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Why did you leave your job at Shoppers Drug Mart / Pharmaprix?

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  • All employees including management are ridiculously overworked. The store itself is so understaffed that everyone is worked to the bone at all times. Supervisors are supposed to manage the entire store while being assigned an undoable amount of other tasks. Many of my coworkers felt they couldn’t even take their breaks or lunches because there was too much to do. Very tense and stressful work environment, unpleasant customers. Cashiers are forced to wait by self checkout machines and scan products out there instead of behind the register just to achieve corporate’s numbers. You will never be thanked for any work you do, and no matter how much you manage to complete in a shift it is never enough which becomes very stressful. Schedules usually not put out until about 2 days before the new work week, days off are denied for no reason, and availability change requests are ignored. There is no respect for the employees, no gratitude shown, and far too much expected for the minimum wage compensation. Even if you have a good manager, they are often so stressed from being overworked as well that they simply cannot focus on creating a pleasant work environment. It’s depressing.

  • I was forced out,Had plenty of experience,Top of the pay scale $16/ hr.. hours were about to be cut..cost saving measure.all management went home early,no aggressive shoplifter bumped into me,threw a boxed product that hit me just under my eye, i pushed him away to stop the assault....Due to no touch policy,they fired me even though the police say i have a right to defend myself..sdm delayed paperwork to Ei...just about bankrupted me...there is some good management not at this place..$1.2 billion record profit is not enough

  • I walked out of my job there because I was very upset on how they where treating me

  • Because I need more money./I should have follow Papa's words. probably.

  • I worked full time for 2 years in the downtown core. When I first started it was a very friendly and positive atmosphere, but I left after a lot of my coworkers had left and it really didn't feel the same. Management is tricky to handle, not open to hearing any complaints either and don't expect newcomers to train or learn as much as the older employees creating a difficult environment amongst coworkers. All shoppers are owned separately, so I'm sure other locations are a little more fair, but the store I worked at was very cheap, especially after the minimum raise. I knew people who had been working there 2-3 years prior to the wage increase and were making the same amount as people hired on with zero experience. Supervisors only made 60 cents more, assistant managers barely more than that. So if you are looking for something to fill time between jobs or aren't sure when exactly to leave, I wouldn't recommend working beyond the one year point. Having the extra year of work really did not impact my life in any way professionally or financially.

  • It's really difficult to make a career out of working in cosmetics unless you're lucky enough to have an Associate who is willing to pay you a fair, living wage. Most of the time management will just use you as needed, and cut your hours or ignore you seniority if someone they "like better" happens to come along. The way head office delegates how stores should be run REALLY creates an unhealthy and cutthroat environment in almost every store. Employees are terrible to each other for fear of losing out on opportunities or suffering consequences for things they shouldn't. I would NEVER recommend anyone choose Shoppers unless you are absolutely desperate for a job. In my ten+ years working there, I can't even comprehend how awful I've seen people treat one another. It's not worth the stress, the pay is AWFUL and there's rarely room for advancement. Ten years and I have NOTHING to show for myself or my career.

  • Horrible work environment . Catty and stupid a specially st Murale. Ignore clients and hate all new comers a specially if you can sell , very threaded. The only kindness I received was from other companies demo people. Shut them down. Thank god im not there anymore. They don’t even give you a chance. I received a glowing review one day and the next I was terminated go figure, with no excuse ?

  • I work for only 3 days . Don't like it . Team was not verry friendly . I did my best to have spirit team . I felt there was a barrier with me . And no training . When I served a costumer for a ligne cosmetic i call my collègue to help but she took the sell . We could have share or with the next costumer . It's normal at days u don't know and u need to ask . DInt feel it was my place . Pass training only for cash and I like better my day doing service costumer . She was nice . Thank god I'm out of there .

  • Unfair work schedules. Suppose to be available for all shifts, day, evenings, and weekends. Some restrict their hours of availability after their three months are up, e.g.. only available for day shift and no weekends. Friends of management. Still, they receive more work hours than someone that has no restrictions on their they have evenings and weekends off!

  • Micromanager from Front Store Manager- would call store from home to see how things were going...I would get text messages to say I forgot to turn off a computer monitor,,Cosmetics Manager totally rude and “scolded” me in front of a new employee about breaks, she’s immature for the position and should go back to school and take some management courses on how to speak to other employees, on application says must be available days, some evenings - I was scheduled for only evening shifts, requested days off without pay 4 weeks in advance and they got rejected with no explanation. Other cashiers and Supervisors are also on the verge of quitting. So happy I got out of that!

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