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How does HR treat candidates?

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  • If you don't already belong to Laurier in some capacity...you are truly disadvantage as they are super biased towards their own kind, and anyone who is female. I was shocked that they do not understand that there should be an equal and fair balance in the hiring process, and not one sided female only interview process where as a male, you feel discriminated against in the process. When you give feedback, they will be dishonest cause all they care about is moving on, they do not care to actually listen & understand the concerns of a candidate, and how it feels to be treated so poorly by the institution that is supposed to be the most diverse, and understanding to the needs of ALL in today's society, but of course they are stuck in the 1980s systemic hiring process.

  • Poorly. The Hiring Committee for a job I interviewed for (consisted of 4 individuals all female - it's a systemic hiring practice, so if you are male, you are at a disadvantage even before meeting them), was late (walking in after the start of my interview time) and I watched them walk in super rushed, but only 2 of the 4 supposed people who I was told (through email) who would be a part of the interview actually showed up. Horrible way to treat candidates so unfairly/unethically by making them wait in the HR lobby while the committee sets up in a room that they don't even know where they are going! And then...on top of their tardiness, for them to rush the 1st candidate in the interview by skipping over questions, and not allowing the candidate to ask their full questions, is just bad HR practices. On top of that, you have to call HR to find out if you are the successful candidate or not as they do not adhere to their own "we will let you know" message, as I had to call 2 wks later and still got the "they are still in the process of interviewing candidates...you'll know in 1-2wks" but then after getting off the phone, you get a negative rejection letter from HR that is 'cut and pasted' (wow, can you not personalize them and give candidates some positive feedback to go forward with?), and then all you'll get is "we love to hear feedback from candidates" and "All I can say is 'sorry' for you have a bad experience at Laurier". Horrible institution, with very nasty HR/hiring committees - on how they treat a candidate with such lack of respect & professionalism.

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