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23 November 2022
Rianna used to start her mornings with school drop-off and a long commute, now she starts her day with affirmations and yoga, and walks her kids to school. Thanks to the TELUS Work Styles program, Rianna says: “Since I’m not travelling 1.5 hours to get to work every day, I’m far more productive and efficient - but most of all, I’m feeling 100% better mentally and physically. I’m 25 years into my career and this is the best decision I’ve ever made for my wellness, family and quality of life.”

Our culture and values

Our core values are simple, by design: - We passionately put our customers and communities first. - We embrace change and innovate courageously. - We grow together through spirited teamwork. These values are the framework of our culture, and we consider them in every interaction we have and decision we make.
Three TELUS team members smiling while writing on whiteboard.
Employee at food bank sorting produce.

Careers with purpose

We’re a people-oriented, purpose-driven team that works every day to innovate and support those who need it most. No matter what profession you’re in, a career at TELUS means you’re part of our inclusive, spirited and giving team. Your work will give you the opportunity to make a difference for our customers, communities and colleagues, and planet every day.

Technology and innovation at TELUS

When you hear the word 'TELUS', you probably think of a telco. But we’re so much more than that. We’re at the forefront of digital healthcare and connected agriculture, using technology to make our customers’ and communities’ lives better. From the latest advances in 5G and the Internet of Things to automation and cloud technology, we’re constantly innovating, asking questions and challenging ourselves to solve real-world problems.
TELUS health employee seeing patient in TELUS health mobile clinic van.
Employee wearing headset smiling.

Total Rewards: More than a paycheque

We know there’s much more to a job offer than your salary. Our Total Rewards program goes beyond our competitive compensation and offers more of what you expect from your employer. The TELUS team enjoys pension and employee share plans, developmental opportunities, and flexible benefits that support your total well-being, including $5,000 for mental health support.

Work Styles: Work-life balance

Our innovative Work Styles program provides team members with flexibility to work where and when they are most effective. Backed by our world-leading technology and trusting leadership, Work Styles empowers our team to focus on creating remarkable outcomes for our customers, communities, and each other. Today, 90% of our team works virtually and our offices are evolving into social workspaces that promote collaboration, innovation and connection.
TELUS employee working at home at laptop with dog on her lap.
TELUS team members at a Pride parade. Employee holds sign reading "Celebrating Diversity".

Team member-led resource groups

Our 6 resource groups play a vital role in recognizing diversity and advancing inclusion at TELUS. They support, and are led by, team members who identify as women, Indigenous, individuals of varying abilities, newcomers to Canada, Black and LGBTQ2+. Through these groups, we aim to foster an environment where everyone feels safe to be their true selves.

TELUS social purpose

At TELUS, we’re powered by our purpose. We leverage our global-leading technology and compassion to enable human connections, revolutionize healthcare, give back to our communities, transform our food system, and lead the country in sustainability. If purpose is important to you, join a company that puts the health and well-being of team members, customers, communities, and the planet first.
Girl running in field of windmills.
Two TELUS team members picking up garbage off beach.

TELUS Days of Giving

Since 2006, our TELUS team has been giving back to their communities in our annual TELUS Days of Giving (TDOG) month-long volunteer event. Each year, this adds up to 130,000 volunteers in 26 countries volunteering 1.3 million hours. As the most giving company in the world, we also donate 5% of our pre-tax profits, which amounted to $90M in 2021.

New grad rotational programs

As one of Canada's most recognizable brands and top employers, TELUS is an ideal company for students and new graduates to start a career. Our accounting, marketing and technology rotational programs offer empowering real-world experience, mentorship from leaders in your chosen field, and career growth opportunities. Your education doesn’t stop once you graduate - learn on the job and develop your professional strengths and interests, all while building a career you love.
Young employee sitting at desk smiles.
Two employees investigating machine with iPad.

Tech careers

Whether you want to help build the future of network design, artificial intelligence, software development or digital solutions, there’s a tech career for you at TELUS. Our purpose-driven, digitally-enabled team works with – and often creates – the latest technology to bring big ideas to life that solve real-world challenges and enable our digital economy.

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