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Tackle your unique hiring challenges with the right solutions. Effectively plan, track and execute campaigns that put your hiring goals front and centre.

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Simplify your hiring on Indeed

In today’s competitive job market, standing out from the competition is crucial. Indeed’s new ad experience helps you reach more of the right talent, make informed hiring decisions, and hit those recruiting targets while making suggestions on where to optimize for best results.

  • 8.1M Glassdoor and Indeed receive over 8.1M visits each month.SimilarWeb, Average Monthly Total Visits, Q1 2021
  • 19% more likely to result in a hire when jobs are sponsored.Indeed data (CA)
  • 160+ industry-specific and generalist job sites.

Sponsored Jobs

Increase the visibility of your job posts

Show up in front of candidates when it matters most. Attract quality applicants by improving the visibility of your job posts in search results with Sponsored Jobs.

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Objective based campaigns

Create campaigns tailored to your goals

Choose between collecting applications, running a brand awareness campaign, or for Indeed Hiring Platform users—skipping right to the interview.

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Reach more candidates in more places

Connect with more of the right job seekers across Indeed, Glassdoor, and beyond. Improved targeting helps you automatically reach more of the types of candidates you want and with access to Indeed’s Trusted Media Network of over 160 industry-specific and generalist job sites you can expand your reach, all from one place.

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Analytics & Recommendations

Get recommendations and data-driven insights

Make the most of your budget and schedule with intelligent hiring insights and recommendations to
make adjustments that maximize your performance.

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Additional integration with Indeed Hiring Events

Choosing to integrate with Indeed Hiring Events allows for automation of time-consuming recruiting tasks, so you can screen and schedule interviews with quality candidates—spending your time on what really matters.

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Pay for results

New results-based pricing

At Indeed, we’ve always been committed to helping you hire quality candidates fast. Now we’re enhancing your Indeed experience even more by moving to pricing that’s focused on performance, so you only pay for higher-value candidate actions.

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