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17 February 2022
Impact your community by supporting patients as they heal at home. We are looking for Home and Personal Support Workers, Nurses, and Operation team members. Whatever your background, you can find a meaningful opportunity with ParaMed.

Extendicare/ParaMed: Women Lead Here

We are proud to share that Extendicare, ParaMed's parent company, has been named to the Globe and Mail 2022 Women Lead Here list among a select group of companies that exceed the benchmark for executive gender diversity in corporate Canada. Women make up the vast majority of the Extendicare team – 70 per cent of leadership positions and 87 per cent of our total team. From running our long-term care homes and providing home care services, to executive level roles and sitting at the board room table, women lead at every level of our organization to help people live better. We are honoured to be recognized as a workplace where there is no ceiling to professional growth and career advancement.

Why work at ParaMed?

• Help patients in your community heal at home in a one-on-one setting • Full-time or part-time assignments • Competitive compensation packages including mileage/travel allowance • Company-issued technology for easy access to everything you need on the road • Continuous training and development opportunities to keep your skills sharp • Independent work backed by a supportive team

Marking Black History Month at ParaMed: Meet Mary and April

Mary is a Continuing Care Assistant at our ParaMed office in Nova Scotia. For her, Black History Month provides an opportunity to understand the history of Black Canadians in Nova Scotia and across Canada and especially those who went beyond all barriers and unequal opportunities to make a positive difference in our health sector. It is a time when community activities are organized to present a more balanced and accurate picture of Black history. Mary believes that Black History Month is a time to reflect, embrace love, and say no to all forms of racism. ---- April, a Continuing Care Assistant at ParaMed’s Halifax office, believes that Black History Month is a celebration of African Canadians that have achieved great things. As a Black Canadian, April is proud to be a part of the ParaMed Home Health Care team. April adds, “As a Continuing Care Assistant, I work hard to gain the trust of my clients and enjoy watching the smiles on their faces. Keeping them at home makes a big difference in their lives and I am proud to contribute to their quality of life.”


Our commitment to support the success of our team members and foster their development, learning, and career advancement, includes supporting their families and the future of our communities through education. We are proud to offer 15 post-secondary education scholarships each year to the children of our team members who are pursuing their post-secondary education at an accredited college or university in Canada. There are two different scholarships available depending on a student’s area of study, and the scholarships support tuition and school related fees.
ParaMed’s Home Support Worker program provides paid training to help you build a career in the  grow

Our HSW Training Program

Our Home Support Workers are trained in-house to provide essential support to a wide range of patients in our community. After graduating our paid HSW Training program, we can offer immediate full and part-time hours. This program is designed for people with personal care experience or an interest in delivering care. View our Jobs page to find an HSW opportunity in your area!

Our PSW Opportunities

At ParaMed, our care teams are highly skilled so they can provide care services wherever and whenever it's needed. We take pride in our commitment to caring for those in our community and allowing people to heal at home safely and comfortably. If you enjoy supporting with patients in a one-on-one setting, working independently backed by a supportive clinical team, and having variety in your day - check out our Jobs tab and look for an opportunity near you! Join our mission in #RedefiningCare

Shannon's Journey

6 years ago I decided to leave long-term care and join the community as a PSW! At first I was worried about what it would be like to take care of someone in their home as I was use to working in a setting where I had no time to spend with the residents! As I got to get to know my clients in their homes, I knew that community was where I wanted to be! I find it very rewarding to see a smiling face when I come to the door and a big thank you when I leave! Knowing that I made some one happy is a reward in itself! I have also become a friend and a shoulder to cry on when someone is having a bad day! To know that I am there for them makes them feel secure! Independence is very important to me and I want to be that person to help someone maintain that independence as long as they are able to! I love helping people and to know that I put a smile on their face makes me happy and my job more rewarding then ever! Shannon, PSW

Nursing at ParaMed

Our nursing teams at ParaMed are passionate about providing excellent care in the community - whenever and wherever you need it. We provide continuous training and a culture with an openness to learn so we can visit our patients in their home setting and deliver full-scope of practice. If you thrive on keeping your skills sharp, developing meaningful therapeutic relationships with patients, and working within a community of practice - consider joining ParaMed and our mission in #RedefiningCare!


Throughout the pandemic, the dedication of our frontline staff has not wavered and at ParaMed we’re doing everything we can to protect our team members and clients from COVID-19. How we are ensuring that workers know how to keep themselves safe: • All team members are provided with the personal protective equipment (PPE) they need to keep themselves and our communities safe. • Proper PPE is required for all client visits and designated IPAC leads are available to provide support 24/7 via email or phone. • All new and ongoing COVID-19 Public Health guidelines and Ministry directives and are reviewed on weekly basis. • Ongoing education is provided in several languages on the appropriate use of PPE donning and doffing, hand hygiene, screening and more. How we are screening for COVID-19: • Active Screening is completed by all community and office staff via a web-based screening tool twice daily. • Active screening for all employees/visitors is completed at entry to all site locations. • A Point of Care Risk Assessment is completed prior to any patient interaction to determine what PPE is needed to keep team members, clients and family members safe. How we’re controlling the risk of transmission in our workplace: • At ParaMed, we are utilizing remote work wherever possible. • For those who require in person workspaces, universal masking is required at all ParaMed locations. • Physical distancing is enforced at all ParaMed locations and in individuals’ homes. • All high touch surfaces are cleaned minimum twice daily using medical grade disinfectant. • Medical grade disinfectant wipes, gloves, hand sanitizer are available at all high contact areas. • Community team members continue to be provided with guidelines outlining required cleaning supplies and training on how to properly disinfect mobile devices, reusable PPE and other equipment. Still have questions? Don’t be afraid to ask for more information about our infection prevention and control measures during the recruitment process!

Jacqueline's Journey

Being a psw in the community is a very fulfilling career. I feel a strong sense of community and feel very connected in the lives of all my clients. I love having enough time with each client to give them what they need while having fun and respecting their individual needs. Small things matter to them like allowing them to pick out what they want to wear in the morning, or which way they want their hair combed or having a sing along session while doing a shower or learning how to say thank you in a new language or giving that extra encouragement to do those extra exercises. I also get to work with such a diverse population of different ages and cultures and disabilities and get to see them enjoying the freedom to stay at home and remain closer to their friends and family while living a more meaningful life and I'm able to do this while working a flexible schedule to meet the needs of my own life and family as well:). Jacqueline, London PSW

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