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Software Developer in Mississauga, ON
on 22 February 2020
Low salary. You are expected to quit after a while. You will not get an annual review or a raise unless you ambush the CEO. If you try to schedule it properly, without ambushing, it will get moved back months and may never happen. I was informed from someone in headquarters that it took multiple months for someone over there to get their annual employee review. In 2 years, I haven't had one. Different project managers and leaders have different styles of management. It can be very jarring having to mentally switch between the different ways project managers try to "lead." Especially if you stay for more than a year and you are on 3-4 projects at once. In 2 years, half of the project managers I worked with were decent, the other half were not. Some of them need to have basic things explained to them over and over again. Many people I have spoken to understand just how bad things are, but everyone is either too scared to say anything to the CEO or they don't feel they will be listened to. Everything is compartmentalized, so that developers are as out of the loop as possible. Regardless of whatever they told you, truly interesting projects come a few times a year, and you will likely not be chosen to be on the team. Everything is timed, and every piece of code is reviewed. Because everyone is on multiple projects, you could wait days for your code to be reviewed by the reviewer because he is doing something else. That could result in you having nothing to time. Every new developer in my office has no clue who their direct boss is. When this satellite office opened, we speculated for months who our boss was, and I am still not certain if the person we think is our direct boss actually is. That should tell you how little communication actually takes place.
Administrative Assistant in Mississauga, ON
on 6 November 2019
Flexible and Supportive
Pleasant Solutions has been great to work for. There is an amazing team of friendly and smart people. The schedule is flexible which is very nice. I never have to worry about being late if I am running behind in the morning. Management supports a healthy work life balance. They have have made me feel very valued as an employee. I can tell that management cares about making Pleasant a great place to work. I would recommend working at Pleasant Solutions to friends or family.
Software Developer in Mississauga, ON
on 22 July 2018
Suicide is Not The Answer
This place is not recommended. The pay is below market and there are zero benefits (health, dental, whatever they tell you). They pay you monthly at the end of the month to keep you desperate. Everything is timed and must be "timed precisely". Bathroom breaks/lunch is not included in the mandatory (and vehemently watched) minimum 37 hours per week "timed" and minimum 41.25 hours per week "on-site". They will demand an answer if you do not meet both of these minimums. It is indeed clocked to the second. This is a stressful place with little trust from management. Project managers will watch their projects' timing very closely and will hound you for their own answers if you go over-time on any issue they deem excessive. This is in spite of some of them lacking any development skills of their own. They are scrutinized by management and therefore scrutinize you. Development is mainly in C# with little chance for learning. They have several internal projects that are a mess due to the capricious decision-making by the CEO. Recent projects indicate the company has taken on more than it can swallow. Don't subject yourself to this place. Better offers will come along.

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