Linen Chest
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About Linen Chest

It all began over 50 years ago when Sylvia Leibner, a young mother of 5 boys, disappointed with the choices of product to decorate her home, decided to do something about it. Since then, Linen Chest has remained a family-owned business with 900 employees and 30 store locations across Canada.

With a focus on quality, selection, personalized service
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Our mission is to delight our customers and create great experiences, raving fans and ambassadors of our brand.

Everything we do must be with the Customer in mind. When it comes to the Customer, there is no such thing as the word “no,” or “I cannot help you,” or “it’s not my responsibility.” We are all part of one team, working together for the Customer We are not here to offer a quick sale, an average selection of merchandise, and an average level of service. Quite the contrary: we are here to set the standard and do so with the Linen Chest style and flair.

We must offer the Customer a unique experience while they are at Linen Chest and make them feel that they are special. Treat our Customers as friends, where you get to know their names, to build a rapport with them and to know their true needs. We must all ensure that everything works towards this purpose. Everyone at Linen Chest has an impact on the Customer, whether working at a store, on the road, or at our Head Office.


Our employees are the key to our success!

It’s important that they know that we care, that they love what they do, enjoy coming to work, are passionate and have an environment to grow to reach their full potential.

If we take care of our people every step of the way then they will take care of the customer and the rest will take care of itself.

The atmosphere should be fun, entertaining and fulfilling.


It goes without saying that a home furnishing store should be a welcoming place. Join our team of over 900 employees across the country who pride themselves on being friendly, approachable, and knowledgeable when it comes to the products we carry.