Baker Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

 A Baker is a professional who prepares baked goods, such as pastries, pies, cookies, breads, and cakes, in bakeries and restaurants. A Baker’s key duties include preparing dough, mixing batters, creating new recipes or closely following existing ones, receiving special orders from customers, adhering to all food quality and workplace safety protocols, and ensuring timely completion of baked products.


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What does a Baker do?

A Baker mixes and bakes ingredients according to a recipe to make baked goods, which may include desserts like pies and cupcakes, and bread items such as croissants, muffins, and rolls. They observe their creation as it bakes to ensure the product is cooking as it should, watching out for the baked item’s colour and formation in the oven. They also pay special attention to an oven’s settings to make sure they are baking their product under the correct temperature. Bakers measure recipe ingredients and combine them as instructed to ensure a quality end product. They may also work as an independent Baker, crafting and catering their creations for customers and clients. 


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Baker Job Description Examples:


Example 1

Company Description Company Description We've been serving Canadian clients for over 75 years. The companies that began independently and now form Dexterra Group have an outstanding record of supporting the infrastructure and built assets that play a vital role in our society. We bring the right teams with the right skills together – offering both experience and regional expertise so companies can operate their day-to-day, confidently and successfully. *6,000+ **Employees* *50 million+ **Square feet managed and maintained* *12,000+ **Beds under management* *OUR Vision Guides Everything WE DO* We’re here to help our clients achieve higher performance and productivity, and to play a vital role in our communities and economies. Powered by passionate people, we deliver quality solutions to create, manage and operate infrastructure. *THE Values WE STAND BY* We don't just walk by. We own our successes and setbacks. If we see something wrong, we act to resolve it. If we see something right, we celebrate it. *Diversity* Everyone has a voice. Sharing is how we learn. It's how we make progress and move forward as a team. *Trust* Our actions speak louder than our words. Trust is earned through clarity, compassion and competence. It is our commitment to our clients, our colleagues and our communities. *Partnership* Service is what we sell. By asking for, listening to and acting on client feedback, we create long-term, successful partnerships. *OUR WORLD-CLASS Brands* *Dexterra *facilities management and operations provides an integrated approach to its services, improving the overall efficiency and customer satisfaction of new or existing facilities, while reducing their total cost of ownership. *Horizon North *has been helping resource and construction companies operate across Canada for decades, providing a full range of turnkey workforce accommodations and energy services. *Outland *has been operating forestry solutions for over 35 years, Outland also proudly supports economic opportunities for Indigenous youth through their Outland Youth Employment Program. *NRB Modular Solutions* is in the business of building smarter. As the largest modular solutions business in Canada, NRB’s award-winning building solutions help to enhance speed, cost certainty, quality, safety and sustainability. *THE Project* This position is for the Côté Project, in Gogama, ON. We are working hard to transform the camp experience and create a warm, welcoming environment and a steakhouse vibe in the dining facility. The camp is expected to grow to over [phone number]beds during peak construction. We are looking for energetic, reliable, trustworthy, and passionate individuals to join our team and make our project successful. Job Description The Baker works with the Sous Chef to produce all baked goods on property. The Baker works overnight and will produce quality desserts, pastries, breads, and snacks * Key * * Following 6-week bakery menu developed by the Lead Baker and Sous Chef * Production of bread, pizza dough, breakfast pastries, pies, cakes, muffins, cookies, and other offerings. * Required to produce 3 freshly baked cookies; 3 freshly baked tarts or bars, 3 freshly baked breakfast pastries, 3 freshly baked healthy choices, 2 dinner desserts, and 2 pudding choices on a nightly basis. * Completing production logs on a daily basis Qualifications* Qualifications: * * 5 years of experience working in kitchens * 2 – 3 years as a Baker or Bakers Assistant * Experience working in remote camps considered an asset * Red Seal designation considered an asset Additional Information Please fill out the following application in full to be considered for a position. You will be prompted to upload your resume so please have it ready when you apply. We thank all applicants in advance for applying however due to the high volume of interest in working with Outland Camps only those being considered for employment will be contacted. Location: Highway 17, Greater Sudbury, ON Job Type: Full-time

Baker duties and responsibilities

A Baker handles many responsibilities with the goal of meeting customer expectations. Because of the nature of their work and the precision they need to create most of their recipes, Bakers must be able to manage their time well and remain observant in their workspace. Some general duties and responsibilities of a Baker include: 

  • Crafting and preparing new baked goods
  • Ensuring every product meets the expectations of the customer and reflects well on the standards of the establishment 
  • Ensuring the workstation is restocked and cleaned as needed
  • Keeping records of the bakery inventory, production levels, and deliveries
  • Inspecting each baked product to ensure it meets quality requirements 
  • Displaying and decorating the finished products to make them client-ready
  • Making product improvement recommendations, responding to the needs of the customers, and accepting orders


Baker skills and qualification

Given the high demands in the bakery industry, a Baker should be genuine, persistent, independent, passionate, and practical so they can perform their duties. Additionally, a successful Baker must have the skills and qualifications to enable them to perform their mandated duties effectively, including:

  • Ability to create new baked goods and pastries
  • Ability to work under strict deadlines and meet client expectations
  • Knowledge of general baking principles and understanding of a wide variety of recipes
  • Excellent knowledge of safety, health rules, and quality controls 
  • Excellent understanding of imperial systems and metrics of measurements
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills to assist in the day-to-day operations within the bakery


Baker experience requirements

A Baker can be self-taught or receive on-the-job training that will help them develop their skills and increase their knowledge about baking. A Baker may be expected to have a certain number of years of experience before getting hired for an entry-level Baker role, but this can vary. 


Baker education and training requirements

Some Bakers earn a post-secondary degree or diploma before working as a Baker, but this is not always a prerequisite. In school, many aspiring Bakers take courses in nutrition, food safety, and mathematics. It would be beneficial for an applicant to engage in on-the-job training or apprenticeship programs to attain skills specific to the bakery they are working for.


Baker salary expectations

According to indeed Salaries, the average salary for a Baker is $15.63 per hour. This amount varies depending on factors including the employee’s experience, geographical area, or company pay rates.


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Baker job description FAQs


What qualities make a good Baker?

Bakers should be creative, have a willingness to learn, showcase their level of passion for the industry, possess related skills and leadership ability, and be able to work both independently and with a team. 


What is the work schedule for a Baker?

Given their work, a Baker usually works on a full-time basis. However, a Baker may be required to work overtime in case the work demand increases. Their schedule can differ greatly depending on where they work. For example, a restaurant or grocery store that sells perishable baked goods during the day will have shifts in late evenings, early mornings, or during holidays.


What is the difference between a Cook and a Baker?

The main differences between a Cook and a Baker is in the ingredients they use, their individual cooking methods, and the end result. While both may follow a recipe, a Baker produces baked goods while a Cook creates meals that usually follow a more savory flavor profile that may include meats, vegetables, and grains. A Baker usually needs to follow the recipe exactly as written to produce the desired end results, but a Cook can usually take more liberties to adjust a recipe. 

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