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VCH is actively recruiting for community health care professionals to partner with clients and their families to promote health and prevent disease and injury. Work with a high degree of autonomy to initiate strategies that will positively impact people and their community.

Work in the Downtown Eastside

We have opportunities for healthcare professionals who are interested in contributing to improved health outcomes and quality of life for people in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside (DTES.).

True North Goals

Vancouver Coastal Health's True North Goals.

CST Opportunities

Clinical & Systems Transformation (CST) is a joint undertaking between VCH, PHSA and PHC to complete a significant transformation of clinical practices and systems. Care will be streamlined, with clinical design teams creating standardized, evidence-informed clinical practices and a powerful, new integrated clinical information system will be developed. Now is your chance to shape how healthcare is delivered, while making a positive impact on the lives of British Columbians.

A world-class innovator in medical care, research, & teaching.

Vancouver Coastal Health delivers services to more than 1 million BC residents living in Vancouver, Vancouver's North Shore, Richmond, the Sea-to-Sky Corridor, Sunshine Coast, Bella Bella, Bella Coola, the Central Coast and surrounding areas.

The remarkable range of specialties places VCH at the forefront of career destinations for Nurses, Sonographers, Social Workers, Physiotherapists, Mental Health professionals and many other health care and allied professionals.

Our amazing workforce and remarkable organizational culture ensure that VCH is always promoting better heath for our communities through innovation and exceptional care.



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About Vancouver Coastal Health

Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) is a world-class innovator in medical care, research and teaching. VCH provides a full range of direct and contracted health services including primary, secondary, tertiary care, home and community care, mental health services, population and preventive health and addictions services. VCH is one of six publicly-funded – more... 

  • February is Psychology Month and we are so excited to profile one of our psychologists! Meet Mollie, a psychologist at the BC Operational Stress Injury (OSI) Clinic where she treats active and retired military and RCMP members who’ve sustained psychological injuries from their service. “The part I enjoy most is the fact that I get to work with real life heroes every day, people who have sacrificed so much for our communities and our country. I get to try to give back by helping them manage and overcome their psychological injuries. It’s a very rewarding job. What attracted me to this role is that I was interested in learning more about trauma treatment. In the beginning, I was nervous about whether the BC OSI Clinic would be a good fit for me because I’d never worked with a military or policing population before. I’m really glad I applied because it has turned out to be a great fit.”
An inspirational moment for Mollie is when she sees client’s work hard in their recovery and have treatment successes.
“I feel lucky to have supportive colleagues. Our job is highly rewarding, but can also be challenging at times, and it’s nice to know you have the support of other clinicians during the harder times,” says Mollie.
She shared one of the perks about her office: “We have dogs everywhere! Many of our clients have service dogs that they bring with them to the clinic. We also have a service dog, Sophie, who belongs to one of our social workers. Since I love animals, I consider the dogs a big perk of the job!” If you want to learn more about opportunities at VCH, click the link in our bio!
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  • “I once split my head open wakeboarding and ended up getting staples in the emergency room; it is always interesting to see what being on the other side of healthcare is like,” says Erin, Registered Nurse at Richmond Hospital. “I am a newer nurse and I applied to this position as my first nursing role. I was attracted to acute medicine because it is an amazing place to learn many different skills and about a variety of medical conditions.” Erin really enjoys building relationships with patient’s families: “I find that they really appreciate being able to talk to someone and stay informed about their relative.” “One inspirational moment for me was seeing a patient who was seemingly bed bound pushing themselves in a wheelchair throughout the unit. Although this patient had a tendency to become quickly discouraged, it made my day to see them continuing to make progress.”
Erin feels supported by staff and management at Richmond Hospital: “Whether it’s putting in a Foley catheter, initiating IVs, or inserting a feeding tube, there is always a helping hand to guide and support me when engaging in new procedures.”
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  • The incision was made at 8:10 am on June 24th, 1959. The very first operation in the newly constructed Centennial Pavilion (CP) had just taken place (now named the "Leon Judah Blackmore Pavilion.") Vancouver General Hospital opened Centennial Pavilion, a massive cruciform building with over half a million square feet of floor area in the spring of 1959. When opened, it accommodated 504 patients and nearly doubled the number of available operating rooms. To this day, CP continues to be a vital part of hospital operations.
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  • “This is one of the friendliest & supportive communities in which I have lived. The draw for me was the ‘Great Bear Rainforest’ – who wouldn’t want to live in a place with an ancient history, kind people, cultural diversity, and a quieter pace and only a few hours away from a major city center by air?” says Sharon, Program Manager, Bella Coola General Hospital. 
Sharon is the Local Hospital Manager for acute care, residential care, emergency services, and administration departments. “I enjoy the fantastic camaraderie & professionalism of all staff and there are excellent leaders in all departments.  Everyone is flexible, knowledgeable, and extremely dedicated to the community and to supporting each other within the demands, challenges & successes that we experience in healthcare.”
She finds Bella Coola to be intriguing & peaceful with supportive people throughout the valley. “What I find amazing is that the community does everything it can to support each other in times of need. People wave, talk to you on the street, and look out for one another. We are very fortunate to have these values in today’s world. The community itself, the natural wonders, and my colleagues are inspirational every day.”
“The ideal type of person who would enjoy living in Bella Coola is someone who is flexible, adaptable, has a sense of adventure, likes the outdoors, participating in a myriad of cultural and community events and enjoys peace and tranquility. You can be as busy as you want to be here – creativity is a great asset. One must appreciate rain showers, green grass, mountains, trees, nature and wild animals,” says Sharon. “I have visited and lived in many countries around the world including the desert of the Middle East for 4 years. After my time there I knew I wanted a change. I needed clean air, mountains, trees, clear blue skies, star gazing opportunities, ocean waters, and animals as well as a place where I could go to be at peace and recharge. I have found that here in Bella Coola. I can travel wherever I want but I can come back ‘home’ to one of the most tranquil and beautiful places in the world.” To explore rural opportunities, visit the link in bio!
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