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Our team of bonded tradespeople delivers results in a competitively priced, timely manner, working to keep you updated on the progress of your project. With Urban Environmental, expect value, superior workmanship and a positive, courteous attitude.

When you work with Urban Environmental, you benefit from our Regular Project Updates (RPU) process
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We realize that life and work carry on in spite hazardous remediation and abatement you or your client may require. With this in mind, we work with you to establish a schedule that will have minimal impact on their homes or businesses while enabling us to carry out our work in a manner that is as timely and efficient as possible.

Depending on the level of risk, our team quarantines the area to secure the appropriate decontamination unit.

Asbestos Removal

Asbestos was commonly used in tiles, drywall, insulation and other building materials. Improper removal of these materials can release asbestos fibers into the air of your building, posing a possible health risk to you and other inhabitants. According to Health Canada, prolonged exposure to asbestos can even cause lung cancer. Urban Environmental has trained professionals skilled in asbestos removal and asbestos abatement. We are experts in removal and repair of asbestos-containing materials. Our professionals seal off the working area and on completion enable the site to be returned to normal.

Mold Removal

Mold can be a health concern where water damage was present, especially if dampness has been undiscovered or unaddressed for long periods of time. Care must be taken in removing moldy materials during demolition, as removal is likely to stir up mold, causing spores to become airborne. According to Health Canada, mold found in the air around you can cause health issues to develop including colds and allergies. Urban Environmental professionals are trained in the safe mold removal and mold remediation. We identify the mold, isolate the area and eliminate it, then clean-up and safely dispose of infested materials.


Building demolition and house demolition projects can pose serious risks for construction workers due to harmful asbestos fibers that can hover in the air. These hazardous fibers are commonly found in concrete, fiberglass insulation and tiles. Extended exposure to asbestos fibers in theair can lead to Mesothelioma disease and lung cancer. Urban Environmental has certified professionals who are trained to help you to dispose materials during demolition projects.
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