"Indeed was an ideal solution for search marketing."

Michael Verghios, Digital Marketing Director, Nimbull Digital Marketing HealthcareLink
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Australia’s leading healthcare and medical job board provides cost-effective and productive sourcing solutions for healthcare employers.

As the country’s only job board exclusively dedicated to medical & healthcare staffing, HealthcareLink focuses on finding the best candidates to meet the healthcare industry’s unique needs. To better meet those needs and take advantage of pay per click advertising, HealthcareLink began working with Nimbull, a digital marketing agency, to drive more traffic to a number of hard-to-fill jobs.

"The Indeed team in Australia is very responsive and because they're local, they have a great sense of the market."

Michael Verghios, Digital Marketing Director, Nimbull Digital Marketing

Quality candidates at the lowest cost per acquisition

“The biggest challenge is getting in front of candidates at the right time,” said Michael Verghios, Digital Marketing Director at Nimbull. In working with clients like HealthcareLink, his firm creates programs that combine paid, earned and owned media to overcome this challenge. As Nimbull assessed media performance, it became clear that sponsoring jobs on Indeed offered a valuable opportunity to drive high-quality candidate traffic to HealthcareLink. This aligned perfectly with HealthcareLink’s overall mission to supply quality healthcare candidates at lower cost.

“HealthcareLink is dedicated to healthcare in Australia and we wanted to deliver quality candidates for them at the lowest cost per acquisition,” Verghios explained. “Indeed was an ideal solution for search marketing. From the Indeed team, we got a great flow of data and we were able to share information to achieve great results for the client.”

The strongest performing channel

In a four-month period, HealthcareLink’s cost per application decreased from $25 to $12-$13 by using Indeed. “Indeed is the strongest performing channel on both conversion volume as well as effectiveness on CPA,” Verghios said. “The greatest strength of Indeed is that it’s just a really good product. The platform is very transparent and easy to use. You don’t have to spend that much time pulling on a lot of levers. With the help of the Client Services team, we are able to set it up to give us the results we needed.”

Indeed was able to address the unique needs of the healthcare market as well. “Legislative changes and other factors cause this industry to experience a lot of fluctuation,” Verghios said. “And in terms of geography, it’s difficult for us to place people in rural towns, especially in Western Australia or the Northern Territory. With Indeed, we’ve found placements for those positions in those locations that were typically very hard to fill.”

For Nimbull and HealthcareLink, Indeed’s team in Australia has made all the difference. “The Indeed team in Australia is very responsive and because they’re local, they have a great sense of the market. That differentiates Indeed from other sources that don’t have Aussie teams that are as accessible,” Verghios explained.

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