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Nothing in Caledon, ON
on 12 January 2021
Very clique-ish workplace
Probably a great place to work if you fit in immediately. However, if you are not on board with your specific departments culture right away, it can be very hard to advance. It is a very political environment, with some councilors and staff treated very differently than others based on community viewpoints. Management can be inconsistent with requests and quick to anger. Change is resisted quite a bit at higher levels.
Operations Coordinator in Caledon, ON
on 28 September 2022
Productive and fun workplace
I enjoy what I do daily. It's a very flexible and accommodating workplace. Always learning new things. Great supervisor and work team. An inclusive and diverse work place.
Employee in Town of Caledon
on 5 June 2021
Don't waste your time. There is so much red tape, nothing ever gets will throw you under the bus in a heart beat to make themselves look better when it counts.Work/life balance is non existent especially if you work from home. There is no morale and no culture.
Front Line Worker in Caledon, ON
on 13 April 2021
Management Requires More Oversight and Accountability
It is heartbreaking to see what the Town of Caledon has become. If I could describe the Town of Caledon it would be like this: Imagine a place filled with people who all parade around their massive egos to compensate for their inferiority complexes.If you are not apart of the Management team and are just some lowly worker, good luck. Workers at the Town of Caledon are limited in their own ability to make decisions, take the initiative, or have the ability of free thought or expression whatsoever. Workers, you could have upwards of 5 supervisors alone, some you will never once encounter or never have known you even had that many supervisors.You could present an idea to your first supervisor; get the go-ahead and you would think their approval is enough. Then, you come into work the next day and be told by your next supervisor that the idea you came up with is unacceptable. You will not be given a reason why, but you will be presented with the excuse that you did not go through the proper “Chain of Command.” You will be thinking to yourself, “Why do I have all these supervisors if they can all be undermined by the one above them?” Trust me you are not the only one. The truth is, since the idea was not first thought of by your supervisor, that whole inferiority complex will kick in. And the only way that a supervisor can make themselves feel better is by belittling workers.The COVID-19 pandemic has uncovered the realization that many people apart of the Town of Caledon’s Management team are incompetent, overpaid and expendable. From the very start of the pandemic, there was little leadership or communication for frontline workers. Part-time staff deemed “unessential” were simply laid-off and many full-time staff were relocated to present to the taxpayer that while town facilities were closed, taxpayer’s money was still being spent responsibly. However, the spotlight was shinning in the wrong direction. Front Line Staff were put underneath a microscope, they still had to show up to work for their 8- or 10-hour shift with the new responsibility of disinfection on their shoulders. There was no standardization or uniformity across the town. You had different standard operating procedures created and cleaning supplies ordered for different facilities. Even to this day it is still a free-for-all, you are simply walking into a building with a blindfold wrapped around your head. So, the question is, what exactly were Managers (who like to think of themselves as the brains of the operation) doing during the first lockdown? The answer is many were and are still abusing the “Work-From-Home” dynamic as a way of not coming into work at all.In addition, back in December 2020, Senior Management announced changes to the organizational structure for the Town of Caledon, named: "Reimagine Caledon." In theory, the idea was to create smaller working teams within departments to improve collaboration and communication as well as reduce redundancies. However, if you took a closer look at this new "plan", it was quite misleading.First, several General Managers (five in fact) were promoted to "Directors" to lead these newly formed departments. These Directors were already making over $100,000 to begin with and it did not look like they would be taking a pay cut. On the contrary, all of them probably got a raise. Second, in some instances, these Director promotions created vacancies for their old positions to be filled. This resulted in more promotions where the next most senior manager was promoted upwards. Salaried positions were just magically being created out of thin air but were entirely not necessary.You have individuals in Senior Management who have had their workloads slashed, yet they are still making hundreds of thousands of dollars. How is this responsible? And yet, the Town made the decision to open all recreational facilities, despite not being able to run at 100% capacity due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Operational costs alone were through the roof and more importantly, Front Line Staff were stretched thin to keep up with the operation as well as increased disinfection and deep cleaning of facilities. Yet, when the discussion was made to bring on more part-time staff to assist with the increased workload the same excuse was used, “it's not in the budget because the Town isn't generating enough revenue."Thousands of dollars were being thrown into salaried positions, for people who would never step foot outside of Town Hall (only for when there was a photo-op). When we needed Front Line Staff more than ever to ensure the safety of our co-workers and patrons, the thought was merely pushed aside. As a Front Line Worker and for someone who lives in Caledon, this disturbed me.It is unfortunate that the Town of Caledon is so much “smaller” than our neighbours in Peel Region because Caledon will continue to misappropriate funds from residents. Maybe if more people who lived in Caledon worked for the Town, they would not be so quick to take advantage of a terrible situation. If there ever is an end to this pandemic, it will be the families struggling to get by who will be left with the bill to pay.
on 18 January 2021
Amazing People and Great Community
Absolutely loved working here. Everyone at the arena as well as town buildings were all welcoming and caring for each other. The people are warm as well as the community is full of friendly people.

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