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Chief of Staff Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

A Chief of Staff maintains the overall day-to-day operations of an organization, works closely with executive-level staff on performance tasks, and ensures the office runs smoothly. Their duties include completing administrative tasks, overseeing office tasks, and planning meetings and events.

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Chief of Staff duties and responsibilities

The role of a Chief of Staff is fast-paced and the tasks are very dynamic, depending heavily on the needs of the executives and the organization. However, some common duties and responsibilities will include:

  • Managing schedules, business trips, and budgets and expenses
  • Working with executives to prioritize business strategies and growth opportunities
  • Providing recommendations to senior leadership on improvements
  • Researching opportunities, gaps, and risks, and presenting to executive teams
  • Planning all aspects of large meetings, working with junior staff to execute small details
  • Determining the best way to track performance and keep teams on track towards their goals
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Chief Of Staff Job Description Examples:

What does a Chief of Staff do?

A Chief of Staff manages the day-to-day operations of a company, solving problems around the office. They work closely with executives to ensure they are taking care of solvable daily office issues. They may also offer recommendations to grow a company, train new staff members, or measure employee performance. In government settings, the Chief of Staff acts as a coordinator of staff for senior government officials. The role has various duties and responsibilities that may change day-to-day.

Chief of Staff skills and qualifications

As a Chief of Staff works closely with senior executives and leadership throughout an organization, they must be confident in their abilities. To be successful, they will have a variety of prerequisite skills and qualifications, including:

  • Excellent written and verbal communications for collaborating with all levels of the organization
  • Leadership skills needed for creating strategies, leading meetings, and planning new opportunities
  • Organization and planning skills crucial for multi-tasking while prioritizing and executing tasks
  • Ability to diffuse conflicts with colleagues
  • Strong problem-solving skills to work with clients, vendors, staff, and other stakeholders independently

Chief of Staff experience requirements

As a Chief of Staff works so closely with the organization’s leaders to improve operations, they should have previous experience. Look for a candidate with prior work experience in an executive role within the same industry. Alternatively, a candidate with prior Chief of Staff experience in a different industry has transferrable skills and can be successful in a new sector. Chief of Staff experience is generally not a requirement if the candidate has sufficient senior leadership experience.

Chief of Staff education and training requirements

Look for candidates with a bachelor’s degree or higher certification in business administration or a related field such as marketing, finance, or economics. The specifics of a candidate’s education requirements depend on your industry and what you deem to be important for the role. For example, if you operate in the software industry, you may want to consider someone with a degree in software engineering. However, someone who has extensive experience in administration and marketing could be a good fit for a sales company. You may prefer to hire candidates with a master’s degree or additional study in a specified field for advanced or technical positions.

Chief of Staff salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for a Chief of Staff in Canada is $95,800 per year. This salary varies depending on the candidate’s experience, the industry the company operates in, and the office’s location.

Job description samples for similar positions

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Chief of Staff job description FAQs

What is the difference between a Chief of Staff and an Executive Assistant?

A Chief of Staff typically reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer. They work closely with the senior management team and collaborate on how to improve the company’s overall operations. They also ensure the CEO is up-to-date with everything going on across the company, and act as a trusted advisor. Furthermore, they work behind the scenes to deal with issues before they escalate, such as mediating disputes, and act as a buffer between various employee levels within the organization.

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