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First thing every morning we check the fluids in all of our equipment and grease our machines. It’s easy to do at 6:45am in the middle of summer when it’s a beautiful day. The challenge is to stay on top of it when it’s -10C out and pitch black! 😂 Do you find it’s better to grease in the morning or at the end of every shift?
Finishing touches on our new rustic boulder wall in Kleinburg Summit. I must say, these are looking pretty sharp and add a lot of character to the spine road as you are driving into the new subdivision! Thanks Zack for the photo 👊. Keep up the good work guys!
This is a pond that was planted 2 years ago. A place for residents to take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and go enjoy nature. Right beside their homes! You can find frogs, turtles, snakes, even geese ;). #stepoutside #naturewalk #kleinburgsummit
We are quite proud of how our grassland and wildflower seed mix has performed for the @trca_rem lands in Kleinburg. This is what you get after carefully eliminating all invasive species, seeding during a specific time of the year, cutting throughout the spring and summer months to eliminate competition and lastly patiently trusting that the wildflowers will come 2 years after seeding! 🤙
Aside from digging a trench, this is probably one of the best ways to learn how to efficiently and accurately operate an excavator. This is definitely not for the beginner, but if you have 50-100 hours experience and you want to up your skills, this is a low risk job to hone them in.
Stripping asphalt requires precision and patience to do it well, but there’s not much you can mess up if you aren’t perfect. Well, not much some extra labour can’t fix. As long as there are no pedestrians, labourers or vehicles nearby that is!
Well done Justin for improving yourself and continuing to learn different skills! Considering you don’t have the proper bucket for the job, you did great!
One of the first lessons I was taught on a job site was to stand clear of dump trucks while dumping. Especially dumping on a stockpile like this.
Standing 10 meters behind is fine as long as you maintain eye contact with the drivers using his/her mirrors. However, you never want to be standing along side the truck in case the truck tips. There could be a soft spot or the hydraulics could fail and you definitely don’t want to be near if there happens to be an incident.
Lastly, never allow a truck to dump on uneven ground. The incline gets amplified as the box raises, which raises the trucks Center of gravity. As the Center of gravity increases, the stability decreases and you never want the Center of gravity outside the wheelbase. #startwithsafety
Shout out to these young men who pulled together to beautify this entry feature in Sharon Village. They demonstrated pride in their work as well as care in the little details.
We are always preaching that the little details matter, especially dealing with plant material. We have the opportunity to deliver a product that continuously appreciates in value. You plant something today and as it matures adds value to the property. Assuming it’s planted with care and properly 😉.
How many people can say that? Does your product or service continuously add value to your client’s property or life? And once you leave it, continue to add value? 🌳 🍃 🌲
A different perspective is always appreciated. Can you guess what kind of tree this is? Photo from our nursery and holding yard! 📷 @sarinchemilian

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