Business Systems Analyst Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

A Business Systems Analyst, or an Information Systems Analyst, analyzes and tests computer hardware and software to improve the efficiency and security of a business. Their duties include assessing a company’s growth plans, finding ways to strengthen and expand the organization, security monitoring, and increasing profitability.

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Business Systems Analyst duties and responsibilities

Business Systems Analysts often help with a wide range of tasks, including answering client questions, analyzing network speed and performance, and making sure any upgrades stay within budget. They also ensure interfaces for company software and hardware are streamlined and user-friendly. Duties and responsibilities in a Business Systems Analyst job description may include:

  • Analyzing all aspects of existing practices and policies
  • Ensuring the integrity of data storage and backup systems
  • Monitoring security tools and identifying potential security risks
  • Speaking to department heads about issues that could increase costs or slow work
  • Managing the configuration of operating systems
  • Creating detailed reports about company networks, software, and hardware
  • Tracking the behaviour of users to improve future versions of company software
  • Providing detailed plans for upgrades or expansions of the business when needed
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Business Systems Analyst Job Description Examples:


Example 1

ABOUT US: DFO is on a mission to deliver superior eCommerce software, marketing and products to make the world a better place. To accomplish this DFO needs people that love: Performance marketing Technology eCommerce People and the world DFO is global in operations, culture and language with offices in New York, San Diego, Toronto, Vancouver, Mexico City, Sao Paulo, The Hague, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) and Manila. Overview: An exciting and challenging position exists as a Sr. Business Systems Analyst Netsuite with DFO Global Performance Commerce. The ideal candidate will be the heart and soul of our NetSuite team through a combined skillset of technical, business, and financial capabilities. YOUR Responsibilities: Work in a team environment on NetSuite related projects including new implementations, enhancements, integrations, support and other special projects Meet with business leaders, decision makers and end users to define business requirements and systems goals Perform complex business and systems analysis work, root cause analysis and provide forward thinking, long term technical solutions; conduct requirements gathering/analysis Document and develop business processes flows, requirements and design Create, customize and manage NetSuite fields, workflows, custom objects, custom records, scripts, reports, saved searches, dashboards, etc. Identify test criteria and test new Provide training to end users Assist in the ongoing administration of NetSuite and other finance systems as part of a team effort - create/ modify user roles and permissions, item configuration, workflows, custom fields, custom records, dashboards, advanced templates, multibook entities, searches, reporting changes, related administration duties, etc Assist with preparation of the project status report, project timeline and project budget YOUR Skills: Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, Accounting, or the equivalent 1-2 years of NetSuite experience Strong knowledge of key financial processes such as Quote to Cash, Procure to Pay, Record to Report, etc. Excellent interpersonal, presentation, writing and communication skills Strong analytical and problem solving skills; intellectual curiosity Entrepreneurial nature, self-motivated, ethical and dependable Benefits: Attractive salary and benefits Best hardware Education Allowance Premium Medical Insurance DFO Culture: Exciting and diverse team, all around the world! Value given to ideas and opinions Friendly coworkers! Hosts of the Best Performance Marketing Party in the world Valuers of innovation HOW TO APPLY: Please apply with your cover letter, resume, and your portfolio (if applicable) Apply Now! If you love eCommerce, join our mission!

Example 2

*WHAT WE ARE Looking FOR: * We are looking for an early to mid-career business systems analyst who will take on responsibility for a challenging ERP software upgrade project. Upon starting this position, extensive training will be provided and smaller, less critical projects will be assigned to you, giving you a chance to learn about the organization's technological infrastructure, key processes, and actors. Then you will be put in charge of managing the transition from one version of our ERP system to another. This will include coming up with a progressive transition plan, migrating customizations (which will require some work done in a low-code/no-code C# .Net environment), re-writing process documentation, re-training users and supporting them throughout the transition. This is a great opportunity to take ownership and responsibility of a meaningful and impactful project for the company. Once this project is complete, you will have a great understanding of the company dynamics and the technology used in our everyday operations which will give you the chance to work on various upcoming projects such as: software maintenance and improvement, new software development, process improvement, report and analytical tool building, third party software analysis/implementation, company expansion, etc. You will also be in charge of maintaining and supporting the current ERP system. This position will allow you to get involved and learn about various aspects of the organization's day to day operations, whether that's accounting, software development, change management, etc. We are a medium sized company that values initiative and new ideas, and where every member of the administration plays a key role in the company's success. The work environment is flexible. You will be able to work from home and from the office. *Qualifications Required: * * Bachelor of commerce with a major in business technology management, or equivalent education * Good understanding of relational databases, database querying languages and ERP systems * Strong proficiency with computer software and good understanding of client/server applications * Good understanding of accounting *Preferred Qualifications: * * Some experience with one or more general purpose programming language (python, C#, java, etc.) * Some experience with any variations of SQL *Interpersonal Skills: * * Strong work ethic including the ability to answer emails promptly, arriving to meetings on time and prepared, ability to double check your own work, etc. * We need someone that is self-motivated, curious and has initiative * Honesty and ability to handle feedback, not be afraid of assuming your mistakes and move forward despite setbacks * Willingness to take on challenging * Being able identify root causes and suggest improvements, sometimes thinking outside the box and come up with original solutions * Ability to prioritize, set goals, organize your work, manage your time, and work unsupervised * Ability to communicate clearly * Ability to report progress and discuss challenges with your supervisor * Good interpersonal skills and able to meet and work with new people *ABOUT THE Company: * Red Deer Ironworks is a leading provider of high-quality oilfield products and services. It is based in Canada and operates across North America. You’ll be joining a small but growing team of IT professionals and will have plenty of opportunities to develop your skills and gain valuable experience. Job Types: Full-time, Permanent Salary: per year Benefits: * Dental care * Extended health care * Vision care Schedule: * Day shift * Monday to Friday Work remotely: * Yes

What does a Business Systems Analyst do?

A Business Systems Analyst supervises the computer networks and programs that a company uses. Business Systems Analysts also analyze current data to create new suggestions and budgets for the business, and create plans for software development. They make sure employees follow security policies and advise executives when they need to change rules and regulations relating to computer security. 

Business Systems Analysts also recommend upgrades and new installations that will make employees and processes more productive. They suggest ways to align a company’s technology with its business strategies and goals. Business Systems Analysts often meet with executives to learn more about their overall plans and suggest solutions to problems.

Business Systems Analyst skills and qualifications

Successful Business Systems Analysts have a combination of social and technical skill. They can discover errors in programming code, provide ways to improve software and hardware, and speak with many employees and clients. Top skills and qualifications for Business Systems Analysts include:

  • Exceptional written and verbal communication
  • Ability to forecast useful features and help the company implement a software or hardware upgrade to add them
  • Extensive understanding of programming languages and operating systems like C++,  Java, Linux, HTML, Oracle, Pascal, and Delphi
  • Ability to work under pressure in a fast-paced environment
  • Industry knowledge

Business Systems Analyst experience requirements

Most Business Systems Analyst candidates should have three to five years of experience in the same position. However, you may accept candidates with computer programming experience that haven’t worked as Business Systems Analysts before if they have systems analysis experience as well.

Business Systems Analyst education and training requirements

Look for Business Systems Analyst candidates with a bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer systems engineering, software engineering, business administration, systems development, or a related field. Entry-level positions will require some on-the-job training, as new hires need to become familiar with your company’s exact software and processes.

Business Systems Analyst salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for a Business Systems Analyst in Canada is $67,746 per year. Individual pay levels depend on education levels, experience, the company, and the location.

Job description samples for similar positions

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Business Systems Analyst job description FAQs

Who does a Business Systems Analyst report to?

Business Systems Analysts usually report to the Vice President or the Chief Operations Officer. In smaller organizations, they can report to the Owner or President. Many Business Systems Analysts create technical documents about updates and network performance for executives, and they work with people at all levels of businesses.

How is a Business Systems Analyst different from a Business Analyst?

A Business Systems Analyst focuses on the computer hardware and software, and the other systems needed to help a company run smoothly. A Business Analyst looks at the entire company, and its policies and procedures with a less specific focus on its computer systems.

What is a typical day like for a Business Systems Analyst?

Business Systems Analysts spend most of their time reviewing and analyzing company data. They occasionally attend meetings and go on trips to attend industry conferences or speak with executives. Some Business Systems Analysts work for one employer, and others work at consulting firms or as independent contractors for multiple clients.

What makes a good Business Systems Analyst job description?

An effective, appealing Business Systems Analyst job description includes an overview of the company and the industry in which it operates. It also mentions the hardware, software, and programming languages used regularly. It lets candidates know where the job is located, the hours, and whether they will work alone or with a team of other Business Systems Analysts.

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