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Our Values

We use cleaning technology whenever possible to do our best and fastest work. We are careful with these tools as they are essential to completing our daily work.

We are ambassadors to our company and our brand. We enjoy finding new and exciting ways to elevate the services we provide. We are helpful to our clients and to each other.

We notice the small things. It’s the details that make the difference in a clean building. If it’s dirty, then it’s our job to clean it.

We are grateful for each other, our clients, and our team. We care about the world we live in and we don’t take anything for granted.

We work safely, and take time to keep others safe too. We always protect ourselves when handling chemicals, and we take precautions to prevent injuries.

We are in this together. This is a team effort and we look out for each other. We have empathy and we learn from our mistakes. We cannot do any of this alone.

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About Waterford Services

Waterford provides cleaning services in partnership with property management companies.

Founded in 1990, the Waterford team cleans millions of square feet per day to ensure the experience of all those who visit our facilities is welcoming, safe, and consistently beautiful. We hold prestigious certifications for cleaning management and environmental
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