Car Salesperson Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

A Car Salesperson, or Auto Sales Consultant, is an individual who sells cars to the general public. Their main duties include selling, leasing or renting new and used vehicles to clients, agreeing on payment terms, and providing customers with in-depth information on vehicles and associated products.


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Car Salesperson duties and responsibilities

A Car Salesperson has many duties and responsibilities to carry out each day in addition to selling vehicles. Some of the other tasks a Car Salesperson can be responsible for include:

  • Negotiating terms and payment options with clients
  • Verifying credit applications
  • Keeping all sales records stored for inventory processing
  • Accompanying clients on test drives
  • Assessing the value of trade-in vehicles
  • Preparing all sales or lease paperwork and ensuring these will be processed and stored accordingly


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Car Salesperson Job Description Examples:


Example 1

We are looking for a car salesman with some experience within the field of used or new vehicle sales. We have been operating for over 20 years and require someone that is: Personable - It is important to interact with customers and build a rapport with them. Organised- Multiple deals as well as unplanned customers required a level of organisation and self management. Money motivated- It is possible to earn a lot in this job, it all depends on how hard you are willing to work. Targets will be set with varying levels of commission earning potential. Open minded - the industry is diverse, you must be able to adapt and move with it. Time management skills - it is important to keep busy and use the time during the day wisely. Creating time for admin is as important as organising customer bookings etc. Passion - someone that comes across as excited, genuine and interested will sell more cars. We require someone with a passion for cars as well as selling them. Reference ID: Car salesperson Contract length: 12 months Application deadline: 30/06/2021 Job Types: Full-time, Contract Salary: per year Additional pay: * Bonus scheme * Commission pay Benefits: * On-site parking Schedule: * 8 hour shift * Monday to Friday * Weekends COVID-19 considerations: -Hand sanitiser stations - Masks used when required - Regular cleaning of office space Work remotely: * No

What does a Car Salesperson do?

A Car Salesperson sells or leases cars or other motor vehicles to consumers. They provide shoppers with information about the products they sell and their corresponding warranties, costs, and other terms and conditions. Car Salespeople will help the consumer better understand all of the options available, and help them narrow down the search. They will also break down technical information and put it in terms that make sense to the consumer. They will be able to clearly explain automotive terms, contract terms, and the function of all car accessories. They may work on commission, as an independent contractor, or as a full-time employee for a private dealership.


Car Salesperson skills and qualifications

A Car Salesperson needs many interpersonal skills to be good at selling cars to strangers. Some skills and qualifications that a good Car Salesperson candidate will have include:

  • Excellent communication skills, both oral and verbal
  • Good time management and organizational skills
  • Strong product knowledge with skills to properly relay information to clients
  • Excellent ability to read consumers and gauge their product needs
  • Ability to build rapport with clients and maintain a good relationship with them


Car Salesperson experience requirements

A Car Salesperson can learn on-the-job. However, a candidate with previous experience in another sales industry is considered a strong asset. Having automobile sales experience will also be an advantage.


Car Salesperson education and training requirements

A Car Salesperson must usually have a high school diploma. Some car dealerships may require additional courses or training for specific vehicles. In select provinces, there are required certifications to obtain. In Quebec, a Car Salesperson must become a certified Bookseller through Emploi Québec, while in Ontario, candidates must receive a Motor Vehicle Salesperson certification from the Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council. In British Columbia, applicants must also have a Motor Vehicle Salesperson certification from the Vehicle Sales Authority of British Columbia.


Car Salesperson salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average Car Salesperson earns a salary of $65,154 per year. This will vary based on factors like geographical location, level of experience, type of dealership, and performance.


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Car Salesperson job description FAQs


What should you look for in a Car Salesperson resume?

A good candidate will present a resume that includes experience in the automotive industry or a related field in sales. It’s best to look for any necessary certifications, depending on the field your business is in. A good candidate will also list their general skills that can be applied to the position. 


How to make a Car Salesperson job description stand out?

To make your Car Salesperson job description stand out, include detailed information about the position and what is expected or required of the applicant. Candidates should know what type of vehicles the company sells, whether they are standard vehicles, recreational vehicles, or high-end luxury vehicles. To attract more applicants, include a competitive salary and any additional employee benefits offered into the job description, as well.


Are there different responsibilities for a Car Salesperson in different types of dealerships?

Different dealerships will have different requirements. For example, a motorcycle dealership will expect candidates to have expertise in motorcycles. A used motor vehicle dealership may require candidates to have knowledge of a wider range of vehicles like cars, boats, RVs, and more. While many day-to-day tasks remain the same across varying types of the dealership, practical knowledge of the products will vary.


What are the top qualities to look for in a Car Salesperson?

A successful candidate is someone who is passionate about cars. They will be ambitious, outgoing, and eager to learn. Look for candidates who are easy to communicate with, have a pleasant demeanor, act professionally, and are very knowledgeable on the products and services offered.

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