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Why did you leave your job at Tim Hortons?

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  • Understaffed every single shift. Stressed to the max having to do everything by yourself. Expected to be spoken to like garbage every day. Managers did very little to help you learn, was simply told to watch a mass of training videos at home on my own unpaid time. Hilarious.

  • Brutal very fast pace and hard listening to customers and no training

  • I will never work for Tim Hortons again. I was there almost 5 years, worked my butt off and was treated like garbage. Management was horrible always playing the staff against each other. A lot of back stabbing and gossip. It was brutal!!

  • My training shifts were great. Well staffed but busy. I worked ONE 2pm-10pm shift and quit right away. Severely understaffed. So much is expected of you as one person on the front while the rest hang out in drive thru.

  • After almost 2 years of abuse and mistreatment I came into work sick. I had never missed a day but when I tried calling in sick i was bullied/guilted into voming in anyways but told theyd let me go home early if i could just "help thru the rush" and they would get the rest of my shift covered by another staff member. I went in. I puked in a garbage pail because the washroom was occupied. I was reprimanded for it and told I was receiving a write up. For puking. One of the teenagers whined about her period giving her cramps (ironically the same person who had been in the bthrm putting makeup on), the supervisor sent her home and told me I had to stay because no one else was available. I took off my visor unclipped my name tag and walked out.

  • The store owner is a narcissist that hated the fact that he couldn't control me. I got tired of being made to feel worthless, so I left.

  • When I first started it was fine, but then it all started going more and more downhill. I hated it at some point which is why I left. Manager started freaking out at some point giving us all these lists of things to do, because she suddenly realized all these things were a problem and most likely ignored them before. Overall it just felt unorganized there, understaffed during the evening which dishes would pile up and there was no one to do them - and there would be no space to do things like make yogurts for the next day on the table, etc. The owner was especially rude, having an attitude over everything, and management felt favoritism based, which I felt unappreciated. Long 8 hour shifts will kill you on your feet, but to make matters worse two 15 minute breaks is really not that much for the work done at tims- just enough time to use the bathroom and rush to eat something. Overall, just not worth the minimum wage. Not everything was so bad - I had some of the loveliest coworkers ever (they would make the bad work better) and there are some memories I made there. This job might be okay for a teenager just looking for some job, but there's no way you can make a living off of it. It's a relief to be out of that place, and I'm sure anybody else would be happy to be out of there as well

  • Because I visited the home office and it was creepy. Nobody had a personality, and it seemed like they wanted us to be like them. No thank you. Not for minimum wage!

  • Shifts can be absolutely wonky (e.g. I was scheduled once for 3 hours one day, then 9 the next). Fast paced environment and similar to another comment, I was simply thrown on the floor at drive-thru on my very first shift. I had no idea what I was doing, and I felt very overwhelmed (and quite honestly, drive thru still gives me anxiety if someone so much as mentions that they want me to help with it). I work till and bakery as a relief baker, and while baking is not as hard as they make it out to be, they expect you to be on your own in that regard unless your location has another p/t baker to help alleviate the load (aka they do donuts, you do the rest).

    After a month, I had my first migraine attack with aura from stress, with no prior history of migraines in my life. I was recommended by my family doctor to quit because of my consistent pressure headaches and the emotional dread I would feel going to work each day.

    Management is crucial to how the store is run and poor management ruins the rest of it - many team members don't give it their all, so you're often picking up their slack. (Usually teens or the older 50+ crowd). 15 minute breaks are barely enough time to use the washroom and sit down to eat something. I'm privileged enough that I don't need this job to survive, but it isn't worth working for minimum wage.

  • I was bullied horribly by the store owner, I had to leave. There's unfortunately no other options when that happens because provincial labour boards are too inundated to be of any help. I'm going to sit by with my popcorn and watch as this once proud Canadian flagship crumbles to the ground. It's all about shareholders and profit now, but they don't take care of the people who are responsible for them making money, just like slavery.

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