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Vancouver Coastal Health delivers services to more than 1 million BC residents living in Vancouver, Vancouver's North Shore, Richmond, the Sea-to-Sky Corridor, Sunshine Coast, Bella Bella, Bella Coola, the Central Coast and surrounding areas.

The impressive range of specialties places VCH at the forefront of career destinations for Nurses, Sonographers, Social Workers, Physiotherapists, Mental Health professionals and many other health care and allied professionals.

Our amazing workforce and remarkable organizational culture ensure that VCH is always promoting better heath for our communities through innovation and exceptional care.

Work in the Community

VCH is actively recruiting for community health care professionals to partner with clients and their families to promote health and prevent disease and injury. Work with a high degree of autonomy to initiate strategies that will positively impact people and their community.

Work in the Downtown Eastside

We have opportunities for healthcare professionals who are interested in contributing to improved health outcomes and quality of life for people in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside (DTES.).

True North Goals

Vancouver Coastal Health's True North Goals.

CST Opportunities

Clinical & Systems Transformation (CST) is a joint undertaking between VCH, PHSA and PHC to complete a significant transformation of clinical practices and systems. Care will be streamlined, with clinical design teams creating standardized, evidence-informed clinical practices and a powerful, new integrated clinical information system will be developed. Now is your chance to shape how healthcare is delivered, while making a positive impact on the lives of British Columbians.

About Vancouver Coastal Health

Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) is a world-class innovator in medical care, research and teaching. VCH provides a full range of direct and contracted health services including primary, secondary, tertiary care, home and community care, mental health services, population and preventive health and addictions services. VCH is one of six publicly-funded – more... 

  • Live, learn, and work in beautiful Sechelt – just like Christine. After a 19 year career as a reporter, Christine decided to embark on a new career path where should could make a real difference in people’s lives. Living in Sechelt, she wanted to stay close to home and her family. After discovering that Capilano University offered a Health Care Assistant (HCA) program right in her backyard, she knew it was the perfect fit!
After completing the 7 month HCA program, Christine now works at Shorncliffe Intermediate Care Facility in Sechelt. She feels supported by the management and her fellow co-workers, and describes them as “a big family, who are always willing to help each other.” She’s grateful to work with such a strong support network every day.
“As a Health Care Aide, I truly believe that my job is one of the most fulfilling and satisfying jobs in the world!” shares Christine. She enjoys getting to know the residents and building meaningful connections with them.
“Each shift I walk away with a full heart due to the thank you’s and accolades I get from residents. Not for doing anything grandiose, but for gently pulling a stocking on, for helping someone brush their teeth, wash their hair or make their bed. Little things that so many of us take for granted are seen and truly appreciated by the residents I work with and their gratitude helps me leave work every day feeling valued and appreciated,” says Christine.
If you’re interested in learning about the rewarding career opportunities on the Sunshine Coast - visit the link in our bio!😊
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  • We’re celebrating Pharmacy Awareness Month by shining a light on the vital contributions of Silvia (right), a registered pharmacy technician at VGH. She has been a fixture at the VGH Solid Organ Transplant Pharmacy for the past 12 years. Initially trained as an engineer in Czechoslovakia, she's impeccably organized and precise as she describes her vital role with the Solid Organ Transplant Clinic. She's relied upon by transplant physicians, nurses and pharmacists to ensure that patients with a solid organ transplant receive the life-saving immunosuppressant and supportive medications they need.
This can be quite the logistical challenge as the program covers patients across British Columbia. In addition, transplant medications might need to be started or changed urgently based on bloodwork. As an example, for a patient recently admitted to hospital on Vancouver Island, Silvia clarified the transplant medications and dosages with the medical team there, and then organized a supply of medications to be urgently delivered.
More routinely, Silvia sees patients as they visit the pharmacy in person. She verifies that patients are taking the right medications and dosages – in fact, she knows her patients so well she often remembers this information by heart. She also ensures patients have enough medication to last until their next clinic appointment, and makes arrangements for patients who live outside Vancouver so they can refill their medications from their nearest transplant-affiliated pharmacy.
Her colleagues are extremely appreciative of Silvia's expertise and diligence. “Silvia is an integral part of our team. She practices to her full scope. She alerts us to potential issues related to medications for our patients and helps us resolve them," says Cindy, clinical pharmacy specialist for Renal Transplant at VGH.
Silvia loves her work and finds it rewarding. “It's very satisfying to work with patients and doctors and the whole team," she says. “I am a familiar face they see every time, and they appreciate that continuity and connection."
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  • The most exciting part of Mehreen’s role as a social worker is building relationships and trust. She often gets involved with clients who are suspicious or resistant of her involvement at first. “Once I am able to establish trust with a client, I am in a position to offer services. As well, the client is reassured that they have someone they can go to if they are feeling unwell, unsafe or unsure,” says Mehreen, Mental Health Clinician with the North Shore Older Adult Mental Health (NSOAMH) Team.
Mehreen has over 10 years of experience working with the older adult population. She first began working with this population after completing a Masters of Social Work, and quickly learned about how marginalized this population can be. When she moved from Toronto to Vancouver, she wanted to continue working with the older adult population, and the role with the NSOAMH team was a perfect fit. “The older adult population can be at risk of facing multiple vulnerabilities. It is also a segment that is often invisible and can be easily dismissed,” shares Mehreen. She enjoys being in a position where she can improve the quality of life of this segment. This is often done by linking them up with services, providing education, support, and advocating for them.
“The NSOAMH team is very supportive. Our team is made up of professionals from different backgrounds, and it is great to get different perspectives as well as to draw on each other’s strengths to better support a client in the community,” says Mehreen.
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  • Vinita moved from Toronto to Vancouver approximately 9 months ago to continue her social work career at Vancouver General Hospital (VGH). “I was motivated to work here because it is a progressive learning organization that is committed to quality patient care and outcomes,” says Vinita, who works in the Hospitalist Medicine Unit at VGH.
In her role, she assists with the discharge planning and liaising with family to support the patient in the community (conducting psychosocial assessments, planning family meetings, etc.) She feels fortunate to work with an amazing allied health team who is collaborative, respectful, and passionate about quality patient care and outcomes. “We have a very busy unit with complex discharges but our team works collaboratively and creatively to facilitate safe discharge plans for patients,” shares Vinita. She is very passionate about becoming involved and is the steward for the Health Science Association (HSA), and regularly engages with staff on health and safety standards.
Vinita feels inspired every day; one of the most inspirational moments for her was when she supported a patient who requested Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID). The patient and family were very grateful for the supportive counselling she provided.
Vinita has a breadth of social work experience. Before her career at VCH, she first began her career working in corrections, teaching rehabilitation programs (based on cognitive behavioural therapy) to federal offenders. She also worked as a college professor teaching Community Social Service Work.
If you’re interested in learning more about social work opportunities across VCH – visit the link in our bio!
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