Call Centre Manager Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

A Call Centre Manager, or Call Centre Supervisor, is an individual in charge of managing a team of Call Centre Agents. Their main duties include supervising the actions of Call Centre Agents, providing agents with protocols to apply to their work, and hiring and training new team members.

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Call Centre Manager duties and responsibilities

A Call Centre Manager has many daily duties and responsibilities to perform, no matter the industry they are in. Some of the common duties successful candidates should be able to perform regularly include:

  • Develop customer resolution strategies
  • Hire and train new Call Centre Agents
  • Assist agents with technological issues
  • Conduct market research to better understand their clientele
  • Develop departmental and/or company policies and procedures
  • Provide expertise in client resolution
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What does a Call Centre Manager do?

A Call Centre Manager is responsible for Call Centre Agents and the work they perform. They set the tone for how customer calls should be handled, develop protocols and guidelines for agents to adhere to, assist consumers with issues agents are unable to resolve, and plan and control budgets. A Call Centre Manager directs staff and advises them on how to deal with customer problems. They also help their staff with technical problems and ensure that customer satisfaction remains the top priority for all agents in their department.

Call Centre Manager skills and qualifications

Many skills and qualifications are essential for a good Call Centre Manager candidate. Some that apply to nearly any industry include:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Excellent leadership and team management skills
  • Exceptional conflict resolution skills
  • In-depth knowledge of the company and its services or product offerings
  • Strong negotiation skills
  • Excellent ability to plan and manage budgets
  • Filing and leadership skills, as well as knowledge on the reporting software tools the company uses
  • Excellent ability to work as a team player

Call Centre Manager experience requirements

A Call Centre Manager usually has a minimum of three to five years of experience as a Call Centre Agent. In this managerial position, candidates must be able to handle customer service conflicts that come their way and also be able to manage and lead a team in doing the same. Experience within the same industry is an asset.

Call Centre Manager education and training requirements

A Call Centre Manager usually has a college or university degree or diploma. A degree in Business Administration is generally considered an asset. Some industries may also require specific certifications or licencing to hold a Call Centre Manager position, like an accounting designation or finance licence.

Call Centre Manager salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, a Call Centre Manager in Canada earns an average salary of $61,754 a year. Salaries vary based on factors like geographical location, size and type of industry, and level of experience.

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Call Centre Manager job description FAQs

What is the difference between a Call Centre Manager and a Call Centre Representative?

A Call Centre Manager is responsible for handling customer service but they are also responsible for managing the team of Call Centre Agents, or Representatives. They develop a strategy for Representatives to follow. Call Centre Representatives follow the directives provided by the Call Centre Manager to deal with customer relations. They normally spend most of their time communicating with customers. The Call Centre Manager typically has less direct interaction with customers. They usually only interact with customers when problems have escalated and they need to take over.

What makes a Call Centre Manager job description stand out?

A standout Call Centre Manager job description contains the essential details about the job and any additional information about competitive benefits on offer and the salary. Include information about the type of call centre the Call Centre Manager will be overseeing, the size of their team, and any requirements for knowledge about specific call centre management software. It’s also helpful to include any special qualifications that your Call Centre Manager may need. For example, they may need specific financial qualifications if your business involves customer finances.

What should you look for in a Call Centre Manager candidate?

Excellent candidates for a Call Centre Manager position possess solid interpersonal skills. They will be comfortable when interviewed, show an interest in taking initiative, and have a passion for helping people. Look for candidates who demonstrate a positive attitude and are self-motivated.

Does a Call Centre Manager deal with customers directly?

Call Centre Managers will primarily focus on training staff to deal with customers. However, they may sometimes have to intervene to deal with clients in particularly difficult cases. Though direct customer relations would not be a focal point of the position, candidates should be prepared regardless.

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