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About Nexii Building Solutions Inc.

TEAM NEXII We are dedicated to radically transforming building in ways that will improve how we live, magnify our humanity, and sustain our communities and planet. We are committed to making homes and buildings more affordable, safe, and truly sustainable. We do what we do because we know that our work is genuinely life-critical. We’re not just – 
Team picture after our showroom 'Pod' assemblyNeBuLa teammate, Dalia, in the zone!Our crane operator shares a smile between assembliesTeam lunch at SMAK
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About Nexii

To meet the needs of our future on Earth, the way we build the structures where we live, work, and play must change. We must build sustainably – buildings produce 39% of CO2 emissions. We must build durably – natural disasters have doubled since the 90s. We must build quickly – urbanization requires us to build the equivalent of Paris every week. Nexii has developed an innovative whole building solution that enables the rapid assembly of high-quality buildings. The whole building solution is made possible by the proprietary material, Nexiite, and the Nexii design and assembly process, which together enable the assembly of sustainable, cost-efficient, and durable buildings. Our mission is to build a vibrant future for people and the planet. We have big dreams, so we place an emphasis on selecting, empowering, and collaborating with like-minded individuals who want to help bring our dreams into reality. Are you ready to join Team Nexii?