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Delivery driver in Toronto, ON
on 9 June 2022
Delivery driver
Nothing to say really. If you like driving and exercising at the same time. Then it’s a good job to have. Managers are cool to work with. Never had a problem with them.
Sales Associate in Toronto, ON
on 13 January 2023
Decent job as a student, but highly dependent on management
I worked here for a number of years while finishing school. Whether the job culture is good is completely dependent on the manager of your location.Some will throw you out to sea to see if you sink or swim and others will offer pretty solid advice , support and guidance. Although, this may be just retail as a whole.Upper management scrimps and saves by cutting hours for a given store fairly often. It is a regular occurrence to show up to your shift to find just two of you are opening the store for the first couple of hours. In a busy location. In a major city. This isn't because of sick call-ins, it is because the store is stretched thin with a low amount of hours that can be allotted to all associates. So it can feel like your drowning for the first few hours of your shift. Theft and security was also a huge issue when it came to our safety. On multiple occasions, we had things stolen from our lockers from customers. It was been complained about for years, but nothing had come of it by the time I'd left. Also, very little upward mobility in the organization (as a retail sales associate). They usually hire manager roles and head office positions from outside the company anyway. This does not make it impossible though as I have known 1 or 2 people to make the jump from the retail location to head office.Training was not sufficient, especially for the Copy and Print role. I didn't even receive training and was thrown in once to cover a colleague for a week. I broke down crying after the first day. Safe to say, I always insisted to never be placed in that role again.The hardest part of the job was making do with what we had. The best part of the job were my co-workers. We really felt like a family and despite everything else, that is the reason I stayed for so long.Overall, your manager and your co-workers are what makes your experience with Staples, not the company itself.
Operations Lead in Toronto, ON
on 3 October 2022
Good for starting out as a fresher
Company has a-lot of potential but Management needs to change. Pay is very low for the positions and job roles. Some of the older Management were very good but many left.
Sales Associate in Toronto, ON
on 25 May 2022
Good work culture, low pay, no commission but friendly work environment.
The work culture and the work-life balance are fantastic, but the pay is at a minimum and for the work that needs to be done that is not quite acceptable standards. No commission on the sales job makes it even more difficult but the work environment is friendly and good for part-time employees. Management could be better though.
Receiver in Toronto, ON
on 14 May 2022
Typical retail
I had luck because I worked with good leaders and coworkers who've helped me develop my skills. I've been cross-trained in majority of the departments and loved the competitiveness nature of the business. The retail environment is what it is, it's great for students to gain work experience.

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