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Enterprise Rent-A-Car sees a 44% reduction in cost-per-application when using Indeed IQ™ to automate its job advertising campaigns. 

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About Enterprise Rent-A-Car:

Enterprise Holdings is a family-owned, world-class portfolio of brands. A global network that covers more than 90 countries, with 100,000 dedicated team members, and more than 1.9 million vehicles taking customers wherever they want or need to go.

The challenge:

Enterprise Rent-A-Car was looking for a more even spread of job applies across its campaigns, with a reduction in both zero-apply rates and overall cost-per-apply.

Certain jobs were taking a significant portion of applies and budget, leaving many with zero or low apply volumes.

The talent acquisition team also hoped to cut back on time spent overseeing a very manual campaign management process.

Why Indeed IQ™?

With Indeed IQ’s job-level optimization, Enterprise Rent-A-Car would be able to distribute its job advertising spend more evenly across all jobs in its campaigns to reduce zero-apply rates.

The platform would also be able to automate a time-consuming, manual campaign management process.


Enterprise Rent-A-Car

The results:

The Enterprise Rent-A-Car team was delighted to see a 44% reduction in cost-per-apply across the same jobs, without the need for any manual intervention.

The Indeed IQ platform also reduced 17 manually-managed campaigns to 3 automated campaigns, all optimizing at a job level. As well as resulting in significant time savings, this also led to performance improvements, with a 66% increase in overall apply volume.

With an impressive 96% of all sponsored jobs receiving applies, Indeed IQ was able to successfully lower zero-apply rates, all while maximizing budget efficiency and freeing up valuable time.

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