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About Groom & Associates

Groom & Associates is a recruitment firm agency headquartered in Montreal. For 20 years, we have continued to deliver temporary and permanent staffing search solutions services and are committed to securing exceptional talent to assist, lead and direct the most successful organizations in a variety of industries. Our entrepreneurial roots inspire – 

Professional Staffing Solutions

Searching for the perfect middle or upper management candidates? Groom offers unequalled recruitment expertise, comprehensive recruiting services and, most importantly, a team of exceptionally-qualified, highly-connected recruitment experts for all your professional staffing requirements.

Executive Search & Headhunting

Individuals that can make a definitive impact on the long-term success of your company are among the hardest to recruit. This type of challenge requires the strategy, ingenuity, resourcefulness and timing of the recruiting experts at Groom.

Expert Team

To find incredible, talented professionals for each mandate, we adhere to a rigorous work ethic that serves as a gold standard in the industry. Not surprisingly, we’ve applied the same high standards of excellence to assemble the team of professionals that makes up the Groom team. Backed by solid educational backgrounds and pertinent work experience, our recruitment experts have established lasting relationships with universities and professional associations. More importantly, their large network of experts, in their specialized field of recruitment, has driven them to have an insider’s knowledge of the employment market and industry trends in their area of expertise. That’s the Groom promise.

Expertise - IT & AI

IT and AI are specialties that are changing as fast as the technology that governs them. Always knowing who’s who, and who’s where means we are at the forefront of IT and AI recruitment. Get our expertise working for you. Our extensive network of key contacts in the IT and AI industries, combined with our unwavering commitment to staying connected is a unique benefit that has more and more organizations turning to Groom for IT and AI recruitment. Our IT recruiters and AI recruiters have an in-depth knowledge of the high-tech world and maintain close ties to a highly-specialized network of contacts in the industry, as well as colleges and universities, to help them recruit the best candidates for your needs.

Expertise - Science & Pharmaceutical

The Life Science field is a demanding field, and the criteria for selecting qualified professionals to work within is just as challenging. Our Science and Pharmaceutical recruitment experts are ready to help. As pharmaceutical and science recruitment experts, we offer an unparalleled knowledge of specific markets. Our extensive network of contacts, combined with our solid relationships with key figures in colleges and universities gives us an unrivaled ability to locate, assess and pinpoint the best candidates for each mandate. For more than 25 years, Groom has worked with some of Canada’s leading employers to recruit pharmaceutical and science professionals for dozens of specializations across both sectors. When it comes to results-driven pharmaceutical and science staffing, we’re the ones science and pharmaceutical HR execs turn to for mission-critical staffing solutions.

Expertise - Engineering & Industrial

Finding the right engineering candidate is about staying in constant communication with our contacts in the industry, colleges and universities so that the brightest lights will always be on our radar. Our Engineering Recruitment experts can help. Groom is constantly engaged with the engineering and industrial sectors to build our network of talent, thus assuring a depth and scope of candidates few others can offer.

Expertise - Finance & Operations

Groom recruiters know the Finance and Operations field inside and out. Often, our recruiters have worked in the field themselves—learning and succeeding on the job—which puts them in a better position to understand our clients’ unique needs. At Groom, our talent scouts in the financial field know just where to search and who to speak to when it comes to recruiting talent, and they work diligently to quickly and effectively come up with a solution that meets your immediate staffing needs. Our ongoing success at Groom is no mystery. We have a proven track record when it comes to finding and hiring the highest quality candidates in the finance field for our clients. It’s no surprise that the most elite Canadian financial institutions count on our expertise to help fill key roles in their company.