Building Maintenance Technician Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

A Building Maintenance Technician, or a Maintenance Manager, is responsible for providing general maintenance to any building. Their main duties involve responding to maintenance requests, performing general regular maintenance duties, and attending to virtually all parts of the building in question, including the flooring, ceiling, walls, and systems like HVAC, plumbing, and electrical wiring. 


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Building Maintenance Technician duties and responsibilities

Building Maintenance Technicians handle many duties to keep a building in working order and safe for employees. Some of their most important duties and responsibilities include:

  • Responding to various maintenance requests
  • Performing maintenance on amenities like pools and general landscaping
  • Scheduling deliveries from suppliers and keeping an inventory of maintenance tools and supplies
  • Making recommendations and requests for new maintenance products and equipment as necessary
  • Training new maintenance staff when necessary


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Building Maintenance Technician Job Description Examples:


Example 1

Job description Post Secondary School Diploma in Trades &/or related fields. Minimum three ([phone number]) years working experience in various building trades/property management. Experience in performing minor plumbing, electrical, carpentry & home renovation. Ability to identify maintenance needs of all agency properties. Working knowledge of Ontario Building Codes Ability to operate care" software Ability to work independently Ability to maintain confidentiality Ability to multi-task, problem solve, prioritize and meet required time lines Good written and verbal communication skills Must have satisfactory medical examination and ability to lift over fifty ([phone number]) pounds. Must be fully vaccinated against Covid [phone number]Must have a Vulnerable Sector Check Must have a vaild Ontario Drivers' license (G[phone number]or higher). Travel is mandatory between facilities and Head office Must provide a Drivers' Abstract Application deadline: [phone number][phone number][phone number]Job Types: Full-time, Permanent Salary: From $[phone number][phone number]per hour COVID-[phone Sudbury Developmental Services follows all provincial guidelines as set out by Public Health Ontario: ie: Masks, social distancing, etc. Expected start date: [phone number][phone number][phone number]Job Types: Full-time, Permanent Salary: $[phone number][phone number]per hour Benefits: * Company pension * Dental care * Employee assistance program * Extended health care * Vision care Schedule: * Day shift * Monday to Friday COVID-[phone SDS follows all provincial guidelines as set out by Public Health Ontario: ie: masks, social distancing, all applicants must be fully vaccinated. Application question(s): * All applicants must be fully vaccinated. Experience: * maintenance: [phone number]years (preferred) Work remotely: * No

What does a Building Maintenance Technician do?

Building Maintenance Technicians perform maintenance tasks to ensure a building is in good condition and compliant with all applicable regulations. They perform routine checks on numerous systems, and they respond to maintenance requests regarding specific problems with all aspects of a building. These technicians may also work at keeping building amenities functioning properly and handle landscaping tasks and snow cleanup. Additionally, they work with suppliers and inspectors as needed.


Building Maintenance Technician skills and qualifications

Building Maintenance Technicians need to have a wide variety of skills to address all aspects of a building’s condition and compliance. Some important skills and qualifications include:

  • General construction skills
  • Carpentry, plumbing, roofing, masonry, painting, and landscaping skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Organizational skills and record-keeping skills
  • Written and oral communication
  • Ability to work in various temperatures


Building Maintenance Technician experience requirements

For the most part, Building Maintenance Technicians gain experience from working on the job. Unless it’s an entry-level trainee position, however, required experience can range anywhere between one to five years of working as a Building Maintenance Technician or in a related position. For supervisory or managerial roles, Building Maintenance Technicians will generally need to have experience with supervision and inventory software for record-keeping as well.


Building Maintenance Technician education and training requirements

Building Maintenance Technicians don’t need any kind of college degree, but they may have gone to a trade school to learn construction skills. That isn’t necessary, however, as they could have acquired the necessary skills through an apprenticeship or on-the-job training. The only universal requirement tends to be a high school diploma, though some positions may prefer an associate degree that specializes in a building maintenance specialty like HVAC, drywall, or electrical wiring. Alternatively, a Building Maintenance Technician could earn a certification from a professional organization for specialized tasks.


Building Maintenance Technician salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for a Building Maintenance Technician in Canada is $20.78 per hour. Keep in mind this can vary depending on the candidate’s level of experience, the location of the job, and the specific company.


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Building Maintenance Technician job description FAQs


What qualities make a good Building Maintenance Technician?

When you’re looking for a Building Maintenance Technician, there are several factors to keep an eye out for. They need to be adept in the variety of work that goes along with the job, whether it’s fixing flooring, wiring, plumbing, or anything else. They also need to demonstrate a solid work ethic. It may be helpful to look out for employment breaks in resumes. An applicant who has been consistently employed tends to have the necessary work ethic to get the job done right.


What kind of buildings have Building Maintenance Technicians?

Any kind of commercial building can have Building Maintenance Technicians, along with apartment complexes, non-profit institutions, and any building that isn’t a private residential home. Government buildings will require Building Maintenance Technicians as well. In particularly rural communities, a Building Maintenance Technician may simultaneously work for several companies to ensure a full work week. Depending on your needs, a Building Maintenance Technician may work full-time, part-time, or for a contract period.


What are the day-to-day duties of a Building Maintenance Technician?

A full-time Building Maintenance Technician is responsible for quite a bit every day, and it’s not always the same. Some days, the building may be in generally good shape, while on other days, a single Technician may be dealing with extensive water damage or an electrical issue. Days after bad storms tend to be particularly busy, but the average day can be quite random. You’ll need an applicant who can adapt to differing circumstances and be able to adapt their workflow processes for both short and long, busy days.

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