Comptes à recevoir _*s'occupe des tâches en comptabilité variées sous la supervision du Superviseur de la comptabilité. Ceci est un poste permanent, à combler immédiatement. Responsabilités : * Application de paiements * Faire des réclamations en ligne sur différent portail * Faire des notes de crédits * Suivi de l’âge des comptes * Toute autre tâche reliée au département sur demande Compétences requises : * Un diplôme d'études professionnelles en comptabilité * Minimum [phone number]ans d'expérience aux comptes à recevoir * Bilinguisme : anglais et français * Connaissance avancée d'Excel * Habilité de respecter les délais * Capacité à s’adapter rapidement * Bonnes compétences organisationnelles * Capacité de travailler dans un environnement trépidant et occupé Valeur ajoutée : * Connaissance du logiciel _SAP Business One _ou autre _ERP_ * Expérience avec les grandes bannières du commerce au détail tel qu’Amazon, Walmart, Costco. The *_Accounts Receivable Clerk_* takes care of various accounting tasks under the supervision of the Accounting Supervisor. This is a permanent position, to be filled immediately. * Posting of payments * Make online claims through different portals * Issue credit notes * Following up on the customer aging report * Any other tasks related to the department upon request *Required skills: * * A professional studies diploma in accounting * A minimum of [phone number]years experience in accounts receivables * Bilingualism : English and French * Advanced knowledge of Excel * Ability to meet deadlines * Ability to adapt quickly * Good organizational skills * Ability to work in a fast-paced and busy environment *Added value: * * Knowledge of _SAP Business One_ or ERP software * Experience with major retail banners such as Amazon, Walmart, Costco. Job Types: Full-time, Permanent Benefits: * Casual dress * Dental care * Extended health care * Life insurance * RRSP match * Store discount Schedule: * [phone number]hour shift * Monday to Friday * No weekends Experience: * accounts receivable: [phone number]year (preferred)

What does a Clerk do?

A Clerk handles clerical and administrative tasks for an organization. Duties of a Clerk can vary depending on the business but, in general, Clerks are mainly responsible for compiling and maintaining company records, fulfilling office requests, and sorting and handing out correspondences from suppliers, clients, or other colleagues. They may also be required to perform other clerical tasks that are essential for the smooth running of a business. Some Clerks also deal with clients, and they handle inquires, questions, or concerns related to the offered products or services of the company. Scheduling appointments, meetings, and taking care of travel details of office employees are other tasks that are often handled by a Clerk.


Clerk skills and qualifications

A Clerk must have the professional skills and qualifications to perform clerical tasks. Some examples of a Clerk’s skills and qualifications may include:

  • Proficiency in computer software including word processing, spreadsheets, data entry, and accounting 
  • Touch typing and minute-taking skills
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills to be able to correspond on behalf of the company
  • Excellent interpersonal and customer service skills
  • Multitasking skills
  • Attention to detail and the willingness to learn


Clerk experience requirements

Experience requirements for Clerks depend on the type of business and the tasks that the Clerk is expected to perform. In general, candidates who have some experience in a similar role are preferred. Candidates may also have had experience working with common accounting software. For a small business, a Clerk may be handling most of the administrative work on their own or with a small team and therefore may be required to have more experience as well as industry-specific knowledge.


Clerk education and training requirements

A Clerk usually possesses a high school diploma or equivalent. In addition, Clerks are also expected to have excellent typing skills and be trained in the use of basic office software. Familiarity with accounting software can be an important requirement for Clerks, depending on business needs.


Clerk salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for a Clerk is $19.05 per hour in Canada. The rate may vary dependent on the candidate’s level of experience, the location of the position, and the specific hiring practices of the company.


Job description samples for similar positions

If a Clerk is not quite what you’re looking for, a few other job description samples that may fit your needs include:


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Clerk job description FAQs


What qualities make a good Clerk?

One of the strongest qualities of a good Clerk is that they are team players and have a positive attitude. A Clerk has to be extremely organized, with excellent time management and organizational skills. Clerks are often required to run office errands, so they should be able and willing to do a variety of tasks for different departments within an organization. Someone who is quick on their feet and a fast learner, especially on departmental regulations and processes, will usually excel in this role. A Clerk must be motivated to provide support to office staff and should not shy away from small tasks.


Who does a Clerk report to?

A Clerk generally reports to an Office Manager or an Administrative Manager. If the business is small, a Clerk may directly report to the business owner. While Clerks do not require close supervision, they are expected to perform their duties on time and meet any specified deadlines to ensure the business runs smoothly and efficiently.


What makes a good Clerk job description?

Clerks work in most organizations. However, different companies have different work requirements depending on their business and their industry. A good job description clearly outlines the industry type, and the primary tasks and duties the candidate would have to perform in this role. If industry-specific experience is required, this should be specified in the job description. Minimum work experience and education requirements should also be stated. Clerks are generally expected to have good time management and organization skills, so it may help to emphasize this. 

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