Barista Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

A Barista, or a Coffee Barista, works at a coffee shop, cafe, hotel, or special event to increase sales and attract customers by offering a variety of quality coffee drinks. Their duties include taking orders from customers, preparing and serving drinks and food, and helping ensure that visitors have a fun, relaxing experience.


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What does a Barista do?

Baristas make coffee and other drinks, help keep the establishment clean, keep track of inventory and order supplies as needed, and have conversations with customers. They get to know regular visitors and their orders, and offer suggestions when people aren’t sure what to order. Baristas also restock supplies, serve customers quickly, and help the business run smoothly. They operate coffee makers, cash registers, and other machinery, and many create new coffee drinks. Baristas can work full-time or part-time, and they sometimes hire or train new employees.


Barista duties and responsibilities

Baristas encourage guests to spend more time at establishments and make additional purchases. They resolve conflicts with customers, and wash dishes and coffee-making equipment like espresso machines. Baristas serve people in-person and prepare to-go orders. Duties and responsibilities in a Barista job description may include:

  • Packing to-go orders
  • Printing or writing bills for customers
  • Collecting cash or credit card payments
  • Disposing of expired ingredients
  • Ensuring compliance with provincial or territorial food safety regulations
  • Preparing soup, sandwiches, pastries, and similar items
  • Troubleshooting any problems with equipment and scheduling repairs when needed


Barista skills and qualifications

Successful Baristas usually have friendly personalities and the ability to get along well with many different types of people. They can be professional while encouraging customers to get to know each other and have fun. Baristas often stand for long periods of time and do physical work like cleaning floors and moving boxes. Some establishments require uniforms or specific dress codes for Baristas. Some top skills and qualifications for Baristas include:

  • Outstanding customer service skills
  • Good written and verbal communication
  • An understanding of basic math
  • Food safety and preparation skills, and knowledge of how viruses and bacteria can spread
  • The ability to create new coffee drinks 
  • Familiarity with local food safety regulations


Barista experience requirements

Most Barista jobs don’t require any experience, but candidates must be familiar with basic tasks like washing dishes and cleaning tables. Barista positions usually prefer people with some experience as a Server, Host or Hostess, Cashier, or Restaurant Crew Member.


Barista education and training requirements

Most Barista jobs require at least some secondary school along with on-the-job training. Some positions require food safety certification as well. Many university or secondary school students work as Baristas while getting the training needed for other occupations, but others work in this position as it’s their ideal role.


Barista salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for a Barista is $14.72 per hour. Individual pay levels vary depending on experience, education and skill levels, the company, and the location.


Job description samples for similar positions

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Barista job description FAQs


What is a Barista All Rounder?

A Barista All Rounder works as a Barista most of the time, and they take care of other tasks as needed. Instead of staying at the bar, they may serve coffee to people at tables, prepare meals, take out the trash, and more. However, many Baristas occasionally do the same types of tasks as Barista All Rounders.


How is a Barista different from a Bartender?

Baristas mostly serve coffee, and they may also create smoothies, tea blends, or juice beverages. Bartenders do many of the same tasks, but they focus on making cocktails and serving beer and wine instead of making coffee. People in both positions sometimes need food safety certifications, and Bartenders must also be familiar with local liquor laws. Baristas are usually busiest in the morning, and normally Bartenders work during the evening.


Who does a Barista report to and work with?

A Barista reports to an owner, Manager, Assistant Manager, or Shift Supervisor. Baristas may spend some of their time working without direct supervision, and they often work with Servers, Cooks, Hosts or Hostesses, and other employees.


What makes a good Barista job description?

To write an outstanding Barista job description, include an overview of your business and its history, culture, and values. Also, mention what a typical day will be like, the location, and the experience and skills required. Keep the description concise, and let people know about benefits that come with the position, like discounts on food and drinks. A good Barista job description will make the hiring process quicker and more efficient.

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