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About Horizon Health

Horizon Health is committed to doing what is best for our patients and customers in our programs and services. Quality integrity and ethics are at the basis of all we do. Our healthcare programs utilize outcomes to improve quality. Our success is based on the depth, experience, and expertise of our expert clinicians and the resources we provide. Our – more...

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Your passion, inspiration and talents are invaluable to us and our mission to serve others. Horizon Health can provide a place for you to thrive and continue your professional development.

Quality Healthcare is our passion, improving lives is our reward. We are working to change lives and transform the delivery of healthcare. In this endeavor, we uphold the following values:

• Patients are our top priority: We are determined to be responsive and compassionate to the needs of those in our care.

• Uncompromised standards: We are dedicated to the highest standards of quality, talent and ethics.

• Community investment: We are committed to meeting the diverse needs of the communities we serve.

Employee Benefits

Horizon Health offers healthcare, life insurance and disability benefits to help meet the needs of employees and their families. As our employee, you may be eligible to choose from a comprehensive list of benefits and select those that best meet the needs of you and your family. Among the benefits available to eligible employees are:

• Medical

• Dental

• Vision

• Insurance and income protection

• Retirement and savings

• Flexible Spending Accounts

Best Practices

Horizon is dedicated to maintaining and improving effectiveness and efficiency in the delivery of quality services to the patients of our hospital partners. Synthesis of literature, sharing of activities, and experiences have led to the development of multiple best practice implementations that are shared with all partner hospitals and units to develop improved patient outcomes. Horizon is devoted to increasing quality and quantity of best practice techniques, as well as disseminating, implementing and monitoring “best practice” models, striving towards state-of-the-art approaches. Best practice models have been developed in Policies and Procedures, Trauma Informed Care, Fall Reduction, Patient and Family education materials, development of Music Memory, and Reminiscence Rooms for older adults.

SECURE Training

SECURE is a Horizon Health copyrighted product designed to provide staff with the knowledge and tools needed to manage aggressive behaviors through appropriate assessment, prevention/planning, and evaluation. The modules focus on effective verbal and non-verbal communication skills to intervene in the least restrictive manner with the goal of eliminating restraint and seclusion. Patients admitted to psychiatric services are often in crisis and are frightened. Seventy percent (70%) of adults in the United States have experienced some type of traumatic event at least once in their lives, and ninety percent (90%) of public health clients have experienced trauma. SECURE utilizes a patient-centered, trauma-sensitive approach to avoid re-traumatizing patients experiencing emotional dysregulation. Horizon Health clinical leaders provide instruction and support to teach, certify and maintain on-site SECURE instructors in our partner hospitals to assist healthcare personnel better manage aggressive events, as well as, meet regulatory compliance with accrediting bodies.