Employer Branding Ads

Stand out to candidates in a competitive job market

Advertise to job seekers across Glassdoor, Indeed, and relevant pages on the web—all from one place. With maximum reach, optimized ad placements and accurate candidate targeting, Employer Branding Ads gets your unique brand story in front of fresh faces to inspire talent to work for your company.

Re-engage and reach new job seekers

Increase brand awareness or shift perceptions to build a pipeline of quality talent with one simple process. You can target both active job seekers and those who are just looking based on location, search behaviour, and resume details from over 200 million prospective candidates in the Indeed community, on both desktop and mobile.

  • 93% of ad impressions reach a fresh audience.Indeed data (Canada)
  • 26.2M job seekers reached off of Indeed via Employer Branding Ads
  • 26% more likely to click on the Apply button to one of your Sponsored Jobs after job seekers see an Employer Branding Ad on IndeedIndeed data (Canada)

Tell your employer brand story to inspire talent

Discover new ways to attract the candidates you’re looking for, even in highly competitive industries. It’s easy to set up, whether you have previous campaign assets to work from or just a logo to start with. Choose from four placement formats to start improving employer reputation, or even recruit outside your company’s core functions.

Browse your performance insights and leverage them with ease

Track your employer brand advertising performance and follower growth with advanced brand analytics. With this birds-eye view across all of your Indeed products, you can keep tabs on clicks, impressions, videos played, click-through rates, and more.

Offering ads solutions throughout the entire recruitment funnel

Indeed and Glassdoor get your brand in front of job seekers by offering a full-funnel advertising solution for every step of the recruiting process. Whether you’re trying to get the word out about your company or attract applicants to a specific job, Employer Branding Ads and Sponsored Jobs listings are here to deliver your brand to new talent.

Employer Branding Hub

Expand your branding toolbox with the Employer Branding Hub

Together, Indeed and Glassdoor offer a combined solution to your potential employer branding needs. From profile management to competitor brand and rating analytics, you can access everything you need to engage job seekers with your unique company story, all in one place.

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