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WFP - Defining a Higher Standard

Don Demens, President & CEO of Western Forest Products Inc. (WFP), presents the company's vision and values as Defining A Higher Standard™.

Why Western

In order to provide the most sustainable building products on the planet, we are constantly looking for talented and engaged people who share our vision and values.

We are a growing, industry-leading organization committed to safely providing high-quality, sustainable products for a global market. We strive to be the best at what we do, and we invest in our people to make that happen. We offer a wide variety of rewarding, impactful career paths and we encourage all who share our goal of Defining a Higher Standard™ to apply.

We empower employees to reach their full potential in a high-performing, results-oriented environment. Our high standards of personal performance are grounded in our core values.

We are committed to personal safety, sustainable management and environmental stewardship.
We behave with integrity, passion and transparency.
We seek mutually beneficial relationships.
We are dedicated to a culture of accountability and continuous improvement.

We value our employees and offer a comprehensive total rewards package, which includes competitive compensation, benefits and programs designed to support our employees and meet their needs. To ensure we are paying competitive market salaries, Western conducts annual salary benchmarking by comparing our pay with the pay of a variety of comparable jobs in the external market. If you invest your time and talents in our company, we will invest in you.

We strive to support our people in reaching their full potential. We provide a variety of on-the-job training and continuing education in many areas at Western to ensure you have the skills you need to succeed. Our promote-from-within culture recognizes high performance and we offer diverse career paths across the organization for those with the talent and will to advance.


As we pursue our aim of Defining a Higher Standard™, Western is committed to being an active partner in strengthening the communities where we live and work.

Western demonstrates its commitment to contributing sustainable and enduring value to communities where we operate in a multitude of ways. We provide a range of career opportunities and source goods and services locally helping build the economic resilience of communities where we live and work. Through wages, contracts, stumpage, taxes and local procurement, we annually contribute more than a half billion dollars to the economy.

Western also strives to make a positive and lasting impact through our dedicated community giving – whether through in-kind donations, financial contributions or volunteer hours. Western provides hundreds of thousands dollars every year to organizations large and small.

We support local community activities and events, from lending a hand to sports and recreational activities to investing in cultural events and charitable causes. Western is proud to play an active role in the communities where we live and work. The common thread that runs through the wide spectrum of support we provide is an unwavering commitment to building enduring value and contributing to vibrant, heathy communities for today and tomorrow


As part of Defining a Higher Standard of forest stewardship we are continuing to grow mutually beneficial relationships with First Nations.

We are committed to maintaining open and meaningful dialogue with First Nations and local communities to ensure we all benefit from forest resources. Our commitment to sustainability ensures that future generations will enjoy productive, working forests that will continue to provide jobs, recreational opportunities and carbon/climate management, while preserving cultural elements and rare ecosystems. We work closely with First Nations whose traditional territories our provincial forest tenures overlap, and are committed to working with these communities to create sustainable employment, training and business opportunities.

We look for innovative partnerships aligned with our commitment towards defining a higher standard and taking a long-term view of our business. Through formal partnerships, we are enhancing benefits with our First Nations partners across our respective tenures while growing business capacity. With timberland and manufacturing sites in close proximity to dozens of First Nations communities on Vancouver Island and the coast, we strive to build a stronger future by working together.

We are learning more each day about reconciliation with First Nations and are committed to our role in this process by ensuring that our forest practices today are sustainable and continue to evolve to provide ongoing benefit to future generations.

LiDAR & WFP's Big Tree Policy

Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) is a tool that we use to measure and manage our forest tenures with a high degree of accuracy. Millions of laser beams are shot from an aircraft to scan the landscape and produce data sets of geographic information. Our experts interpolate that data to measure characteristics like growth, volume and density of forests or discover detailed landscape information that photo analysis can miss.

Block planning is a very important part of our sustainable forest management practice. LiDAR information is used by our engineers, foresters, and planners to help create the best block plan possible. WFP's Big Tree Policy is part of our block planning process and one more example of how we are Defining A Higher Standard™ of sustainable forest management.

Special thanks to Taylor Davis at Terra Remote Sensing and Mike Nelson for making this video possible.

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Western Forest Products is a Canadian forest products company that sustainably manages forests and manufactures high-quality wood products.

We are committed to providing the most sustainable building products on the planet. With operations in the coastal region of British Columbia and Washington State, Western Forest Products meets the needs of customers
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