"Indeed Apply is easy to manage and low maintenance."

Fiona Brady, Recruitment Marketing Specialist Concentrix
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A leading global provider of customer contact management solutions uses Indeed to target quality candidates and enable a seamless application process across multiple devices.


For more than 25 years, Concentrix has been a leading global provider of customer contact management solutions, supporting customer engagements for some of the world’s largest companies in the financial services, digital entertainment, and software industries.

Concentrix serves customers in more than 30 languages and the organization’s hiring requirements are largely determined by the language and location of each position coupled with a precise range of technical skills. As a result, Concentrix is constantly balancing the complexity of filling those specialized vacancies alongside the ever-changing needs of its client base.

"With Indeed, we're able to attract candidates for our hardest-to-fill positions."

Fiona Brady, Recruitment Marketing Specialist


To help accomplish its aggressive hiring goals, Concentrix decided to sponsor its jobs on Indeed. After experiencing good results from its organic traffic with Indeed, Concentrix wanted to increase visibility for foreign language positions and enhance the quality of the applications it was receiving. With a strong position in European markets, Indeed was well positioned to connect quality candidates with expertise in Dutch, Danish, and German – language skills that Concentrix had previously had difficulty sourcing.

Because one third of job seekers on Indeed are using mobile devices, Concentrix also integrated Indeed Apply – the only way to sponsor jobs that are easily accessible to both web and mobile job seekers. Jobs that have Indeed Apply enable a seamless application process so candidates can upload their Indeed Resumes or traditional resumes from either their desktop computers, smartphones or tablets.

The company remains flexible in its recruiting strategy by testing and comparing the performance of various hiring sources on an ongoing basis. “We test to see what is successful for our recruiting needs and make changes quickly as needed,” said Fiona Brady, Recruitment Marketing Specialist at Concentrix. “We are loyal to the methods that work for us.”


Concentrix has seen an improved applicant flow from Indeed, particularly for hard-to-fill positions. “We find that Indeed has given us good exposure for our specialist and senior roles such as sales managers and developer positions,” Brady said.

The ability to handle applicant streams from both mobile and web-based job seekers has been an important benefit for Concentrix. “Indeed Apply is easy to manage and low maintenance, which is useful in such a busy and ever-changing recruitment environment,” Brady said.