Administrative Manager Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

 An Administrative Manager, or Office Manager, is responsible for ensuring the day-to-day operations of a business for it to run smoothly. The main responsibilities of an Administrative Manager include supervising teams of office Administrative Assistants, developing and improving administrative processes, and ensuring the adequate flow of information throughout an organization.


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Administrative Manager duties and responsibilities

When writing a job description for an Administrative Manager, it’s important to specify duties and responsibilities required to excel in the role, including: 

  • Interviewing, hiring and training new administrative staff members
  • Keeping and appropriately filing administrative financial records 
  • Organizing and controlling the operations of a department by providing administrative services
  • Implementing relevant internal policies and procedures
  • Preparing operations briefs for management 
  • Maintaining sufficient inventory of supplies 
  • Managing and negotiating vendor contracts 
  • Ensuring that all electronic data and files are properly safeguarded 


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Administrative Manager Job Description Examples:


Example 1

Clinic Administrative Manager for Gentle Procedures Clinic and reVIBE MD - Job Description Gentle Procedures Clinic and reVIBE MD specializes in various Mens Health medical-surgical and medical aesthetics procedures. As the Clinic Administrative Manager, you will be part of a dynamic team of healthcare professionals who will be helping to support the patient experience from first contact with the clinic to post-treatment care as well as ensuring the efficient operations of a busy medical practice. The position reports directly to the Medical Director and Founder of the practice, Dr. Mulla and helps to oversee all Clinic Programs. Responsibilities will include:
  • Greet and request required information from patients
  • Maintain patient relationships, including responding to inquiries and following up on requests
  • Go over pre-treatment and post-treatment care with patients
  • Monitoring patient progress and compiling reports for the lead physician
  • Answering email and phone inquiries
  • Management of schedules and booking appointments
  • Coordination of meetings
  • Financial reporting and monitoring
  • Payroll administration
  • Filing of patient and administrative records
  • Working with key vendors, suppliers and stakeholders
  • Other administrative support duties as assigned Qualifications and Competencies – Required:
  • Experience in a medical clinic management role is preferred
  • Outstanding customer relationship management skills
  • Effective telephone skills and predicated on strong polite communications skills
  • Demonstrated ability to work under pressure, to multi-task, and to work as part of a team and also independentlywith minimal direction
  • Experience in financial management responsibilities and reporting
  • Ability to schedule patient appointments
  • Ability to keyboard 45+ words per minute
  • Ability to organize work in a neat and orderly manner
  • Ability to take initiative, anticipate potential problems/conflicts and take appropriate action
  • Ability to satisfactory and professional work relationships with staff
  • Demonstrated proficiency in accessing information from EMRs or account management software
  • Demonstrated experience in using computer applications, MS Office Suite and presentation software
  • Capable of coordinating efforts and collaboration with a variety of stakeholder groups
  • Ability to establish priorities and manage multiple activities to meet clinic and program deadlines
  • Ability to complete assignments with attention to detail and high degree of accuracy
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to maintain the strictest standards of patient privacy and confidentiality Compensation and Benefits:
  • Compensation will be based on administrative experience, skills and will be consistent with higher levels of Medical Clinic managerial positions
  • Health and Dental Benefits Job Types: Full-time, Permanent Benefits: * Extended health care * On-site parking Schedule: * 8 hour shift * Monday to Friday Work remotely: * No
  • Example 2

    *Organization Description * Philip Beesley Studio Inc. Philip Beesley Studio Inc. (PBSI, [website]) is a studio with evolving creative projects that cross experimental architecture, visual art, and couture. The studio includes both academic research and commercial projects. The studio leads the Living Architecture Systems Group, (LASG) an organization devoted to developing next-generation interactive environments. The small academic publishing group Riverside Architectural Press (RAP) is also housed within the studio. The studio manages the LASG and RAP in association with the University of Waterloo. *Job Description* Position: Research, Development and Administrative Manager, Philip Beesley Studio Inc. Start date: Immediate [negotiable] Place of Employment: 11 Dublin Street Unit 4 Conditions: full time (40 hours a week) Compensation: $50-60,000 per year with capacity for growth PBSI is seeking a full-time Research, Development and Administrative Manager to lead development, research, agreements, daily operations and administration for a small creative interdisciplinary studio located in the vibrant Junction/High Park district of Toronto. You would work closely with artist and professor Philip Beesley. The position will act as a key part of the executive group leading the studio. The position could especially interest a sociable, organized, energetic individual interested in research and creation of experimental visual art, architecture and design. *About Us* PBSI is a studio with evolving creative projects that cross experimental architecture, academic research, exhibitions and publications. Innovative exhibitions, installations, media art and artifacts are frequently developed in collaborations including sculpture, couture, visual media and sound. The studio often works in international locations. Hybrid disciplines include engineered interactive systems, mechatronics, industrial design using advanced digital fabrication, and time-based media arts. PBSI is closely associated with School of Architecture at the University of Waterloo and with Philip Beesley's research and teaching. The studio leads the Living Architecture Systems Group, (LASG) an organization devoted to developing next-generation interactive environments. The small academic publishing group Riverside Architectural Press (RAP) is also housed within the studio. The studio manages the LASG and RAP on behalf of the University. The Living Architecture Systems Group (LASG) brings together pioneering researchers and industry partners from centres across the world in a interdisciplinary research cluster dedicated to the emerging field of responsive architecture including technical systems that include lightweight scaffolds, distributed electronic controls, and complex behavioural software. [website] Riverside Architectural Press (RAP) undertakes small-press publications devoted to contemporary design. Print and digital forms are supported. [website] *Responsibilities* Development * Develop research and development grant applications and funding * Develop leads and proposals * Negotiate contracts and agreements * Develop art, exhibition and commercial markets, follow up on new business opportunities Coordination * Coordinate meetings with LASG partners and students * Assist in the organization of occasional research events including workshops and lectures Communications * Act as a main contact for external communications * Coordinate assistant staff responsible for publications, communications and promotion of PBSI and LASG projects * Maintain Riverside Architectural Press, anticipating future integration with Waterloo Architecture Administration * Provide executive assistance to Philip Beesley * Prepare and negotiate project and employment contracts * Arrange travel, shipping and logistics for projects * Manage digital files, tracking documents and networks *Requirements* Qualifications * Interest in the interdisciplinary work of the studio * Strong management and organization skills * Excellent verbal and written communication, diplomacy and interpersonal skills * Experience working with academic, non-profit and professional communities * Understanding of IT and networks is an asset Experience * Degree in a field of study related to LASG/PBAI projects KEY Qualities * Flexible, able to take on widely varying responsibilities * High-spirited, self-motivated, and self-governed individual * Patient, highly cooperative and communicative in diverse groups Additional Info The position offers opportunity for growth and exploration. When pandemic conditions improve, there will likely be opportunities for funded international travel as part of the position. Participation in installation work would be optional. If onsite installations require overtime, supplementary pay would be provided. How to Apply: Applications will be accepted until the position is filled. Please submit a cover letter and resume addressed to Philip Beesley. Your cover letter should demonstrate some knowledge of what we do, documented at [website] and [website] Candidates invited for interview may be invited to share samples of writing and past work, demonstrating related experience. Application deadline: 2022-01-24 Job Types: Full-time, Permanent Salary: per year Schedule: * 8 hour shift * Monday to Friday COVID-19 considerations: PBSI follows all government recommendations and regulations regarding COVID-19 safety precautions. Work remotely: * No

    What does an Administrative Manager do?

    An Administrative Manager oversees the daily administrative operations within a company. Generally, an Administrative Manager will manage the hiring, training and well-being of a team of Administrative Clerks. Additionally, the Administrative Manager makes sure that essential supplies are replaced and ordered when necessary. Often, an Administrative Manager will work with the maintenance staff of a building to make sure everything is running smoothly and maintained. This also includes ensuring the office health and safety standards are kept up-to-date. Some Administrative Managers are responsible for preparing reports and briefs regarding administrative procedures for management meetings. 


    Administrative Manager skills and qualifications

    A successful Administrative Manager will have various prerequisite skills and qualifications required for the duties of this job, including: 

    • Ability to work in fast-paced environments
    • Ability to manage project details and project management skills
    • Excellent conflict management resolution and problem-solving skills
    • Ability to prioritize tasks 
    • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, both verbal and written
    • Excellent relationship management skills and emotional intelligence
    • Ability to work collaboratively and effectively with team members at all levels
    • Knowledge of basic computer software programs


    Administrative Manager experience requirements

    Many positions require Administrative Managers to have previous experience to be considered for the position. In most cases, two to three years in a similar position is considered sufficient. An Administrative Manager should have prior experience working as an Administrative Clerk, Executive Assistant, or Administrative Assistant. While previous management experience is typically preferred for this position, it is not always necessary.


    Administrative Manager training and education requirements 

    Most positions will require a job applicant with a bachelor’s degree in business administration or a related discipline. A four-year college degree in a related field may also be considered for this position. Some Administrative Managers will also possess additional certification for working in specific industries such as the Chartered Securities and Administrators (ACIS), Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Securities and Administrators (FCIS) or a Professional Administrator designation. Additionally, some Administrative Managers may be required to have a Canadian Health Information Management Association certification when working in healthcare. 


    Administrative Manager salary expectations 

    According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for an Administrative Manager is $32.82 per hour. This can vary depending on experience, location, or the company that is hiring.


    Job description samples for similar positions 

    If an Administrative Manager is not what you are looking for, other related job descriptions include: 


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    Administrative Manager job description FAQs


    What is the difference between an Administrative Assistant and an Administrative Manager?

    In most organizations, an Administrative Assistant will report to an Administrative Manager. The Administrative Manager is responsible for creating administrative procedures and would then handle the implementation of said procedures. An Administrative Manager will also hire and train Administrative Assistants within an organization. By contrast, an Administrative Assistant will be responsible for day-to-day administrative activities such as answering phones, taking notes, or scheduling appointments. 


    Do Administrative Managers have different responsibilities in different industries?

    Typically the main responsibilities of an Administrative Manager remain the same in different industries. There are some cases where these could change, such as the responsibilities being required from those in the healthcare industry or public sector. When Administrative Manager duties differ from regular requirements, additional training may be required.


    What should you look for in an Administrative Manager resume?

    A good Administrative Manager resume will have some kind of management experience. Management experience could come from volunteer experience, such as coaching a sports team or managing a volunteer program. Successful Administrative Manager candidates also have experience working with basic computer programs and may posses training certifications. It may help to look for an Administrative Manager with experience in a similar industry. 


    How can you make your Administrative Manager job description stand out?

    The best way to make an Administrative Manager job description stand out is to include the expected salary. A job description could also include how many staff members the applicant will be responsible for and what their day-to-day activities would be.  

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