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What advice would you give the CEO of Goodfood about how to improve the company?

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  • Delta BC GM,Managers playing dirty political game towards the hard workers and keep a big barrier towards their career growth.... for short term Job ok ....

  • Look at the person who do a hard work not trust on your manager thet just tell you what they want or who they like personal tour the floor and then judge the people.

  • Be more organised with your onboarding process for delivery drivers. My experience today in Montreal was terrible.

  • Pay your employees a fair wage. You're currently paying the Calgary warehousing staff less than 10% of the current job market average to work there. And taking advantage of them.

    The freshness of your product is questionable at best. If that's what you're calling fresh, I'm calling into question your Quality Control and Assurance practices. Many people reuse the same masks they are given. Your shift leads do not have control of the situations in this warehouse, and spend a lot of time putting out fires that could be solved with properly streamlined operations.

    You have zero organization, and from what I've observed, zero interest in running your warehouses. And it shows. You asked for an honest answer, and you got one.

  • They have to give insurance To every employees.

  • There is litteraly very little training as to what or how they want there produce bagged,then when you say the produce is ALL spoiled THEY SAY bag it anyway then can you for bagging rotten food,true story, CARMA WILL MEET UP WITH YOU

  • They don’t count your hard work they approach only buttering peoples and rest are suffering I work here for last one year but there is no increment in my salary and they give position to buttering people’s which are not working properly but they are only buttering and they got salary increment and good position

  • Everything about this place seems great, opportunity to work lots of hours, demanding work but your given a bonus (of a seemingly random amount, idk why they advertise $13-$15 dollars) to motivate you to work harder. The pros would out weigh the cons if it wasn't for the supervisors. My experience is working in production which I honestly enjoy but its very true they pick favorites and the use of foreign language is incomparable to anywhere else. The supervisors speak to the few they like literally right over you if they know you wont understand and if those people want your table or your rack or whatever they just ask their favorite supervisor to take it from you. That alone is very infuriating if you were able to fix that it would be a great place to work. Great company with good values I stayed because I really wanted to enjoy it there but everyday getting so upset because the same thing makes it not worth it. Also if your not a favorite anything you say to the supervisors doesn't matter. If you say you were there first or you just watched someone steal the portions you spent an hour doing, they will not interfere or help you at all and basically tell you to get over it every single time.

  • Hire compentent people to run wearhouse in calgary , people with compassion and people skills right down to the lead hands who supposedly know what there doing ,I guess they do know what there job is everyday when they go to work they just have to remember to put on lab coats and stick there hands in pockets all day ,easy day job .

  • Look at the hard workers and not just the workers who have a good social game. Watching people move up the ladder, who are not the hard workers is discouraging!

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  1. What advice would you give the CEO of Goodfood about how to improve the company?