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3 August 2022
Kellie Hastings recalls a time, almost three years ago, when she was on the verge of quitting her job at a large home care services company. “This was before the pandemic – and even then, it was truly horrible. We received rude and abusive treatment from our superiors, and because we had so many clients, it was hard to cultivate a relationship with any one of them,” she told The Globe and Mail recently.
5 June 2022
Carol MacDonald understood the challenges facing Gotcare, the personalized home-care service she co-founded, when a request came in to assist a 16-year-old Indigenous girl living with a spinal cord injury. The teen lived on a First Nations reserve in rural Southwestern Ontario, and her trauma required a specialized care provider. MacDonald, also Gotcare’s president, felt the girl should ideally receive support that aligned with her Indigenous background and culture.
10 March 2022
“Gotcare connects consumers with a personal support worker in their area. Then we let the consumer schedule work hours and select their preferred type of care.”
28 February 2022
TORONTO – Gotcare (https://gotcare.ca), a start-up home care delivery platform, has raised $1.2M in funding to improve accessibility and affordability of home care services while expanding its operations into other regions of the country.
25 November 2021
Gotcare leverages technological innovations like patient matching and real-time reporting, to reduce the cost of home care delivery by almost 30 per cent and provide accessible health solutions to those in need. This means savings can be redirected to pay care workers a living wage and attract more workers into the sector.