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"Indeed is the best source we have worked with in terms of a steady inflow of candidates."

Chris Sullivan, HR Director Paragon Security
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Finding and hiring top talent is the goal of every company, yet the path to making that hire can be frustrating and time-consuming in today’s competitive labour market. Canadian security organization Paragon Security knows the difficulty of hiring not just one, but a large number of employees as turnover is frequent in the security industry.  

Paragon has been in business since 1976 and has around 3,500 employees. The firm is Canada’s largest family-owned security company and is dedicated to providing high-end security services for condos, commercial offices, shopping malls, hospitals, and universities. The company is unique in that it has its own training program which licenses employees to become security guards, allowing the company to hire from a larger candidate and more diverse candidate pool. While the company also offers competitive pay, it just wasn’t attracting enough job candidates to fill its vacancies.

Before Indeed Sponsored Jobs

Paragon Security has traditionally recruited by doing what many other companies do to attract job seekers, such as using ATS vendors, driving traffic through Google, and using social media, word-of-mouth marketing, and employee referrals to acquire new hires.

In addition to these methods, Paragon Security posted jobs directly on Indeed and would occasionally sponsor certain hard-to-fill roles. But as time went on, these tactics were not adequately working anymore, and Paragon needed to find a new way to attract large numbers of quality employees.

"The switch to Indeed Sponsored Jobs gave the company an 'excellent volume of candidates'."

Chris Sullivan, HR Director
Paragon Security

Using Sponsored Jobs

Paragon Security solved their hiring problem by expanding their use of Sponsored Jobs. Specifically, they were able to attract a larger pool of candidates by increasing their budget by more than 100% between August 2016 and August 2017 and then again by almost 90% between September 2016 and September 2017.

That’s an investment, of course—but it paid off. Since Paragon needs a consistent flow of candidates, increasing their monthly budget for Sponsored Jobs was a proactive measure, and they saw results almost immediately after making the change. Typically, sponsored jobs get up to 5x more clicks than non-sponsored jobs. But in Paragon Security’s case, sponsoring jobs increased the company’s job posting clicks by as much as 976%.

The Benefits of Sponsoring Jobs

More clicks aren’t the only benefit to sponsored jobs. Sponsored jobs are prominent in search results and appear more often in search results, increasing traffic and the number of applicants.

Chris Sullivan, Paragon Security’s HR Director says the switch to Indeed Sponsored Jobs gave the company an “excellent volume of candidates”, and commented that Indeed is the “best source we have worked with in terms of a steady inflow of candidates.” He also praised Indeed for the speed of the recruiting process and the real-time control of posting and modifying ads.

Other Indeed Benefits

Indeed offers a variety of free tools like a resume database, Applicant Tracking System, and Indeed Company Pages. Many companies, like Paragon Security, utilize tools like Company Pages to showcase jobs, upload photos, add company information and respond to employee reviews.