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About Synergie Hunt

Synergie Hunt has built a reputation as a highly respected, successful career placement agency providing guaranteed temporary and permanent employment services, human resources outsourcing and consulting services. We've built our company on a commitment to quality, ethics, service, leadership and innovation. By integrating those values into everything – 
Des emplois dans une multitude de secteurs d'activité!Nous nous assurons de vous guider vers les offres d’emploi les mieux adaptées à vos aspirations!Votre carrière, notre priorité!
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Each candidate interviewed by our experienced recruiters is assured of our careful attention while we take great care of analyzing all specific needs and strengths in order to help them seize the best career opportunity. We are your best partner in your job research and strive to achieve your goal of finding a job that not only fits you needs but were you will attempt your best achievements.