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Rich Carrington, Recruitment Manager at Maria Mallaband Care Group Maria Mallaband Care Group
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Maria Mallaband Care Group uses Indeed IQ™ to reduce cost-per-application by 52%.

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About Maria Mallaband Care Group:

Maria Mallaband is one of the UK’s largest independent care providers, employing thousands of staff in over 80 homes for the elderly and mentally impaired across the country. The organization is made up of employees who are passionate about care and  put the happiness and well-being of residents at the heart of everything they do.

The challenge:

Maria Mallaband Care Group needed to maximize the performance of its recruitment advertising spend for their hard-to-fill roles in harder-to-recruit-for locations; particularly care, care assistant, nursing, and senior care managerial positions. As a result, they needed to increase the number of job applications and reduce wasted spend.

Why Indeed IQ?

Indeed IQ’s programmatic job advertising platform was able to automatically take jobs directly from Maria Mallaband Care Group’s HR system and set up campaigns according to client goals. The platform managed, tracked, and optimized the performance of jobs in real time, focusing spend where it was needed most—on the harder-to-fill roles in more challenging locations.

Harnessing Indeed IQ also enabled Maria Mallaband Care Group to reach both active and passive job seekers across Indeed, Glassdoor, and a trusted media network. Due to some regions and locations being much harder to recruit for than others, the platform automatically shifted spend from the easier locations to those that were harder to recruit for.

"It’s early days for us but performance has been significantly increased. I highly recommend using a product like Indeed IQ."

Rich Carrington, Recruitment Manager at Maria Mallaband Care Group
Maria Mallaband Care Group

The results:

By using Indeed IQ to focus spend where it was needed most, Maria Mallaband Care Group saw a dramatic improvement in its recruitment advertising performance:

Overall, the care provider successfully increased the number of applications by 79% for roles in harder-to-recruit-for locations, while reducing its average cost per application by 52%—all in a matter of weeks.

By automating the entire recruitment advertising process at a job level, we were able to save our client significant time.

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