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25 June 2019
Indochino is excited to share this update, which centres around RJ Barrett — the NBA Draft No. 3 Pick, newest member of the New York Knicks and INDOCHINO’s first NBA Signature Athlete.
9 May 2019
Indochino came to Greenwich in April! If you're in the Connecticut area check out our website for appointments and careers!
24 April 2019
Suit up Australia, Indochino Has Launched Down Under!

Australia is INDOCHINO’s first official launch outside of North America with local currency and duty free shipping, paving the way for future brick-and-mortar locations to open across the nation as the company explores international expansion opportunities. In the US and Canada, the digitally native retailer is now an omni-channel leader, opening 43 showrooms since 2015 with up to 13 more slated for 2019.
1 April 2019
Indochino are not 'sleeping' when it comes to April Fools! We had a great 2019 April Fools' for all our wonderful customers (and even staff!).
18 March 2019
We are coming to Kansas City! Due to open on April 12th Indochino is really looking forward to suiting up our next location.