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Why did you leave your job at Scotiabank?

21 answers

  • Because it is boring, awful
    No work for you to do, then blame you for not working for them

  • My job was 'modernized' in 2016 and all of our jobs were sent to India and an agency (60 people in my dept). I was at Scotiabank for 18 years and I was replaced by someone over seas who did not know the bank or end to end function. They only looked at what the document stated and not the impact to the customer or the bank. Too bad the current CEO is thinking about the bottom line. Lots of knowledge went out the door in 2016/2017

  • They did away with my job position which forced me to retire

  • Pension and benefit plan changed , people who have worked for 25 plus years were put in a very bad situation . No more retirement benefits so most people were forded to retire in order to keep retirement benefits . They should have put this policy in place for new hires . Scotiabank has no loyalty to there staff any more . They would rather get rid of there most experience staff and hire very young people with no experience . Great to hire young people but they should appreciate there more experience staff also . They say they want to build relation ships with there customers which is very hard to do with a fast turnover as when student finish there schooling . Gone are those days. Shame on Scotiabank

  • I left because I truly believe I was bullied at work. There were aggressive individuals on my team. the whole HR system is too cumbersome and is not helpful. I couldn't take any more.

  • I was a causal employee for almost six years and worked every Saturday. When the new wave hit i was told that casual employees needed to be treated as casuals and i was no longer guartanneed any hours. So since there was supposedly no hrs for me, i was mailed a letter terminating my employment. No phone call at all regarding my employment. Just shows you how the company treats their employees

  • After 16 happy and fulfilling years with eh company the changes got the better of me. It went from a family friendly atmosphere to a business looking for the bottom line where they can make a buck. I wasn't prepared to give into the requirements of the new structure where every minute of my day was accounted for and micromanaging became the norm. Our results slipped due to unhappy employees and many employees fighting over sales. This type of behavior would never have happened before. Selling a product should be about what's best for the customer's needs, not what sales revenue of that product will help you reach your target.

  • I was with Scotiabank over 12 years and then let go due to restructuring. There is not much opportunity in Quebec, especially if your job can be done in Ontario where many functions are being centralised to. All the best opportunities are there as well as career development benefits.

  • I took early retirement because the management changed at our branch and it was terrible. Bad when customer reps knew more then management. Cut hours and no raises and moral was sinking fast.

  • Stressful and negative work environment. Long commute coupled with sales pressures for a low salary made for a poor trade off.

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  1. Why did you leave your job at Scotiabank?